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Monday: Dr. Mark Davis and Clinton whistleblower Charles Ortel Featured

If you are new to JJMcCartney.com, you picked a very good week to get acquainted with us!

On today;s show, Dr. Mark Davis will share with us his thoughts on the latest news, and we'll talk about the approaching stormcloud as Obamacare's most burdensome features begin to take effect across America.

In hour 2, our distinguished guest will be Clinton FOundation whistleblower Charles Ortel. We'll learn how the Clintons have set up this fraudulent foundation to use as their personal political slush fund, while endangering some of the poorest people on the planet with dangerous medicine which can actually kill it's recipients.

And when it comes to the financial operations of the Clinton Foundation, you will likely be outraged at the amount of malfeasance and deception and fraud the Clinton Foundation engenders.

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Calling America: If you love her, please join us as we fight for her. Featured

Do you love your country?

Do you value your freedom?

Do you long for a simpler time when morality was far more black and white, cut and dried than what we have in today's culture?

Do you want future generations to live in a free nation such as what YOU grew up in?

America, and the free world is in dire peril. Morally, culturally, spiritually, our nation is under constant assault, as is Christianity.

That is why I do a radio show. I care deeply about what happens to future generations, as well as our own generation. I care that our liberties and rights are being attacked by evil people who wish to micromanage everybody's lives.

I want to invite you to try my show for one week, and THIS week is the ideal week to get familiar with the show as we have a BEVY of GREAT guests and topics:

Monday: Dr. Mark Davis(Author, physician) in hour 1, and Clinton insider Charles Ortel(blowing the whistle on Bill and Hillary's corrupt foundation)

Tuesday: Major-General Paul Vallely 

Wednesday: Author and Iraqi exile I.Q.(Ibn) Al Rassooli

Thursday: Author and political activist from New Zealand Trevor Loudon​

Friday: Reel Talk host Audrey Russo, plus a special guest

I encourage you to join us, and help us as we pour ourselves into the effort to call America to a meaningful repentance and back from the brink of utter destruction.

Because we love America, and because America is in such jeopardy.

Saturday: USA TransNational Report: the Ultimate Conservative Round-table radio show Featured

Tune in at the top of the hour to hear the nation's absolute BEST round-table conservative talk radio show, the USA TransNational Report with Panelists William Palumbo, Andrea Shea King, Denise Simon, Terresa Monroe Hamilton and Wallace Bruschweiler!

Tune in to hear their expert analysis of the week's news, and this week's guest, Pete Hoekstra 

Join us at 8:05am Eastern for this extraordinary show at www.jjmccartney.com

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