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U.K. Parliament now a political tossed-salad, May plans to lead coalition Featured

Young vs. Old, Left vs. Right, Rural vs. Urban

Britain as divided as ever

  • Voters in the U.K. are as polarized as ever. Tories lose majority, but are still the largest bloc of MP's.
  • Elsewhere:
  • Comey testimony fallout? 
  • Nutjob leaker Winner gets no bail.
  • Anti-Shariah rallies set for Saturday in 28 cities in U.S>
  • Valerie Jarrett: America no longer "beacon of hope".(Yes, thanks to 8 years of Obama!!)
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Comey Dog and Pony show: The quintessential nothing-burger Featured

Comey a whining little bureaucrat

Hearings produce nothing but useless fodder.

Comey ridiculous claims, idiotic senators asking leading questions.

No Circus Tent?

The Self-serving Sad-Sack

Comey arranged memo leaks to NYT

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Leftist media 'orgasmic' in anticipation of Comey testimony. IQ Al Rassooli talks London, Paris and more. Featured

Lunatic Leftist Media pees their pants in eager anticipation of Comey testimony.

IQ Al Rassooli talks London, terrorism, and the reckless ostriches who ignored all the warnings.


4,000 Muslium refugees enter U.S. in May alone.

B-Train Panic in NYC caused by mentally disturbed woman

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