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USA Transnational Report 12-31-2016 Obama Unmasked: Betrayal of Israel reveals Radical Muslim Agenda

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USA Transnational Report: Year-end edition

Classless, Clueless Obama/Kerry slapping/smearing/Israel in unprecedented lame-duck tantrum


Obama/Kerry launch assault on Israel and U.S. Sovereignty with less than three weeks left before Trump Inauguration

1.       UN-Israel resolution

  • a.       Senator Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz and others to cut UN funding
  • b.      Democrats who have switched sides over the UN resolution

2.       Hamas operative provides IDF with intel on terror tunnels

3.       Organization for Security in Cooperation in Europe

  • a.       Cyberattacks in Europe

4.       Obama – “I’ll keep quiet after leaving the White House”

5.       Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats

  • a.       Reaction of Putin
  • b.      Reaction of Republican Party
  • c.       Reaction of Trump

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JJ McCartney: Happy New Year! Summing up 2016-TRUMP! Relive election day on The JJ McCartney Show

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JJ McCartney reflects on 2016: Election Day 11-08-2016

Relive the broadcast while America was electing Donald J. Trump the 45th President.

A reminder:

  • Join us LIVE Saturday morning at 8:05am ET for a LIVE edition of the USA Transnational Report with William Palumbo and Wallace Bruschweiler, as they cover the outrageous anti-Israel abstention vvote at the U.N. last week, and the disgraceful, disgusting and haughty speech of the biggerst horse's ASS, John Kerry, who bashed Israel and condescended to the whole world whiloe taking the side of the terrorists from Hamas, Hezbllah, and by association ISIS and Al Qaeda.
  • While hundreds of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered in a very real genocide, Obama and Kerry have chosen to throw stones at Israel, and have tried to underine Donald Trump in the last three weeks of the Obama term.
  • Hear the razor-sharp nalysis from William Palumbo and Wallace Bruschweiler LIVE Saturday Morning at and

21 days left: Classless, Clueless Obama/Kerry seek to do maximum damage. Plus Michael Cutler

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21 days to go: Classless, Clueless Obama/Kerry seeking to do maximum damage on their way out.

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

  • Guest Michael Cutler weighs in on Obama/Kerry Anti-Israeli stance
  • Gay teacher and his "hubby" abused  underage Minneapolis-area school kids
  • Useful Infidels list includes Chris Christie, John Kerry, SPLC chief and many others
  • Islamic Terrorists raising cash in Latin America
  • Putin annonces Cease-fire between Syrian Rebels, Assad Gov't.(Obama NOT involved)
  • Obama boots 35 Russian Diplomats

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Soetoro/Obama's Legacy: Failure, Betrayal, and much worse. IQ Al Rassooli explains

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The last 23 days of the national nightmare: Dangerous Obama with Nothing to Lose

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

  • 9 ISIS operatives arrested near the Capitol in D.C.
  • Evidence shows Hillary armed ISIS
  • Jeopardy contestants whiff on Dems and general political knowledge
  • Court: Opens door for Trump's AG to prosecute Hillary over illegal email, perjury...
  • Obama's America: Ohio Muslim murders daughter(shoots 3 times in head), claims "accident".


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Carrie Fisher DEAD at 60 Obama's dirty deed buried in Christmas festivities: Fallout over Israeli Settlement vote abstention

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LA Times: Carrie Fisher Dead at 60- 

Obama the Betrayor of American Values: Barry Soetoro executes Taqiyya by abstaining from UN vote on Israeli Settlements.

  • Obama trying to create a "Department of Propaganda" within Federal Government Agency.
  • Obama trying to impede Trump's plan for energy independence.
  • News headlines paint dreary picture of American morals.
  • Ohio Muslim shoots his daughter in the head three times, "accidentally".
  • SWAT Teams deployed to shopping mall after Boxing Day throngs become unruly

Dr. Mark Davis joins JJ LIVE in hour 2!

A busy agenda today with lots of news to cover...from the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher, to the outrage over Obama's decision to abstain on the UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements of the so-called "Palestinians".

And we'll look back at the eventful year 2016, and what to anticipate looking ahead to 2017.

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Dershowitz: Obama an 'Appalling President', Possibly worst in history

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Famous liberal unleashes: Obama an 'appalling president'

Famed lawyer and liberal icon Alan Dershowitz, a professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, is blasting Barack Obama as an "appalling president" for stabbing Israel in the back, with his decision to allow the U.S. to abstain from, and essentially support, a U.N. resolution last week. In an interview with Fox News, Dershowitz said: "What he…

Trump's effect on the world: Respect, and recognition of American gravitas. Plus Leonora Cravotta!

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TRUMP effect on the world: Egypt scuttles UN vote on Israeli settlement after Trump warning.

SORE LOSER: Obama tries to undermine Trump energy plan

SOLAR STORM: Electromagnetic storm to brighten the skies in the north, and make a lot of HAM radio operators happy this Christmas!

And...RedStateTalkRadio's Leonora Cravotta joins JJ LIVE!

Plenty of news to cover, and YOUR phone calls too!


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Shortest day, Longest week as turmoil embroils Middle East. IQ Al Rassooli shares his thoughts

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31 days until Trump Inauguration: Obama abuses his power to free criminals, bring a surge of un-vetted Muslim "refugees" in his last month. 

Obama's next 4 weeks to be his "coming out"

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Islam continues it's war on the world:

Obama: "Nothing to do with Islam."That's funny. Kind of like Obamacare, AKA "Affordable Care Act" has nothing to do with death panels and skyrocketing costs? 

Obama's "legacy"? Terrorists given "safe haven" in Iraq, Syria, Norhern Africa, Turkey and the United States.

Counting down the days(31) until Obama exits the Oval Office for good.


  • Al Rassooli comments on the Assasination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, the Berlin Attack, and the worldwide Islamic war on humanity, and why the U.N. is totally OK with that.
  • Plus the latest breaking news LIVE at 3:05pm at www.jjmccartney.comor or watch the live video stream at


Syria, Turkey, Russia and China: Lt. Colonel Sargis Sangari is JJ's guest today on The JJ McCartney Show

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Lt. Colonel Sargis Sangari LIVE at 3:05 on The JJ McCartney Show

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET as we welcome Lt. Colonel(ret) Sargis Sangari of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement to talk about the shaky ground in Syria and the role Russia is playing in the region, and the true answer as to why Russia is now so prominent in the Middle east, and why China is so prominent in Asia.

Plus we'll talk about the aftermath of yesterday's tragic assasination of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara.

Also how did Russian policy change once Hillary Clinton lost the election, and the dubious notion that Russia somehow aided Trump in the election.

What will happen once Trump is inaugurated regarding the conflict in Syria?And what of the shifting alliances in the region? Turkey, the Kurds, Saudi Arabia, and what role their Islamic allegiance play in their attempt to redraw the map of the Middle East.

Join us for a substantive look at the Middle East after the events of the last 24 hours.Also we'll tell you about another Russian diplomat shot dead near his home just hours after the Ankara shooting of Andrei Karlov.

It's going to be an action-packed show, so join us LIVE at,, so join us LIVE at 3:05pm Eastern time.

Electoral college officially make Trump 45th President, and the aftermath of Assasination of Russian Ambassador in Ankara, plus Berlin Bus Massacre and more

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Bloody, Tragic, and Historic Monday sets the week off to a shocking start.

Perhaps the single biggest news day since Election Day on Monday leaves us to reflect on this Tuesday, as we try to digest what happened yesterday in Tirkey, Berlin, and around the 50 states as the Electoral College officially and overwhelmingly elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th President, to be sworn in one month from today

We'll do as much digging as we can into the assassination of the Russian A,bassador to Turkey, who was gunned down at an opening ceremony an an art gallery in Ankara. The gunman, a 22 year-old crowd control officer emptied his piston into the ambassador from behind, then shouted Allah Akbar, and threatened that as long as "we're dying in Aleppo, you'll die here". Turkish special forces stormed the building and shot the suspect dead.

In Berlin, a Muslim "refugee" commandeered a bus, then crashed the bus into a holiday market, killing at least 12 and injuring scores more.

join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at, or for more details and a possible interview with a Lt. Colonel who is quite familiar with the situation on the ground in Turkey and Syria.

Plus YOUR phone calls and much more. 


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