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Items filtered by date: April 2016 - The JJ McCartney Show

Pastor Carl Gallups sounds the alarm: NCAA sexual "inclusiveness", Archbishop says DON'T share your faith? and Maia Koz on Tuesday's JJ McCartney Show

Normally, I can pick a topic and run with it, but Tuesday on The JJ McCartney Show, the topics pick themselves. Pastor and best-selling author Carl Gallups joins us as we discuss the insanity of the fluid gender movement, and what they are really trying to do to this nation.

We'll talk about the madness of the NCAA's new gender inclusiveness(one cannot help but wonder when we the non-fluid genderists might get some consideration!).

We'll also look around the world and recap the week that just ended, and Maia Koz will help us unravel the many crazy threads tangled up in the media, the capitol, and the fearful clergy afraid they might offend someone with the truth!

We have no such apprehension here, so join us every weekday from 3 to 5pm Eastern time for The JJ McCartney Show at

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JJ, Audrey and the Colonel talk about Memorial Day(It ain't about hot-dogs and beer)

It's Friday, heading into a holiday weekend. America will do more driving, more recreating, and more drinking and driving than any Memorial Day weekend in history. Sadly, of our 340 Million people, a scant percentage of Americans will use Memorial Day to honor our fallen heroes, to truly memorialize every man and woman who ever laid down their lives to protect and defend our Constitution, and to secure the founding of our nation against the tyrannical reign of King George III.

Is anybody teaching this to our children in public schools? Sadly more kids today know about the abomination known as LGBT and they are being taught to embrace and tolerate such things or face ostricization. How did America go so far off the rails? 

It didn't happen in a vacuum. If you call yourself a Christian, unless you have chosen to speak out vocally and stand up against the insipid effort to destroy the American family, and unless you are a voice speaking out on behalf of our Founders, and promoting traditional morality, you own some of the responsibility for this outrageous narrative of embracing sin and "tolerance".  

Are we saying that celebrating and recreating and spending time with your friends and family is immoral? NO. What we are saying is that it would be great if everybody took some time out of their Memorial Day to honor our fallen heroes. Maybe even visit your nearest National Cemetary, and see to it that the graves of those heroes are well-kept and cared for.

Perhaps teach your children to have reverance for the people who literally purchased America's freedom with their own blood.

Join us at 3:05pm Eastern time at for The JJ McCartney Show with our guests Audrey Russo and The Colonel,

The best of the JJ McCartney Show: the cure for the common show(and Laryngitis!)

Well, friends, it finally happened. Due to overuse, I now have virtually no voice. Call it allergies, call it sinus problems, but between the spring pollen and daily wear and tear, today I have no voice with which to convey the news of the day effectively.

But here is good news! Thanks to modern technology, we have a library of truly awesom shows with which we can fill the void today. 

So we shall put an ice pack on JJ's throat, and shall return once JJ can talk again!

But before we do, we did want to mention one news item which was not highly featured in the mainstream press today: According to the Associated Press, Donald Trump has reached 1,268 delegates, which essentially clinches the GOP presidential nomination.

I wonder why the left-wing media isn't reporting this?  

Join us at 3:05pm today for a Best-of -The JJ McCartney Show episode at 

Obama's Lawlessness and Soros' Money to blame for violent Trump protests- I.Q. Al Rassooli joins JJ at 3pm ET

It's a scene that has become all too common in the border states. Donald Trump arrives at a rally in New Mexico. A crowd of illegals, professional protesters breaks the law, by assembling without any permits, specifically to try to interrupt a very large, legal and enthusiastic rally attended by thousands of excited patriots who are showing their support for Donald Trump.

One might ask the question: Where do all these "protesters" come from, and how are they able to travel from state to state trying to suppress the 1st Amendment right to free speech? Just yesterday, these protesters attacked a Trump supporter in a wheelchair!

Well, there are mainly two people to blame: Barack Obama, who has fostered and cultivated lawlessness in America, and particularly among minorities and illegals. Mr. Obama has defied the law, has deficated on the Constitution, and has assured the protesters that they will not suffer any real legal consequences for their illegal demonstrations.

The other person to blame for all of these lawless rallies? The financier who is paing these protesters to try to wreak havoc and disrupt and disturb Trump campaign rallies? Noneother than George Soros, a despicable former Nazi, who has for the past 20 years been trying to destroy America from within. He wasn't content to wallow in the billions of dollars he has amassed through free market capitalism, he has attempted to destroy currencies and livelihoods in every nation he has ever set foot in. Soros is as evil and sinister as any villain you could imagine, and now he is paying illegals and deadbeats(under the table, of course) to try to affect our electoral process.

Soros is to Obama what the Sith Lord was to Darth Vader. Americans are fed up with Obama's economic failure, and with the manner with which the Obama administration has tried to destroy the moral fabric of this nation, as well as eroding and weakening our military, while at the same time declaring that schools must embrace Transexualism and let anybody who claims they aren't feeling like a certain gender that day to use the opposite gender's restrooms and locker rooms, or they will lose their federal funding under Title IX.

Like everything from the Democrats, these "protests" are artificial, non-organic, and will most assuredly fail.

How must it feel to be a Democrat in America after nearly 8 years of failed policies, failed economy, and failed(or should I say internally sabotaged?) foreign policy? 

Barack Obama and George Soros. Perhaps they will one day be cell-mates, if not at Gitmo then in Hell itself!

JJ McCartney hosts The JJ McCartney Show weekdays from 3 to 5pm Eastern time at


Trump turns heat up on Clintons, VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe target of FBI probe, plus Dr. Mark Davis

Join JJ McCartney today at 3:05pm as he shares the latest news, including an FBI probe into Virginia Governor and former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe about shady campaign contributions. 

Also Donald Trump is turning up the heat on the Clintons, and Trump has made significant gains among Millenials, while Hillary Clinton takes a big tumble among that same group.

And Obama's outrageous Transgender restroom policy hits a major roadblock in a California court. 

And we will visit with author and Doctor Mark Davis! 

It all starts at 3:05pm Eastern time at 

JJ on Spreaker:


JJ McCartney welcomes Mary Matalin on the Monday Rundown

The Monday Rundown today features our special guest, Mary Matalin, courageous defender of the Constitution and one of our favorite conservative commentators! Today we will ask Mary why she chose to register as a Libertarian, and how she views the approaching conventions and the presidential race.

Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm Eastern time at 

Here is JJ's run-down for the day:

One can be forgiven for having misgivings about Donald Trump. However, once can not be excused for choosing to ignore the ugly and criminal and treasonous sins of Hillary Rodham Clinton and casting their ballot for this hideous and atrocious, demonic, evil pant-suit-wearing coniving thief!

For those who claim "it is time", do us all a favor and go ahead and keep eating the lead paint. What it is time for is American exceptionalism, reason, law and order, real borders, enforcement and adherence to immigration laws.

What it is time for is lowering federal taxes, easing regulation, building a pipeline, restoring infrastructure, energy independence, campaign finance reform, term limits, restoration of our Constitution, and the END of common core.

What it is time for is the abolishment of the IRS, the EPA, the Department of Education, and ridiculous cowtowing to the  LGBT crowd.

What it is time for is State's Rights, Individual rights, and what it is definitely time for is protecting our children from political correctness, LGBT activists, and the cultural ROT which has been promoted and rigorously pushed upon the people by the first gay Muslim foreigner "president" Barack(Barry) Hussein Obama(Soetoro). 

What it is time for is true, God-fearing parents and teachers and people. 

And we have a special duty to, if it comes to that, voting for the MUCH LESSER of two evils.

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Cyber attacks fail to silence JJ McCartney. Part 2: Friday's GREAT show w/ Audrey Russo and Mary Matalin

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm for an outstanding Friday program as we bring you Audrey Russo of "Reel Talk w/ Audrey Russo" 

It's sure to be one of the most dynamic and fascinating shows ever, as we pull out all the stops and take you on a conservative thrill-ride. SO keep all your arms, legs, hands and feet in the vehicle at all times, and be sure to call in with your questions and thoughts at and share with all your friends too!

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Cyber attacks fail to silence The JJ McCartney Show. Part 1

It began a few months ago. Of course, when you do a radio show that deals with the subject matter we deal with, AND when you stand on the gospel of Jesus Christ, the world will hate you. Not the whole world, but the Prince of Lies, who controls many people in this worlds today engenders hate in his disciples, from the liberal left-wing voters, to the his high priests in the main-stream media, who despise the name of Christ, and all of those who preach it, to the politicians who are the deacons in Satan's imitation church, where they claim tolerance must always be right, and that discriminate thought must always be demonized as hatred, intolerance and backwards.

No, somebody in the employ of George Soros doesn't like me one bit. And so, for months they tried to hack into my website, to plant bugs, ticking time-bombs of malware, designed to plant more malware, and to propagate it until in totally consumed the website. This was no coincidence. And it is no coincidence that they crashed the website precisely when we had the return of Jim Garrow on the show. Jim and I not only tell truth unvarnished on the show, but we also speak our faith in Christ Jesus.

The show went on, but nobody could access it because the main portal at had been taken down.The entire webserver went down. Thus Wednesday's show was left for people to miss unless they had an apple device with our iOS app(which you can download and install for FREE, find iton the app store(search keyword JJ McCartney). For those out there that already had the app installed, it worked flawlessly during the entire show both Wednesday and Thursday. 

This was a deliberate attempt to kill the website. Thanks to the quick actions of our webmaster, Keith Katsikas and the help of one of the world's most reputable cybersecurity firms, no data was lost, and we are pleased to say that the site is now back online. More to follow about Friday's show!


JJ McCartney Show with guest Jim Garrow: WHAT in the WORLD is HAPPENING?

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET on The JJ McCartney show with our special guest Dr. Jim Garrow!

We'll talk about the many events and issues which are happening around the world and here in the U.S. and Canada, and why there is such a sense of urgency surfacing in terms of people preparing for unprecedented turmoil, lawlessness and tyranny.

Jim Garrow, founder of the renowned Bethune Institute, which has constructed hundreds of too-notch schools in China, and who started the Pink Pagoda, a mission to rescue infant girls from gendercide in China, is a longtime friend of the show, and his experience within intelligence circles as well as his humanitarian efforts make for always enlightening conversation, while also instructive in the grand scheme of what true American patriots need to be doing to protect our rights and our children from a radical leftist agenda throughout the world.

Tell all your friends, and set your alarms for Wednesday's edition of The JJ McCartney Show with Dr. Jim Garrow at 3:05pm ET at

JJ McCartney and Maia Koz: Democrats proving that politics in America is terribly broken

Join us today for The JJ McCartney Show with our guest Maia Koz.

We'll be talking about breaking news, politics, the Trump agenda, and the lunacy of some holdouts in the GOP who are still envisioning a brokered convention in spite of Donald Trump's RECORD number of votes.

Plus why would the Democrats ignore all of Hillary Clinton's prominent and ugly flaws as both a candidate and a human being? Perhaps psychoanalysis would be redundant, since it is obvious theior thinking is diseased.

We'll also talk about the Whitehouse asserting executive privilege to prevent an Obama advisor from sharing details on the Iran Nuclear deal process. 

And should Barack Obama be arrested for treason? 

That and more today on The JJ McCartney Show at 3:05pm Eastern time at 

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