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September's Swan Song: Lawless Obama Regime's Internet giveaway threatens free speech worldwide

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Friday on The JJ McCartney Show, JJ and Andrea Shea King will go over the day's headlines with a fine-toothed comb, looking for threats to our free speech, our nation's sovereignty peace and security at home and around the world.

Do you feel that, America? That sense of foreboding? The sense that as September draws to a close and October and the wintry season to follow seem ominously representative of a new season of unrest, disunity, uncertainty and a sense that our faith is about to be tested like never before, even to such degree that some wonder if America will ever emerge from the thick bank of clouds descending upon her?

While the Obama administration is doing everything they can to undermine our nation militarily, economically, and spiritually, the news media, the fifth estate, the free press which is so necessary to serve as a watchdog against government tyranny has now become nothing but a tool of propaganda for the left-wing political interests, whose main goal is totalitarianism. 

The media, so long proclaiming themselves the guardian of our liberty and free speech, has now exposed itself as the megaphone for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and all things radically left. The USA Today Editorial board today announced they are unanimously declaring Donald Trump as "unfit" to serve as President. They go so far as to declare that Donald Trump is the big liar in this race for president. They blame every problem of Western Civilization on Trump. Race relations. Economy. National Security. It might even be possible it was Trump who assassinated Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Malcom X! 

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton, who a vast majority of Americans believe to be guilty of perjury, fraud, tax evasion, treason, embezzlement, money laundering and conspiracy to commit murder is being exalted as our "only hope of stopping Trump". The chances are most Americans find that having to choose between Trump and Hillary to be our next leader is simultaneously comical, sad and an exercise in futility.

However, people need to know that there is a major difference between the two candidates. Donald Trump has not been in political power for any of the past 30 years.

The problems of our economy, global terrorism, national security and illegal immigration didn't happen on HIS watch, they happened and were made much worse under HILLARY's watch!

Remember this as you contemplate who to vote for: Donald Trump represents common sense American values, and brings more business savvy than we have ever had in a president before. The solutions that seem so elusive to the body politic in Washington are the types of solutions that American businessmen have to craft every day to survive, to thrive and make life better for the millions of working people in America.

Businessmen like Trump do not have the option of overspending by over a TRILLION DOLLARS every year. Bernie Madoff went to jail for far less an offense than past presidents and congressmen(and women) have been guilty of on an annual basis!America is fast approaching the 20 TRILLION dollar mark in national debt. The time for more of the same is past.

Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of the reckless, risky and criminal policies of Barack Obama. She represents divisiveness, class warfare, petty political snarkiness, and worst of all she represents tyranny. And she does so with a bitter and angry temperament.

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Not So Fast, Camel Jockey! U.S. to Cede Control of Internet? Plus Michael Cutler and Brendi Richards

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Not so fast, Camel Jockey!

Is the United States about to give control of the Internet to a foreign body that will control all domain names, ip addresses, site content and regulation of said content? On the surface, democrats claim this is just a sign of cooperation between the United States and the rest of the world when it comes to utilitarian regulation of Internet policing of registered domains and keeping foreign and domestic users from having duplicate names or allocating domains based on one set of criteria instead of many. Make sense?

Well, not if you view the Internet as a means of free expression and free speech! The democrats are dismissive of people who claim that ceding control of this critical aspect of the free internet will lead to regulation and restriction of people's free speech, or even their ability to express themselves in a rudimentary way on domains that fall under the scrutiny of enemies of free speech rights.

The waters get pretty murky when you consider they types of resolutions and radically anti-American suggestions which emerge from the various panels and commissions of the United Nations. Just two days ago, a U.N. Panel recommended that U.S. Citizens should pay reparations to blacks for terrible oppression of blacks. Never mind the fact that the U.S. Sacrificed 500,000 men to win freedom for blacks, nor the fact that blacks in America are treated better than they are in any other nation on the face of the Earth. Not to mention the "Great Society", a wealth redistribution program that was supposed to "end poverty in our time". 

The bottom line is this: The United States should never cede any of it's sovereignty to any foreign body. Since the United States created the Internet, along with just about every other meaningful communications technology the world uses today, we should be exerting our ownership of the information superhighway instead of kneeling and handing our sword to the likes of an international amalgam of interests which run counter to the Constitution and our inherent free speech rights.

We'll have a frank discussion of this and much more today on The JJ McCartney Show with our guests Michael Cutler and Brendi Richards. Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at

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Dr. Jim Garrow: The U.N. Has a Scheme: Divide and Conquer

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Dr. Jim Garrow: 


The Islamists That Run the UN Have a Dream:

For those of us loyal to America who are not hyphenated Americans, just Americans, the islamists want to create havoc anywhere and everywhere they can in the Republic. The wise are not biting. The indigent who will not work will bite. The grant enabled sociology major who believes to his/her core that America is evil and needs to be brought to her knees will bite. The less than loyal politician who will create a crisis and then manage a crisis for their own advancement will bite. The non-American fraud in the White House will bite and bite and bite.

Many years ago a thoughtful Baptist Minister raised a point with folks that would listen when he intoned that he had a dream. His message was in keeping with his biblical worldview and his understanding of the greatness of the nation that was listening to his every word. His dream was of a day and time when Americans would be judged be the quality of their character and not the color of their skin. He was murdered for daring to encourage dreamers of color to rise above circumstance and to do the right thing. White folks across the nation responded with their hearts which broke when Martin Luther King Jr., met his Maker in such a profound rejection of goodness and a heart that yearned for peace. He was not a perfect man, but remember what the reaction was millennia ago when the perfect God/man declared the good word for all mankind. The minions of evil rejected and then murdered Him thinking that they could put an end to His preaching. But God had a different plan.

There are those today who live among us and yet do not serve the God of America nor do they believe in the freedoms enunciated in the Constitution and the Rule of Law to which we grant our abeyance. They have entered our nation fraudulently proclaiming themselves to be as we are, raising the hand in a pledge which they have no intention of honoring. Some folks snuck across the border in the criminal way that would underscore how they would approach life in America, something to be stolen and not earned. There are many here who would end the Republic and enslave us to a God not of love but of hate, not of freedom and liberty but of submission and entrapment. The current occupant of the White House is one of them and not one of us. His desperation to continue to rule over us is about to become fever pitched and dictatorial in nature. We must be prepared to stand with those who honor the original intent of the Founding Fathers and battle to keep the oppressor from being victorious over us. Do not fear the enemy but know who and what he/she is and be prepared to stop them. Be armed and ready, the need will come quickly.
- Dr. Jim Garrow -

Debate Aftermath: JJ McCartney talks issues, and FACTS with Dr. Mark Davis

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Debate Debacle: Lester Holt attacks Trump, while handling Clinton with Kid-gloves.

The concept of a presidential debate is to have an exchange which is moderated in such fashion that the viewer doesn't even realize there is a moderator. The debate last night was not moderated by Lester Holt, it was directed by Holt as though he were Cecil B. Demille, and when he heard anything he didn't like, he would interject his own argumentative commentary. When Donald Trump explained his views on the Iraq war, Holt argued that "the record shows otherwise". 

Holt frequently allowed Hillary to drone on and on with her personal attacks on Trump, while cutting off Trump and trying to assert himself as the timekeeper of the gods whenever Trump would respond to direct accusations or insinuations of Hillary Clinton.

And subject-wise, Holt didn't ask any questions about Benghazi, and asked questions about Hillary in such fashion that she was essentially playing tee-ball, Questions to Donald Trump were thrown at him in the form of accusations. Holt failed to ask Hillary if she lied before Congress and the American people. 

Can any journalist honestly give Holt favorable marks for the debate last night? Holt was clearly in over his head. It's not because he is black. It is because he is a stupid liberal. 

Holt has set back the cause of liberal journalists by 150 years, This debate could have been better moderated by Magilla the Gorilla. 

What the debate demonstrated is how out-of-touch Hillary Clinton and the leftist media is with working Americans. 

Join JJ today for smart analysis, and in hour #2, Dr. Mark Davis weighs in. 

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Media's Manic Debate Hype: Pundits already making excuses for Hillary, vilifying Trump as "bully"

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Media already calling Trump a bully, while making excuses for "poor Hillary"

It would be comical were it not so predictable and dastardly. The corporate-owned news media from coast to coast has already written it's narrative for coverage of the debate tonight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

They will portray Donald Trump as a merciless, mean-spirited bully, while painting Hillary Clinton as little Bo Peep, and vilifying Trump for "attacking that poor woman".The media will spend ample time dressing up this debate and no matter how many times Hillary coughs, lies, laughs, whines, and farts, she will be portrayed as the reincarnation of Clara Barton, Susan B. Anthony and Joan of Arc. They will also admire her "courageous" performance despite her ailing health.

Meanwhile, Trump will be portrayed as Snidely Whiplash, Boss Hogg, Larry Flint, Adolf Hitler and Attila the Hun.MSNBC, CNN, PBS, CBS, ABC, as well as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the McClatchy media group will be equipped with Soros-approved talking points, and they will be in lock-step after the debate(as well as before it).

There is no room in the main-stream media for actual journalism. They are now simply another subsidiary of the New-World Order.So it falls to YOU, the people, to turn off the main-stream, and turn on the Alternative Media. It's fairly effortless, too! Just tune in The JJ McCartney Show, Turn on Next News Now with Gary Franchi. Tune in Red State Talk Radio. And get to know your new best friends in the conservative new media. We're all doing this for one reason: We love America, and we're firing the first shots in a media revolution which is going to only be as successful as YOU make it. YOU are the key ingredient in saving America from a hostile take-over which has been underway for the past decade.

Donald Trump has energized a huge segment of America which is disgusted, sick and tired of the bloated Federal government trying to dictate every aspect of our lives, regulate the life out of industry, and hold down the working people.Americans are fed up with the 20 Trillion dollar debt, the ever-increasing cost of living, and the decline in wages, all while the government not only illegally brings Muslim "refugees" to our doorstep, but gives them protected status, while they also allow anybody to cross the border with no fear of being deported.

Americans are being conditioned to lower their standard of living, to accept immorality, to never speak out against the cultural rot, and to essentially sit down and shut up if you know what's good for you. So who are WE, to speak out so vehemently in favor of the righteous American ideals of our founding? Well, we are WE, the People! Our Constitution give US the final authority, NOT the Government!Of course, we can only save America by being united in purpose, in numbers too big to intimidate, and we must be willing to nullify the authority of a corrupt government, which I know our founding fathers would approve of. 

It's time to put the corporate-owned media on notice: Shape up or go broke!

Now, join us this afternoon at 3:05pm Eastern time, as JJ welcomes pastor and author Carl Gallups. We'll talk about his new book, "When the Lion Roars", is already a bestseller, and we'll talk about the book, but also about the debate, the election, the racial division which has clearly been agitated by Barack Obama, and we'll explain how America can heal, once and for all in regard to race and so much more! And we'll take YOUR phone calls too!

The show airs LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.comAlso head live on 

Monday: When the Lion Roars: Pastor Carl Gallups a Best-Seller yet again!

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Monday September 26th: Pastor Carl Gallups is JJ's guest on The JJ McCartney Show

Warning issued that 'The Lion Of Prophecy' is roaring

With nations warring over biblical battlegrounds, traditional morality under assault, and the civilization once called Christendom teetering on the brink of collapse, it's a time of confusion and fear for believers worldwide. But there's a guide for Christians in these troubled days, as Pastor Carl Gallups has written "When the Lion Roars: Understanding the Implications of…

Mainstream Media in Mass-Poll-Manipulation Conspiracy: Why Trump wins in a Landslide

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Mainstream Media in Mass-Poll-Manipulation Conspiracy: Why Trump wins in a LANDSLIDE

JJ McCartney

09-24-2016 17:49 MDT



Surveying the polls in this election cycle is an exercise in futility if you are seeking the true numbers. A quick scan of RealClearPolitics yesterday made that clear. And the biggest offender in the fake-polling business is the McClatchy media enterprise. The McClatchy polls take over-sampling of democrats to a whole new level of fantasy. Over sampling can happen in a number of ways. First, you simply make the numbers up and then like magic you have Hillary ahead by 8 points! But there is also the deliberate discarding of Republican-leaning voters, both Republicans and Democrats, in what I guess you would describe as plugging one's ears when you do not get the answer you want. 

And then there is the counting of independent voters(among who Trump leads nationwide by over 20%) as Hillary votes. This has been proven with careful and thorough research by the independent alternative media. These methods have been endorsed by CBS, NBC, and even by Fox(Faux) News. I hear you asking: "but JJ, WHY would these media outlets want to skew the numbers?" Well, that is a question which has a few answers that are valid:

1- The globalist-controlled Corporations that own these media outlets often dictate what the results WILL be.  Comply or be fired.

2- The media outlets rely on ratings for survival. If the race is a Trump runaway(which it is), the networks try to artificially keep it closer than it really is. 

3- To try to influence/dispirit Trump supporters, while also trying to kill voter enthusiasm and turnout. This is the most sinister of reasons, and is evident when watching MSNBC, CBS and PBS.

So what are the real numbers?

Consider these factors before you ask that question:

The average household income in the United States has fallen $9,000 since 2001. The steepest decline has taken place under the Barack Obama years(which Hillary has praised).

Also consider the national debt, which under Obama has skyrocketed, more than doubling under his watch. Hillary's economic platform is identical to Obama's.

Then consider the issue of national security, illegal immigration and the dramatic deflation of wages as a result. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are Siamese Twins joined at-the-lies.

The Obama regime changed the way the Department of Labor calculated the unemployment rate, and have simply ignored the almost 100,000,000 people who are no longer in the job force any more. These include people who simply gave up trying to find work, as well as new entries into the country who cannot find work(college grads, legal immigrants and those who have been unemployed so long they no longer qualify for benefits).

The fact is that real unemployment in the United States rests between 17 and 25%. Americans are poorer(by far) than they have ever been since the worst of the Great Depression. The number of Small Business owners has dropped sharply, and in the United States today, twice as many Americans work for the GOVERNMENT than work in Manufacturing. The truest barometer of the Obama economic failure can be measured by this statistic: At her peak, nearly 100,000,000(100 Million) American workers manufactured something for a living(including agriculture, this number was likely 125 Million). Since the passage of NAFTA(which Bill and Hillary rammed through during the Clinton years), manufacturing in America has all but died completely. 

This explains why the Gross Domestic Product during Barack Obama's 8 years has stayed below 2%, and joblessness has skyrocketed. If you believe the 5% jobless rate that the Obama/Clinton liars claim, I have several very expensive bridges to sell you. 

The American economy has been in the commode for nearly a decade, and every "remedy" the democrats have tried has only accelerated our debt clock, and failed to stimulate any meaningful job creation whatsoever. In fact, Obama's "stimulus" mostly was dispersed to European business interests which just so happened to donate heavily to Obama/Clinton Super-Pacs and of course, the Clinton Foundation. Yes, your tax-dollars, hundreds of billions and billions were not injected into the American economy, they were shipped overseas to political cronies of the Clintons. This was never more true than when Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. She sold access to the highest bidders over at the money-laundering Clinton Foundation, a criminally run (501)C3 non-profit, which has raised hundreds of Billions of dollars, while 98% of the money they collect goes into administrative expenses. 

And Hillary doesn't understand why she isn't 50 points AHEAD of Trump? 

The simple fact is, Americans do NOT want to vote for her because they do not trust her for one, and mostly, because, for whatever reason, people simply HATE this very repulsive, maniacal, pathological lying HAG named Hillary. It's partly common-sense, partly INSTINCTIVE. Something in the human DNA simply raises every red-flag in human nature, to disallow reasonable people to vote for the corrupt, evil and just plain UGLY pant-suit-wearing menopausal disaster who not only birthed Chelsea, but also gave birth to ISIS, and who stood before congress and lied repeatedly about who and what killed our Ambassador and 3 other brave Americans in Benghazi a little more than 4 years ago.

So what are the REAL numbers? Let's ask those who know Hillary best, the good people of the State of Arkansas, where Hillary was first-lady and a quintessential sleazy lawyer. The people of Arkansas were surveyed just yesterday, and there, in the Clinton's back yard, the people favor Donald Trump by 22%.

The last time a Democrat lost their home state in a presidential race, it was Al Gore, Jr. But there were plenty of other times to reflect on in our history. When the people who know you best pull the lever for your opponent, you stand no chance whatever of being the next occupant of the Oval Office.

And I am not alone in this analysis. No less than a professor who has accurately predicted the last 8 Presidential elections says Trump will dominate on November 8th. 

So if you don't take JJ McCartney's word for it, then consult Professor Allan Lichtman, who has correctly predicted the winner of the popular vote in every presidential election since 1984.

When you add it all up, Most Americans who care enough to vote will reject the shrill, bitter and toxic politics of Hillary Clinton, and will instead give Donald Trump a chance to do for the United States economy what he did for Lower Manhattan in the past 40 years. 

President Donald Trump. Get used to the sound of that.

JJ McCartney hosts The JJ McCartney Show weekdays 3-5pm ET at


USA Transnational Report: Saturday September 24th Debate preview, Charlotte, Terror Attacks

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  USA Transnational Report

USA-based, Worldwide Coverage and Analysis



Debate Preview
Charlotte's Riots & NY/NJ's Terrorist
LIVE Saturday (9/24) 8 AM EST!!!

Each passing week brings us closer to the most critical election of our lifetimes, and with each passing week we learn vividly what is actually at stake.  Monday's debate promises to be the most watched in the nation's history, and why not?  As Obama finishes his eighth year in office, the United States is practically disintegrating under the weight of terrorism - from both jihadis and faux civil rights groups like Black Lives Matter.

Last weekend and into Monday morning, a would-be mass murder planted a series of bombs across New York and New Jersey.  Only dumb luck spared the lives of perhaps dozens of innocent civilians.  This week, so-called protesters terrorize an entire city, allegedly in solidarity with victims of police violence.  Yet the facts matter little to these people.

Abroad, the world moves on and new alliances and realities continue to reshape our world.  In the Middle East, Egypt takes center stage as El Sisi meets with global leaders.  And, as usual, the United Nations cannot help itself from criticizing the only democracy in the region - Israel.

Join us Saturday for these topics and more...

Topics of Discussion:

  • Debate Preview
  • Terrorist attacks NY and NJ
  • Charlotte Riots
  • ISIS Captures a Russian Agent
  • El Sisi meets with Netanyahu, Trump, and Hillary Clinton
  • Soros recruits "global citizens" to vote against Trump
  • Wells Fargo supporting Hillary through fraud?

& more . . .


Listen LIVE at 8:05am ET
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Get Smart! Andrea Shea King and JJ McCartney talk Trump, Hildebeast and Monday's planned debate

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No Coughing Breaks

Join JJ McCartney and Andrea Shea King LIVE at 3:05pm ET today as we talk about all the latest news, including the official rules for Monday's scheduled debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

No special consideration for her coughing fits. She has requested a stool to stand on to make her look taller. Unfortunately, there is no such device that can make her look thinner, or less hideous. Tough break, Hillary.

We'll also talk about the insane, ridiculous and completely criminal rioters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and how the marauders there are not at all dissuaded by the FACTS in the case.

As the mainstream media continues to fan the flames of racial division, we are dedicated to telling the absolute truth, uncompromising, unchanging truth. It really does matter, and we need all of YOU to share this show with your friends and family. If we in the alternative media do not beat the drum of TRUTH, the masses will be deceived, and our nation will fall into complete ruin.

Please help us make a powerful stand. It is time to fire the mainstream media, turn them off, and help us reach every corner of the nation, every voter, with the TRUTH, before November 8th.

We'll see you all at 3:05pm ET at

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Hillary's Email: Reddit cooperates with House Oversight Committee

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Hillary's in DEEP DOO-DOO:

Reddit cooperating with congressional investigation of 'smoking gun'

The social-media website Reddit has agreed to cooperate with a congressional order to preserve copies of posts to determine whether an IT employee asked for advice on how to strip Hillary Clinton's email address from her emails. The Hill reported late Wednesday that Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, confirmed the…

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