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An Amazing Tuesday show: Hour 2 is EPIC Featured

Tuesday's broadcast on The JJ McCartney Show was truly a blessing today.In hour 1, we spoke with former Reagan staffer and author Karna Bodman, who described the logjam and gridlock that is the nation's capitol on the eve of the Pope's visit to Washington, D.C. Plus we discussed the 2016 race, and various stories of political relevance.

In hour 2, we welcomed back Pastor/author Carl Gallups, author of "Be Thou Prepared", his latest book, which is a survival guide for your soul, and for your body, and your family's safety in the event of catastrophic events.

Again, the second hour is amazing, in that it became a series of proclamations about the Gospel, and the affirmation of the times we are living in, and our unspeakable privilege to share the true word of God with a lost and dying world! Hear it for yourself below!

An Exceptional Week of Shows: Featured

This week on The JJ McCartney Show:


Monday September 21: Dr. Mark Davis

Tuesday September 22nd: Karna Bodman(hr. 1) Carl Gallups(hr. 2)


Wednesday September 23: I.Q. Al Rassooli


Thursday September 24th: Hr. 1-Stanley Levy(Host, Black Man Thinkin') Hr. 2- Barbara from Harlem!


Friday September 25th: Audrey Russo + The Colonel

Monday: Chilling News, and Dr. Mark Davis Featured

On Monday's big edition of The JJ McCartney Show, the eve of the "Pope" visiting the United States, and the pro-gay agenda of the people making his arrangements and appointments in America, we speak out, and we welcome back Dr. Mark Davis, the author of many books that take aim at America's outrageous political theatre, and how it is choking the life out of our economy, and making America a more treacherous land to live in.

Stories we are working on include:

U.S. Intel official declares ISIS will take Kabul within days of U.S. departure from Afghanistan

American soldiers told to 'ignore' Islamists abusing young boys in Afghanistan

Four out of five "refugees" over-running Europe are NOT from Syria.

Plus: A newly released JFK document proves account of events which support the theory that the USSR was behind the JFK assassination.

Plus we will take your calls!

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