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Wednesday April; 12th: IQ Al Rassooli

Friday April 14th: The Mysterious Colonel

Saturday April 15th: Special Tax-day edition of Nightside World News Weekly!

Monday April 17th: Caravan to Midnight host John B. Wells

Tuesday April 18th: Dr. Mark Davis, plus TBA

Wednesday April 19th: Special Waco/Oklahoma City memorial edition

Thursday April 20th: Michael Cutler

Friday April 21st: Sneak Preview: Nightside World News Weekly + a surprise!

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Senate goes Nuclear: Gorsuch expected to be confirmed Featured

Nuclear: Senate engages rules change to move ahead with Gorsuch Nomination. Listen LIVE for the details.

Plus the bizarre account of an unhinged, racist hate-crime committed by a crazy black woman:

'Sick of fancy white people,' woman goes on bloody rampage

White beating victim of black woman ‘sick of fancy white people' A Massachusetts couple returning home from a Florida vacation got the surprise of their lives when an enraged black woman, who shouted she was "sick of fancy white people," assaulted the pair while they filled their tank at a Virginia gas station. The couple, driving…

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Tuesday April 4th- Dr. Mark Davis, plus LA Times abandons Journalism, declares war on Trump Featured

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

  • Dr. Mark Davis
  • The latest news headlines
  • The political enemies of Americans
  • Border Security
  • Enforcement
  • Terror attack in Russia
  • Plus YOUR phone calls LIVE

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