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The Real War: Good vs. Evil in the 21st Century. Biblical struggle for the sake of the Elect

Ephesians 6:12 

 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Can there be any doubt what the major struggle in the world today is reallyt all about?

People, in my lifetime, I have seen a nation go from 'Leave it to Beaver', one of the most wholesome and principled shows ever, to 'I Love Dick', a show whose title literally is as disgusting as it is transparent.

The advent of modern communications technology has resulted in hundreds of cvable and satellite and streaming services, giving rise to some of the worst, most destructive, spiritually wicked and sexually deviant programs that evil mankind can dream up. 

How is all this happening? It's simple, really. The church is failing. People are not praying. And for all of these "shows" to exist and succeed, there must be a market for them. In other words, people who claim to be Christians are watching these sick and perverse shows. People who claim to be good, God-fearing Christians are funding these evil programs and the channels they appear on.

People, we are now facing a crossroads as Christians. ou cannot serve man and God. You must choose. And those choices are not always going to be easy. You and I are creatures of habit, creatures that gravitate toward our favorite "guilty pleasures". But you cannot have it both ways. If you think you CAN have it both ways, you are deceiving yourself.

How can any real Chriostian pay money to companies that promote corruption of our young people, which encourages them to explore sexuality before they even know how to walk! If you are a cable or satelolite customer, you are funding this garbage. If you are patronizing strip clubs, you are funding human trafficking, and if you are listening to the grotesque evil music which glorifies evil, drugs, sexual deviants and angry defiance of God, you are not walking in obedience to God.

Now some of you may argue, "but JJ, we are no longer under the Old Testament law. We're forgiven, so we can do whatever we want to, as long as we ask forgiveness."

You know better than that. Jesus said "If you love me, keep my commandments". If you have had a true salvation experience with Christ, your life must change. It isn't a matter of opinion, it is written in scripture: 

Matthew 4:5-10:

People went out to him from Jerusalem and all Judea and the whole region of the Jordan.Confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River.

But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to where he was baptizing, he said to them: “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? Produce fruit in keeping with repentance. And do not think you can say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham. 10 The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.

People, America today is full of trees that produce no fruit. America's trees are flowery, but they are fruitless. And as such, they are bound for the great fire. 

Your life must change if you are to be a Christian. Your life must be a testimony of your faith in Jesus, and it must reflect HIS righteousness. 

If it fails to do this, you are fooling yourself.

America, today is the day for repentance, and for exalting Jesus, and rejecting worldliness. I do not know when the trumpet may sound, but I cannot say if you will ever have another chance to hear the word, and to have your heart moved by it. If you are afraid for the future for your children or grandchildren, then please hear the words: America, you are running out of chances to turn back to God, and to serve HIM with love, reverence and humility.

And a special note to President Donald Trump: Sir, for the sake of the cause, please refrain from childish, churlish tweets and tit-for-tats with lowlife "celebrities" who you are clearly allowing to get under your skin. Please drop the tweets and instead walk in the ways of Chroist, in humble service, seeking to edify, instead of argue./ Paul told us that to live is Christ and to die is gain. Paul also said he had to die daiuly in the flesh to allow the Holy Spirit to live through him.

So Mr. Trump, I implore you,. please move above the fray. It is beneath you, and it is beneath the office you now hold.

America, Jesus is coming. I cannot say when. But I know He is coming, and I know the signs of the season we now live in. 

Look at the world around us. Loook at the strife, the evil, the floods, the famines, the wars and rumors of wars, the signs of this season mean we must walk faithfully in obedience to God's laws. We obey these laws not for fear of judgment, but because we love God, and Jesus, and we recognize the great salvation He procured for us. It becomes far too easy in this world to forget the great price Gopd paid for your salvation. We obey out of love and devotiuon to God who loved us so completely.

The clock is ticking, and we have between now and the trumpet's sound to be fruitful and fulfill our purpose, as ambassadors for Jesus in these extraordinary days.

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As Evil is Unleashed on the World, Deliberately Stupid Left stands with Islamic Reservoir of Terrorists

The London Terror Attacks leave left unfazed in their mindless support of Islam, Muslim "refugees", and they remain in complete denial about the systemic Islamic invasion of the West.

The problems we are facing today are compounded by the deliberate stupidity of the left.

Pnly deliberate stuipidity can explain their position on Islamic terrorist attacks that just in the past month have left hundreds dead around the world, and have set people in Britain into a traumatic haze, uneasy and unsure whether they should or can go about living their daily lives without fear of being blown u0, shot, stabbed, or hacked with an axe.

The politicians on the left have been the enablers of Islamic terrorists. They have empowered them, opened the floodgates, and vigorously attacked the conservatives who are urging more caution and a tightening of national security, by vetting and restricting who comes into their nation.

The net result? London mayor Sadiq Khan(a Muslim) says terror attacks are just a part of city life. This sums it all up. The left feels some sort of perverse guilt for the fact that until only a few years ago, western cultuyre's cities were not the stage for terror attacks. These sick people believe somehow that all the world should share the victimhood and just like anything else, they now are "spreading the terrorism around", much the same way they want to "spread the wealth".

The left, Democrats, Liberals, Socialistrs, Communists are one of two things: 1- Pure Evil. or 2- Completely Stupid. 

If you are a democrat, you are at least one of those two things. 

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To Hell with France. Election of Macron proves how cowardly and stupid Europeans have become.


Macron brings France back to to 1943. French people capitulate to Muslim invaders.

Now that it is clear that globalists have seized control of France, it is now time for America to cut it's losses with regard to Europe.

If the people of Europe are unwilling to choose freedom and to close their borders to the invading Muslims, then it no longer is necessary for America to in any way protect or defend Europe as a whole. Let's shut down Nato. Let's shut down the United Nations.

Let's withdraw our troops from Eastern Europe, and let's simply allow this diseased continent called Europe conclude their own affairs as they prepare to disintegrate and implode under the wight of their own haughtiness and arrogance. Let's bring our diplomats home, let's cease any and all foreign aid to Europe, and let them clean up their own messes. Or, allow them to die right where they stand. 

America should no longer suffer the fools and fanatics who rebuff freedom and decline to recognize their mistakes, the same mistakes that led them into the hands of the Nazis in WW2. If the beret-wearing creampuffs of France will not make a stand now, they shall never again be given the opportunity to resist their captors.

America, let us truly concern ourselves with our own well-being, security and let us break ties with any nation that chooses to bow their knee to their Muslim invaders.

These people are simply no longer worthy of our larhgesse and our compassion.Americva, let us give no quarter to any people who when given the choice of fighting for theoir own homeland or surrendering their swords and begging for mercy from the Muslims, have no hesitation in taking the cowardly optiuon.Not one more drop of American blood should be spilt on behalf of defending our so-called friends in Europe. 

To hell with France. To hell with NATO member-states which refuse to contribute anything toward their own defense. When it becomes so clear that the people of Europe are that demonstrably stupid, arrogant, uninformed and/or just plain evil, they no longer deserve our consideration.

If the people of Europe(not counting Britain any more) are so hell-bent on destroying themselves, let us waste not one more penny in trying to keep them from meeting their desired outcome.

It's time for America to trade, cooperate with, and interact only with other nations worthy of such attention. As for France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Greece, and the eastern-european nations(except Hungary and Poland), can there be any doubt what will become of these nations of cowards and leftists?

Let us never again subsidize nations this stupid and foolish. 

JJ McCartney

Bill Nye, the Pervert Guy, shows his True Self

Science guy? How about smut peddler?

Bill Nye has built a lucrative career championing science. He's cashing in on the nostalgia surrounding his old children's show with a new show on Netflix, "Bill Nye Saves the World." In theory, the show promotes a scientific worldview. But in practice, it's promoting degenerate sexual behavior, claims gender exists along a "spectrum," and spews out…

Marching on: Obliterating the Lies of Leftist, Marxist, Communist, Muslim Obama

Obama's premeditated sedition: Time to arrest Obama, Soros and other co-conspirators who have been actively undermining and usurping democratically elected President Trump.

The wheels never stop turning at The JJ McCartney Show. 

Upcoming THIS Week at The JJ McCartney Show:

  • Obama bugged Trump Towers BEFORE the election!
  • Trump compares to Nixon/Watergate
  • Schumer/Dems plan to obstruct Trump appointments/presercve Deep State
  • A victory for First Amendment freedom of Religion
  • Proof of left's systemic fascist anti-Israel ties
  • 64 ways Obama is sabotaging Trump
  • and MUCH MUCH more!
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Media's Manic Debate Hype: Pundits already making excuses for Hillary, vilifying Trump as "bully"

  • Published in Politics

Media already calling Trump a bully, while making excuses for "poor Hillary"

It would be comical were it not so predictable and dastardly. The corporate-owned news media from coast to coast has already written it's narrative for coverage of the debate tonight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

They will portray Donald Trump as a merciless, mean-spirited bully, while painting Hillary Clinton as little Bo Peep, and vilifying Trump for "attacking that poor woman".The media will spend ample time dressing up this debate and no matter how many times Hillary coughs, lies, laughs, whines, and farts, she will be portrayed as the reincarnation of Clara Barton, Susan B. Anthony and Joan of Arc. They will also admire her "courageous" performance despite her ailing health.

Meanwhile, Trump will be portrayed as Snidely Whiplash, Boss Hogg, Larry Flint, Adolf Hitler and Attila the Hun.MSNBC, CNN, PBS, CBS, ABC, as well as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the McClatchy media group will be equipped with Soros-approved talking points, and they will be in lock-step after the debate(as well as before it).

There is no room in the main-stream media for actual journalism. They are now simply another subsidiary of the New-World Order.So it falls to YOU, the people, to turn off the main-stream, and turn on the Alternative Media. It's fairly effortless, too! Just tune in The JJ McCartney Show, Turn on Next News Now with Gary Franchi. Tune in Red State Talk Radio. And get to know your new best friends in the conservative new media. We're all doing this for one reason: We love America, and we're firing the first shots in a media revolution which is going to only be as successful as YOU make it. YOU are the key ingredient in saving America from a hostile take-over which has been underway for the past decade.

Donald Trump has energized a huge segment of America which is disgusted, sick and tired of the bloated Federal government trying to dictate every aspect of our lives, regulate the life out of industry, and hold down the working people.Americans are fed up with the 20 Trillion dollar debt, the ever-increasing cost of living, and the decline in wages, all while the government not only illegally brings Muslim "refugees" to our doorstep, but gives them protected status, while they also allow anybody to cross the border with no fear of being deported.

Americans are being conditioned to lower their standard of living, to accept immorality, to never speak out against the cultural rot, and to essentially sit down and shut up if you know what's good for you. So who are WE, to speak out so vehemently in favor of the righteous American ideals of our founding? Well, we are WE, the People! Our Constitution give US the final authority, NOT the Government!Of course, we can only save America by being united in purpose, in numbers too big to intimidate, and we must be willing to nullify the authority of a corrupt government, which I know our founding fathers would approve of. 

It's time to put the corporate-owned media on notice: Shape up or go broke!

Now, join us this afternoon at 3:05pm Eastern time, as JJ welcomes pastor and author Carl Gallups. We'll talk about his new book, "When the Lion Roars", is already a bestseller, and we'll talk about the book, but also about the debate, the election, the racial division which has clearly been agitated by Barack Obama, and we'll explain how America can heal, once and for all in regard to race and so much more! And we'll take YOUR phone calls too!

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Wednesday: The Professor: I.Q. Al Rassooli delivers a free lesson in Obama's nefarious refugee plan

On Wednesdays, we welcome our good friend and mentor regarding all things Muslim, I.Q.(Ibn) Al Rassooli!This show is part college-level curriculum on the evil establishment of Islam, and as I.Q. likes to say, Muhammed's whore-house version of paradise. Those 72 virgins that Muhammed suggested would await martys in the cause of Islam are a cruel joke.

The politically correct people who claim Islam is a "religion of peace" are fools on the highest order. I.Q. instead tells the truth, the Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of piss!Yes, it is true, we don't speak political correctness. Instead, we tell the TRUTH.Tune in for the LIVE show at 3:05pm Eastern time.

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Obama taking aim at our guns. Ibn Q.(IQ) Al Rassooli fires back at corrupt lawless Obama

God, Guns and country. 


In the wake of the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, a Muslim named Jeh Johnson stated that "Gun Control is now a matter of Homeland Security".

Whitehouse Spokes-dork Josh Earnest stated that Obama "isn't ruling out executive order on gun control".


                                                                                 Dumb and Dumber

(Spokes-dork Josh Earnest)

This has really gotten old, and the American people are really tired of this mis-direction ploy by the Obama administration. Orlando wasn't about gun control, it was Islamic Terrorism. It was typical Islamic tactics. They pick a public place, a "gun-free zone", then they arrive with a gun, and shoot until someone stops them, which is usually after there are many dead people on the floor. And Obama and his sycophantic sock-puppets immediately say we need LESS GUNS???

If there had been at least one more gun at the Pulse Saturday night, the body cound might have been just one. If more Americans carried concealed weapons(which is legal if you get a permit), then these types of attacks would go away in very short order.

It's one thing to enter an establishment where you KNOW there are no people with guns to shoot back at you. It's quite another to enter an establishment where at least a few people have weapons and can return fire. You want proof? Go back to Texas, where a would-be pair of Islamic terrorists were shot dead by a hired security guard at a "Draw Muhammed" contest event featuring Pamela Gellar.

To suggest that America's gun laws are the problem is an insult to every alert American's intelligence. In America we must not cower to Islamic bullies. We need to make it EASIER for law-abiding citizens to buy guns, to buy ammunition, and to become proficient at shooting at the high center of mass. In fact, it should be taught to our kids in school!(like it was when America was strong and morally upright).

This is bibical. Jesus said if you didn't own a sword, to sell your coat and buy one! Jesus knew that every family needs a protector in the home who has weaponry to fend off murderers or thieves.

Today, we talk with our good friend I.Q. Al Rassooli, about the Orlando attack, the predictably weak and lame response from the Muslim in the White House, and we'll talk about the upcoming Brexit vote in Britain, and the consequence of electing a pathological narcissist who happens to be a gay Muslim, just like the shooter in Orlando.

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