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The Creepy future of food: Lab-grown(synthetic) beef, chicken and duck

The future of food? Synthetic foods grown in laboratories may be the future, if a group of scientists and investors have their way.

The concept of laboratory-grown synthetic meats is top-of-mind in at least one venture in Silicon Valley. The idea, according to an article at Fox Business is to start with animal cells, add nutrients, and grow muscle tissue in the laboratory to then be cooked and enjoyed just like real meat. Beef, Chicken and Duck are apparently on the high-tech menu, but don't book your reservations at Faux-Meats just yet.+
The cost per one pound of produced synthetic meat at present cost of production is $6,000 per pound. And mass-production may be a few years away at the earliest. 
“[We’re] trying to put products on the shelves by 2021/2022,” Uma Valeti, Memphis Meats co-founder and CEO, tells FOX Business.
And how does the product taste? Not having a spare $6,000 in my pocket, I couldn't tell you.
Memphis Meats is one of many startups aiming to disrupt the $200 billion meat and poultry industry. Companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat already have meat substitutes (made from plants, not animal cell tissue) on store shelves.
“What we have done is figure out a way to take those same type of materials from plants and run them through a process of heating, cooling and pressure to create a piece of meat. So, you’re getting essentially the same things in terms of proteins, fats and water but it’s coming directly through a system that comes from plants versus going through the animal,” Ethan Brown, CEO and co-founder of Beyond Meat, told FOX Business in October.
We'll get Dr. Mark Davis's take on synthetic meat on the Tuesday edition of The JJ McCartney Show LIVE at Noon Eastern time at www.RedStateTalkRadio.com and www.jjmccartney.com

JJ's Weight-loss Journal: JJ opens up about health, weight and pledge to lose 150 pounds!

JJ McCartney's "Weight Loss challenge" week Zero!

Currently(As of April 18th 2017): 356 lbs. 

Goal# 1: 299 lbs by July 31 2017

Goal# 2: 249 lbs by December 31 2017

Goal# 3: 199 lbs by July 31 2018


JJ is going on a health kick! This is a very personal struggle which I have dealt with my entire life. Even as a child, I was never truly skinny. I carried excess weight mainly because my number one hobby was eating. Among my many triggers were watching senseless TV, and having excess spare ytime. I also have never been a terribly athletic person, although I did at one time in my teens take up weightlifting and tried to spend as much of my spare time playing basketball when I was 15/16.

But a career as a radio on-air personality, as well as years spent at help-desks and tech support environments did little to help me gain control.

And so here, in my mid-560's, I begin tyhis jourtney. I know I am not alone, and I promise I will be diligent and give this my very best effort.,

Join me every Tuesday for the official weigh-in and track my progress. We will also post "before" pictures and update the progress as often as makes sense.

Please pray for me, and for my whole family. We're doing this tyogether.

Thank you all, and we'll update you soon on progress! 



Spotlight: Immigration/National Security w/ 30-year INS Agent Michael Cutler, Plus Dr. Dave Janda

Thursday on The JJ McCartney Show:

With the focus on the Trump mantra "Build that Wall", we are fortunate today to have 30-year INS Special Agent Michael Cutler with us in hour 1 today, to talk about the immigration situation, and how the mere specter of talking of building a wall and amping up enforcement has served as a deterrent for future illegal immigration. We'll talk about the best way to increase enforcement and beef up border security until a wall gets built.

Also in hour 2 of today's show, we'll talk with Operation Freedom radio host and MD Doctor Dave Janda. We'll talk about Donald Trump's health, and also we'll talk about Trump Derangement Syndrome and how unhealthy it is for the "Snowflakes" in America who ave lost touch with reality and become not only a nuisance, but a danger to themselves andothers!

We'll have our toll-free lines open, and you can call in with your questions at 855-853-5227.

Join us LIVE every weekday from 3 to 5pm Eastern time, as we discuss the news and events you care about, and the best lineup of guests you will find anywhere on the world-wide-web!

Listen LIVE at www.jjmccartney.com, RedStateTalkRadio.com or watch the LIVE Video-stream at www.youtube.com/c/jjmccartney

The Thanks I Give:

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JJ McCartney Gives Thanks

Like so many others this week, I have at times felt the pressure and the rapid pace of this Holiday Season descending upon us like it does each year. But I look in the mirror and I see many reasons for THAT guy to be thankful, for he has truly been blessed.

The thanks I give this Thanksgiving is reserved for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the risen savior, the Son of God, who chose to suffer and die to redeem me. He loved me enough to retrieve my soul from the massive bin of damaged goods. He loved me enough to restore me in His righteousness, and He did so because He was an obedient Son. He did not argue, nor did he question the value of each soul he suffered for. He simply obeyed His Father's voice, and it is that act f obedience that made all things possible for God's Children throughout these generations.

The thanks I give:

I Thank you, God Almighty, for the blessing of this day. I thank you for creating time, and for slicing it into manageable subdivisions called days. Each one of these days is a treasured gift. Each day is a miracle in the cosmos. I thank you for the day, which brings the blank slate. Each day brings time with those I love and cherish most. How can I possibly thank you enough, Lord God, for the gift of this day/ Let me live this day in a way which is pleasing to you

I give thanks for the loves of my life. I thank you for Susan, my wife. She is so much more than I deserve. I thank YOU for her loving kindness, her compassion, her patience, her true heart, her iron will, her manner, her laughter, her love for me, which is given in obedience to You. I thank you for the loneliness she has erased from my life. I thank you for her devotion for me, not only as a husband, but as a fellow child of God. I thank you for restoring my spirit by delivering Susan into my life, and I pray I can be worthy as her husband, and bring her a semblance of what she gives to me. Fulfillment, Contentment, Rest, Passion, Encouragement, Perspective, Empathy, Patience and immeasurable Joy and perpetual anticipation of what each day, each week, each month, and each year will bring.

I give thanks for the most precious gift any married couple can receive, in the person of our blessed daughter, Allison. As with every blessing You have given us, we know that You gave her to us for a revelation as to the perspective being a parent gives us a deeper kinship with You, Lord God. For we learn, as parents, that we feel every pain she feels, we feel every joy she feels, and these are lessons in selflessness and unconditional love. The blessings you have bestowed upon us as Allison's parents have taught us life lessons which no classroom or institution of higher learning can ever convey. Every smile Allison gives is a treasured reminder that with You, Lord God, all things are possible. Miracles became the standard daily mode of life for us as a family, and what we learned most throughout is that as YOUR children we have learned to expect miracles, and to understand and know each miracle as it arrives, right on time, and it humbles us to know that you provided every need long before we knew it would be needed.

I thank you for the beautiful person our daughter has become. Thank you for her idiosyncrasies, for her fierce loyalty, her creative mind, her fair mind, her uncompromising devotion to what she knows in her heart is right and true. Thank you for delivering her, mind, body and soul to Your family, and to ours. Thank you for her humor, for her mannerisms that you have woven into place that make her uniquely in the image of both her mother and me. Thank you for her intelligence, her determination, and her resilience. Thank you for her health, for her strength. and for her courage to face the future and to squeeze the most she can from every single day.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to live in the United States of America. Thank you for showing mercy on this nation for these many years, in spite of the terrible flaws that still exist within her borders. Thank you for the freedoms we enjoy, thank you for my fellow American patriots, who agree with our love for YOU, and thank you for injecting just enough reason in those people to compel them to help us choose a leader who apparently shares our love for You, and our trust in You. Please watch over our newly elected leaders, and please instill in them a wisdom and devotion to the godly principles that can lead to restoration of America as a truly Christian nation, 

I give thanks to You, Lord God, for each blessing in each day, from delicious and nourishing food and drink, to the magical joy of a Triptophan-induced nap. Thank You for the magical properties of bread, gravy, and the natural marriage of Turkey and stuffing. Thank You for blessing us with a feast, and for the knowledge that it was YOU that delivered it to our table. 

I give thanks for the many friends and acquaintances we have come to think of as family. Thank you for setting each of them on that path that allowed us to come to know each of them. Thank you for the many people who have become our regular listening audience, and for endearing them to us in our lives. Thank you for delivering each of them safely to their families this Thanksgiving.

I give thanks Lord, for the gift of health you have bestowed upon me. I thank you for delivering me safely into this day. I thank you for making it possible for me to walk this earth with ten toes, and for the attitude of defiance and persistence that as long as I am alive, I will choose to believe in YOUR MERCY and GRACE, especially when it defies physicians and it demonstrates the supernatural answer to earnest prayers and unwavering faith in YOU, Lord!

Please make my life a testimony to those who may never before have considered how miracles truly do happen, be they in hospitals, ambulance, helicopters or the open road.

Thank YOU, God, for granting us so many tender mercies which we tend to blindly overlook. Thank you for your unwavering patience with me. Thank you for your vested interest n each of us who truly call you Father, Lord and Savior.

This thanks I give for the countless blessings You have given to me, and Lord, thank-you is not enough. Please let my life speak a powerful testimony to the wavering and wayward souls who even today are still searching for meaning in life. Please open the eyes of those who seek peace, hope, and reason. Lord open their ears to your word, and open their hearts to your immense and unfaltering LOVE and MERCY!

Lastly I thank you God for your faithfulness to Your word, and for Your giving us this day, to share your word with the lost world. Please let us hit the target with our testimony of Your love, mercy and grace! Deliver Your word into the hearts of the seekers. Help us SHOW them Your Love, Your Truth, and bring these people home to YOU, Lord. 

This is the thanks I give to YOU, Lord.

Friday: Audrey Russo, the Latest News, and the Desperate Life of Trolls

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Get ready for another fabulous weekend with the Friday edition of The JJ McCartney Show with Audrey Russo!

We've got plenty of news from politics to economy to the ongoing war on political correctness and the future of this nation we used to call the land of the free.

Join the conversation at 3:-5pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com or RedStateTalkRadio.com(Studio A)


A special note from JJ McCartney

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Greetings everybody,

As I am sure most of you know, I have been battling cancer(Lymphoma) as well as heart problems and pulmonary embolism. The past three years+ have been a physical struggle each day.

It has become necessary for me to throttle down my schedule for a week or more to get some much needed rest and rejuvenation. The show is of course a labor of love, and it drains me physically. I wish I could sugar-coat this, but the reality is that each show is like I am whittling a bit of myself off and converting it into the show each day. Without proper rest and rejuvenation, I get run down, and become practically worthless around the house. 

I am confident that God has a lot of plans for me still, and that whatever hurdles I must clear to get stronger, I believe God will send me a portion of strength and energy each and every day. But this next week, I believe I am supposed to rest, pray, prepare my soul for the blessed celebration of the birth of Jesus, and to spend some much needed time recreating with my family. And I want you all to do the same. If I may be so bold, I ask that you pray for me, my family, and the radio ministry. This show and ministry are literally dependant on prayer, and on support from those who feel led to help us keep it running.

The other thing people need to know is that as I get more tired and exhausted, the more the physical burden I become to my wonderful bride, Susan. She has been through it all with me for coming up on 27 years in February. SHe works hard, then comes home to find me a spent force. Please pray for her as she absorbs much of my tiredness and never complains.

As any followers of the show know, I try to produce the finest show possible, with many of the most respected and sought-after conservative minds in the world, and just paying for the technical infrastructure to produce the show is a significant financial burden. As we embark on bringing you the best show technically and also as it pertains to the content of the show, we strive to bring you a relevant show of the highest quality.

If you listen, and enjoy the show, please do us the biggest favor of all: Please share it with your friends. Word-of-mouth is still the most critical link in growing our audience and so in that regard, you are all my partners in producing the show.

As I mentioned, we will be airing re-plays of some of our finest shows of the past few years, and will return to our daily routine Monday the 28th of December.

In the meantime, please continue to pray for us, for me, and for our capacity to produce a truly great show.

But most of all, please enjoy this Christmas with your family and loved ones. Please remember Jesus, and praise Him for being our Blessed HOPE in a desperate world. Please share Jesus with your children, and please accept our best wishes for this Christmas, and for the New Year to follow. Please pray for our nation, and please earnestly pray for a Christian revival in America, and that we repent as a nation, and find God's favor by walking in obedience to His commandments.

Merry Christmas to all, and may God bless you!


Wednesday: I.Q. Al Rassooli, the Christmas rush, and one more reason to stay away from BK

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It's Wednesday and that means we once again visit with the one and only I.Q. Al Rassooli! 

Will we talk about terrorism? MAYBE. Will we talk about Christmas? ABSOLUTELY.

Will we talk about Bruce Jenner, the Kardashians, the latest from Days of our Lives? ABSOLTELY NOT! We will also talk about the latest news, and why you need never visit another Burger King ever again!

And we will scour the internet for some GOOD news, and if we find any, we will let you know!

SO join us LIVE at 3:05pm Eastern time at www.jjmcccartney.com or RedStateTalkRadio.com(Studio A)

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