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House votes to repeal Obamacare. Plus Michael Cutler LIVE today

We'll talk about it live on The JJ McCartney Show.

Plus, join us in hour 3 today for Michael Cutler, our frequent regular guest who happens top be a 30-year special agent for INS, and we'll talk about the outrageous invasion of the United States by illegal aliens, and what the Trump administration is trying to do to stem the flow. We'll speculate on when the new Supreme Court will hear the appeals of the rulings from left-wing activist judges which have hampered President Trukmp's efforts to bring a halt to runaway "refugee resettlement" that has done so much damage to our nation already.

And we'll take your phone calls too(only if you behave).

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Tuesday on The JJ McCartney Show:- Dr. Mark Davis and Commoner Sense author/host Patrick Fornari

A big Tuesday show in store withj Dr. Mark Davis(Demons of Democracy, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival) will be our gujest in hour 2, and Commoner Sense author and radio show host Patrick Fornari joins JJ in hour 3!We'll tackle all the day's relevant news, and we'll leave the fake news to the fake news purveyors at those alphabet networks.Hear The JJ McCartney Show LIVE weekdays from Noon to 3pm Eastern time at RedStateTalkRadio.com or you can watch the LIVE WEBCAST at www.jjmccartney.com as our YouTube webcasts are embedded at jjmccartney.com. And be sure tyo LIKE our videos, and subscribe to the YouTube channel, and share the show and the YT channel with all your friends on social media!Follow on Facebook: www.facebook.com/JJMcCartneyRadioOn Twitter: @JJMcCartneyLiveOn YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/jjmccartney

A Week of Tumult - London, N. Korea, Healthcare, Gorsuch Hearings

A week of uncertainty: World is a powder-keg, while leftists screech for "tolerance", Muslim terrorists and Illegal Immigrants terrorize and rape, under cover of the corporate, globalist-controlled media.

Why YOU should listen to The JJ McCartney Show:

  • We tell the truth, and are accused of racism, xenophobia, intolerance and hatred. Nonetheless, we shall tell the truth as long as the Lord gives us breath.
  • While people like Gavin Newsome, Janet Napolitano, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU extend illegal protctions to illegal immigrants, unlawful "refugees" and aid and abet purveyors of terrorism, treason, sedition and sexual brutality.
  • Here at www.mccartney.com we will not go quietly, we will not capitulate to the lying mainstream media, and we will uphold the Constitution, in defiance of activist judges, kangaroo courts, and idle threats from George Soros-funded trolls and snowflakes. We will not accept any restriction or usurpation of our constitutional rights, nor will we abdicate our constitutional power over the government.
  • We're here to stay, leftists. Deal with it. Same to you, Rinos. 
  • There are no term limits on We, the People.
  • Join us Friday at Noon Eastern at www.RedStateTalkRadio.com or www.jjmccartney.com with JJ's guest, the Mysterious Colonel!

10 Days to Sweet Deliverance: Tuesday January 10th 2017 with guest Dr. Mark Davis

10 days until sweet deliverance: Inauguration Fever!


As we count down the days untl Inauguration Friday, January 20th at Noon Eastern time, we anticipate more and more the petulant and impudent Obama to try to throw more obstacles in Trump's way. But Trump is non-plussed by Obama's churlish and childish behavior. Finally, after 8 incredibly damaging years, a grown-up will again be in control of the White House. The world, and the working-class American People have been eagerly awaiting this for 8 long years.Join us for special coverage of the Inaguration on Friday the 20th at www.jjmccartney.com!

On Today's edition of the JJ McCartney Show, we are LIVE with the latest breaking news, we'll conclude our discussion on how the defeat of the democrats in November can be traced back to the book of Genesis, and we'll visit with Dr. Mark Davis in hour 2!

Join us LIVE weekdays from 3 to 5pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com, RedSTatteTalkRadio.com, and watch the live video stream at www.YouTube.com/c/jjmccartney

Monday: Dr. Mark Davis and Clinton whistleblower Charles Ortel

If you are new to JJMcCartney.com, you picked a very good week to get acquainted with us!

On today;s show, Dr. Mark Davis will share with us his thoughts on the latest news, and we'll talk about the approaching stormcloud as Obamacare's most burdensome features begin to take effect across America.

In hour 2, our distinguished guest will be Clinton FOundation whistleblower Charles Ortel. We'll learn how the Clintons have set up this fraudulent foundation to use as their personal political slush fund, while endangering some of the poorest people on the planet with dangerous medicine which can actually kill it's recipients.

And when it comes to the financial operations of the Clinton Foundation, you will likely be outraged at the amount of malfeasance and deception and fraud the Clinton Foundation engenders.

Be with us LIVE at 3:05pm for The JJ McCartney Show, heard LIVE at www.jjmccartney.com and RedStateTalkRadio.com, and on these GREAT radio stations:

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The Rock! New Hampshire Christian Radio

Monday: Dr. Mark Davis explains Obamacare's first casualty of the new Fiscal year, plus Hillary wants a massive gun-grab

Today we've got Dr, Mark Davis with us, to walk us through the first large-scale casualty of the new fiscal year because of Obamacare.

We'll also discuss world events, including what is happening to volunteers with organizations like Doctors without Borders, and why conditions in northern Africa are dire indeed for Christians.

Join us for the show every weekday from 3 to 5pm Eastern at www.jjmccartney.com

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