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The JJ McCartney Show:

We Hold These Truths to be self-evident:

  • Political correctness is neither "polite" or "correct". The purveyors of "political correctness" are agents of evil, often unwittingly.
  • Not since the days of Babylon, when God confused the languages, have we seen the kinds of gibberish we see today from the modern progressives in American politics and world politics.
  • We are not politically correct. We are simply correct. Truthful. Honest. Sometimes brutally sincere. As instructed in the bible, our yea means yea, and our nay means nay. We do not mince words.
  • We do refine our speech so that it is neither cruel nor crude. But the essence of what we say is firmly rooted in truth and righteousness.
  • America is infected with the disease of political correctness. If we do not beat back political correctness, it will lead to the utter ruin of our nation and our way of life.
  • So welcome to The JJ McCartney Show. If you are offended, Good! At least we have you thinking now.
  • And once the word of God is proclaimed, good luck trying to shake it out of your consciousness!

Like the Beatles in Sergeant Pepper's, "we hope that you enjoy the show".

An Open Letter to America's younger adults

JJ McCartney

An open letter to younger adults in America:

Hello young adults of America, I am JJ McCartney. I used to be a young adult, and while my mind likes to pretend that I am still a young adult, my mirror and the aches and pains of each day prove to me that I no longer fit in your classification. But I want to share some thoughts with you. This might get pretty frank, and some of what I say may seem off-the-wall, but please know that I am not a crack-pot, nor am I someone who speaks out of ignorance. I have voted in every single election since 1980, when I cast my very first presidential vote for Ronald Wilson Reagan. 

I have always worked in the radio industry, both as an air-personality and as a manager, engineer, newscaster, sports reporter and announcer, and as a technical engineer in the field of broadcast automation.  When I started my career in radio in 1978 at age 15, I had to learn quickly about the world of politics, news gathering, and that served as incentive for me to pay close attention to news in general, and political news in particular. I also became a student of history, as it served to gve me a broader platform from which to make informed decisions. And making informed decisions is what brings me to this communique.

In this election year, it has become evident that young people in America are woefully misinformed or underinformed about politics in America, our history, and why, at the end of the day, it really does matter what you do with your right to vote for our leaders.

More to come...

The truth matters. Facts matter.

And in spite of aggressive efforts by the New World Order, Corporate globalist entities and very evil, very wealthy people both in America and all around the world, you still have time to make a fully informed decision based not on warm fuzzy catch-phrases or wildly inaccurate characterizations about the one candidate who is talking about making America great again.

Character matters, absolutely. But you've been deceived about the character of Hillary Clinton, and you need to know why. There has been a concerted effort on the part of the globalists to insulate Hillary Clinton from unfavorable coverage in the mainstream media. Now, I believe you are plenty smart to make the right decision, IF you have all the facts. But if you plan on voting for Hillary, you clearly do NOT have all the facts, and that is because you have been lied to for as long as you can recall, because the education system has been shaped into a collection of revised history, devoid of fact or truth. 

Character Matters:

For example: 

Did you know that Hillary Clinton was fired from the legal team investigating the Watergate scandal back in 1974 because she lied, stabbed fellow team members in the back and claimed other's work as her own?

Did you know that after defending a violent rapist and getting him off with only the time served in jail awaiting trial, when she clearly knew he was caught red-handed and was guilty as hell? Did you know that after doing that, she then bragged to her friends about getting him off, and mocked the then-13-year-old victim?

Did you know that Hillary and Bill Clinton formed the Arkansas Financial Development Corporation(purportedly to provide low-interest loans to small businesses and churches) and proceeded to use it as a gigantic money-laundering operation, while also smuggling $100,000,000 worth of cocaine into the United States through an airstrip in Mena, Arkansas? Were you also aware that Bill and Hillary gave gigantic loans to their political cronies and donors with the understanding that these people would NEVER have to pay back the loans?

Did you know that in each of these instances, Hillary Clinton, at the Rose Law Firm, handled the paperwork for these dubious loans?
Did you know that Hillary Clinton was instrumental in a failed Savings and Loan in Arkansas that cost shareholders and account-holders hundreds of millions of dollars when it collapsed?

Did you know that in 1978, Hillary Clinton, trading on insider information, invested $1,000 dollars on the stock market and in just a few months reaped a profit of  $100,000? Hillary Rodham Clinton invested $1,000 in commodities futures and that the investment grew in 10 months of trading in the notoriously volatile market into a gain of nearly $100,000. With improper financial assistance on the trades from the lawyer, James B. Blair, a close friend who at the time was the top lawyer for Tyson Foods of Springdale, Ark., the nation's biggest poultry company. Mr. Blair suggested that she get into the commodities market, and that he used his knowledge of trading to guide her along the way. Such "help" was not offered to the rest of Tyson's shareholders. 

Coincidentally, During Husband Bill Clinton's tenure as Governor, Tyson benefited from several state decisions, including favorable environmental rulings, $9 million in state loans, and the placement of company executives on important state boards.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton was more fond of Saul Alinsky than Barack Obama? She even went out of her way to personally meet Alinsky and there were even reports of a sexual tryst wth Alinsky? Alinsky devoted his book, "Rules for Radicals", to Lucifer, whom he called the original rebel.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton had close ties to Chinese interests who illegally contributed to her campaign, and that she is considered the worst violater of campaign finance laws in the history of the United States? 

More to come...


During the course of the Benghazi investigation,

New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt learned Clinton had used a personal email account while secretary of state. It turned out she had also been using a private server, located at a house in New York. The result was that Clinton and her staff decided which emails to turn over to the State Department as public records and which to withhold; they say they then destroyed the ones they had designated as personal.

What's the big deal with Hillary's "private" email server?

When? 2009-2013, during Clinton’s term as secretary.

Who? Hillary Clinton; Bill Clinton; top aides including Huma Abedin

How serious is it? Very serious. 

A May report from the State Department inspector general is harshly critical of Clinton’s email approach, but Loretta Lynch announced on July 6 that the Justice Department would not pursue criminal charges, removing the threat of an indictment that could be fatal to her campaign. On October 28, the FBI announced is it reviewing a new tranche of emails that turned up in an unrelated investigation, but it did not offer any other details on the scope. 

In any case, the scandal will remain a millstone around her neck forever. Comey’s damning comments about her conduct—“Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information”—will reverberate throughout the campaign. Also unresolved is the question of whether Clinton’s server was hacked. Wikileaks release of the thousands of "missing" emails strongly suggests that Clinton's email server was indeed hacked, but nobody know by whom or how.

Did you know that Christopher Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya requested more/better security at the Benghazi compound via email to Secretary Clinton more than 600 times, and each request was either denied, ignored, or both. Further, did you know that during the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton offered no assistance to Stevens, and repeatedly declined to send help to thwart the attack, in spite of the fact that assets were available from the CIA, as well as military assets in the region which could have been deployed with time to spare?

Did you know that while Ambassador Stevens was being raped, dragged naked in the streets, and ultimately being murdered, Hillary Clinton chose to leave the office and go home, and left her subordinates to handle the rest of the evening's events? While 4 Americans were murdered, Secretary Clinton chose to abandon her post and phone in the duties of Secretary of State.

Did you also know that during the entire Benghazi aftermath, Hillary spun a lie about an internet video being the reason for this "attack" on the Benghazi compound?
Did you know that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had set up a gun-running operation, funneling cash, weapons, and ammunition from Libya  to Turkey, then on to Al Qaeda forces in Syria?

Did you know that Ambassador Stevens discovered this illegal and highly controversial gun-smuggling operation? Had he chosen to take this information to either another cabinet director or to the press, it would have exposed the scandalous information less than 2 months before the 2012 presidential election? 

According to sources in Intelligence, Ambassador Stevens may have been killed by Al Qaeda forces in Benghazi, but that it was designed to be a clandestine assassination which both Hillary and Barack Obama would benefit from politically.

Yes, what we are stating is that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama conspired to have Christopher Stevens assassinated on September 11th 2012. 

More to come..



Young people of America, there is so much more that we could tell you about Hillary Clinton's corruption

...including the latest money-laundering enterprise known as the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The level of corruption is so unbelievably high, and is done without any fear of being held accountable by any governing body in the world, that it can only lead to one conclusion: Hillary Clinton is a sociopath, a pathological liar, and a deluded fascist, just as was Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Charman Mao, and many other evil leaders in world history.

This election, rapidly approaching, is the most critically important election we have ever had, because there is an active effort underway to steal this election, and to deploy massive amounts of voter fraud, miscounting the ballots, and undermining the integrity of the outcome. Democrat governors and mayors of every large city in America are telling illegal immigrants that they can and should vote on November 8th. This is a felony. It is election-tampering, massive fraud, and is punishable by hard time in a federal penitientiary. 

The media has turned a blind eye and deaf ear from proof of massive fraud on the part of democrats. The video evidence gathered by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas has proven that the Democrat primary in California was stolen from Bernie Sanders by massive voter disenfranchisement, as Hillary operatives can be seen stuffing thousands of Bernie ballots into shredders. 

The proof is irrefutable. The truth is plain to see. Now the question becomes this: To you younger adults planning on voting on November 8th: What are you going to do with all of this proven, irrefutable truth? Will you become indignant toward the deceivers and vote to keep them out of the highest office in the land? Will you declare that these people, regardless of their politics and position, are NOT above the law, or will you look the other way and choose to be complicit in their scheme to erase America's sovereignty?

More to come...


Did you know that Hillary has preached that we should live in a borderless world?

...and that we should continue the policies that have increased our national debt more than doubling in the less than 8 years that Obama has been in the White House? 

America, the land of the free, and home of the brave, has been the leader in development of virtually every new technological discovery and invention of the past 240 years. Free Americans discovered how to effectively turn raw electricity into virtually every modern means of communication, led the space race, developed medical technology which has saved countless lives, and has led to practically every cure, every vaccine, every medicine, every comfort, every agricultural discovery, every invention, from internal combustion engines to semiconductor components which made it possible to transmit more data in one tenth of a second via a single pair of wires coming into your home than the entire Nasa space program transmitted and received during every mission of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo combined!

The nation that singularly defeated the Nazis in Europe, and the Japanese in the Pacific, that same nation that then helped the poor people of Europe and Japan rebuild and recover from the ravages of war, that same GREAT nation has betrayed it's allies in the Middle East, and Europe, while striking ridiculous, idiotic and inconceivably foolish agreements with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which, while Secretary Kerry was lauding the superb effort to strike the deal, were chanting "Death to America" in their Iranian Parliament.

Regardless of whether this lunacy were done deliberately, or out of supreme incompetence and naivite', this type of "deal" is clearly not in the best interest of America or her allies.

It's time for your generation to really grow up and understand the world you live in is incredibly dangerous and evil, and that being uninformed or mislead is the most dangerous way for you to be. For if you choose to remain ignorant and uninformed, you are then just as accountable for the peril we find ourselves in as the corrupt politicians, the corrupt media and the evil globalists trying to destroy this nation through targeted misinformation and an education system so bereft of truth and moral clarity as to create an entire generation of useful idiots, who are taught to feign offense at terms like "Washington Redskins" while having no discomfort at all with dismembering a mature baby at nine months gestation.

It is time for you to step into adulthood with both eyes wide open, as opposed to "eyes wide-shut" by the corrupt, rotten political partisans and their servile compliant media. You now have all the information you need to make a wise choice in the voting booth. The moral imperative? You'll need to choose which side of American history you wish to stand on. Will you please consider what is best for America and Americans is also what is best for the whole world, if you use true history as your guide.

And please feel free to angrily express your outrage at the manner with which the major politicl parties have conspired to keep you in the dark for so very long. 

More to come...


Now, let's do the right thing for America on November 8th.

And let's demand accountability for those who conspired to try to erase America's sovereignty. If Trump wins on November 8th, we will have a mandate to work with, to tryly clean the swamp, through term limits, real campaign finance reforms, and to seal off the border in a meaningful way, rather than seeing the laws subverted by the very people we entrusted to enforce them in the first place.

Your generation will soon inherit this nation. Would you rather inherit a strong, resolute and morally upright nation, or would you rather live in a corrupt land where the super-rich skate, while you are so badly overtaxed and under-represented that it makes you physically ill?

This election matters more than can be expressed here. A vote for Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein is a vote for this nation's permanent decline. 

A vote for Donald Trump gives us one last chance to get things right. It gives us time to reconnoiter, reconstitute ourselves, and to get back on the right track. It gives us time to restore our military, to appoint constitutionalist judges, and move the bulk of the government much farther toward reason, wisdom and prudence.

Lastly, young people, I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine, I will call him "John". John is about ten years older than I am.(I am 54). John and his wife have worked all their lives, and this past year their health insurance premiums increased from about $800 per month to about $1,600 per month(this was from 2015 to 2016). They knew how important it was to have insurance as they enter those years where catastrophic illness could bankrupt them. They had to much more tightly manage their budget, and made it to this point in time. 

But as calendar-year 2017 approached, the insurors of this state we live in(Nebraska) sent them the rates for 2017. The new monthly premium? 2,700 per month. AND their deductibles effectively doubled, to 13,200 per individual, and 26,400 per family(family being just the two of them). Their prescription drug coverage co-pays increase dramatically as well, and some medications are not covered by their plan.

So in 2015, their premiums were about $800. and their deductible for that year was about $5,000 per person, $10,000 per the family of two).
Now, just two years later, their premiums have tripled, and their deductible has nearly tripled. 

Hillary is perfectly okay with that. Donald Trump is not. 

If you were to base your vote on nothing else, please base it on what Obamacare has done to the people who have worked, payed taxes, raised your generation, and otherwise painted inside the lines all their lives, and just as they approach the time when they contemplate retiring, slowing down, and enjoying their golden years, the rug is pulled out from under their aging feet. 

Keep in mind that until now we have said very little about ISIS, the "refugee resettlement" program, and the need to secure our southern border.

If you need more convincing, please feel free to visit  the following websites:


Tuesday: What is a "Fred" and why do I need one? The JJ McCartney Show soars to a new high

Tuesday we have a real treat for all of you. And yes, it'll be a treat for JJ as well.

Over the years, I've had the pleasure to work with and know many people I came to respect and learn from. Many were mentors, but there was only one real mentor that got me started in talk radio and his name was Herb. And Herb was a mentor to many people. And among those I shared that honor with was my friend, Fred.

Fred and I are different in our personalities, but we are complementary in conversation, and what usually happens in our conversations turns into adventures in reason, debate, analysis which approaches issues from angles likely never before explored, and it always a stimulating thing for the brain.

Fred was the producer for Herb in the heyday of a talkshow called the Public Opinion Hotline in Anchorage, Alaska. We both got to know Herb in the years we worked with him, and we're both immeasurably better off for having known him and worked with him. To do it justice, I can only tell you that Herb was a man that never shrunk from whatever stage or platform he was asked to occupy. On TV, he set a new standard in journalism. As a commentator on TV, he was sharp-tongued and never played favorites.

And on the radio, he demonstrated what it meant to be a "personality" in the truest sense. He was tough, informed, agile, focused, and always considered the perspective of the listener, in making his show compelling and entertaining when that was appropriate, and he was exceptionally gifted in smelling out a rat. When a schuyster came along to peddle snake-oil, he was always found out, sometimes LIVE on the air, and the results were always cataclysmic to the blind-sided oaf who thought he could pull the wool over the eyes of those gullible Alaskans.

And if Herb was your friend, he was your friend for life. An endorsement from Herb meant more than a blank check.

And Fred and I even 3 decades hence, still find we can apply lessons we learned, because we had the honor of knowing a guy named Herb, who could look like a devil and could charm with his wit and his kindness, always masked from the public.

We'll be talking news, America's future, America's moral dilemma, and it's sure that our conversation will be simultaneously intense, witty, productive and with any luck, gripping for you all.

If there was ever a show you do not want to miss, THIS is the one. Join us Tuesday at 3:05pm Eastern time, at www.jjmccartney.com and share it with all your friends. You will not find content like this from Rush, Sean, Mark Levin, Beck, Savage, Reagan or Joe Pags...you will only find it HERE


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