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To Hell with France. Election of Macron proves how cowardly and stupid Europeans have become.


Macron brings France back to to 1943. French people capitulate to Muslim invaders.

Now that it is clear that globalists have seized control of France, it is now time for America to cut it's losses with regard to Europe.

If the people of Europe are unwilling to choose freedom and to close their borders to the invading Muslims, then it no longer is necessary for America to in any way protect or defend Europe as a whole. Let's shut down Nato. Let's shut down the United Nations.

Let's withdraw our troops from Eastern Europe, and let's simply allow this diseased continent called Europe conclude their own affairs as they prepare to disintegrate and implode under the wight of their own haughtiness and arrogance. Let's bring our diplomats home, let's cease any and all foreign aid to Europe, and let them clean up their own messes. Or, allow them to die right where they stand. 

America should no longer suffer the fools and fanatics who rebuff freedom and decline to recognize their mistakes, the same mistakes that led them into the hands of the Nazis in WW2. If the beret-wearing creampuffs of France will not make a stand now, they shall never again be given the opportunity to resist their captors.

America, let us truly concern ourselves with our own well-being, security and let us break ties with any nation that chooses to bow their knee to their Muslim invaders.

These people are simply no longer worthy of our larhgesse and our compassion.Americva, let us give no quarter to any people who when given the choice of fighting for theoir own homeland or surrendering their swords and begging for mercy from the Muslims, have no hesitation in taking the cowardly optiuon.Not one more drop of American blood should be spilt on behalf of defending our so-called friends in Europe. 

To hell with France. To hell with NATO member-states which refuse to contribute anything toward their own defense. When it becomes so clear that the people of Europe are that demonstrably stupid, arrogant, uninformed and/or just plain evil, they no longer deserve our consideration.

If the people of Europe(not counting Britain any more) are so hell-bent on destroying themselves, let us waste not one more penny in trying to keep them from meeting their desired outcome.

It's time for America to trade, cooperate with, and interact only with other nations worthy of such attention. As for France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Greece, and the eastern-european nations(except Hungary and Poland), can there be any doubt what will become of these nations of cowards and leftists?

Let us never again subsidize nations this stupid and foolish. 

JJ McCartney

JJ's open letter to YouTube

An Open Letter to YouTube from JJ McCartney:

An open letter to YouTube:

To whom it may concern,

In the past three weeks, I have been under persistent attacks from a hostile and obscene Youtube user who has been flagrantly violating YouTube's policies by setting up numerous dummy accounts and launching foul-mouthed tirades in my live chat room during my daily show.

This same individual has been launching repeated attacks by using those dummy accounts to thumbs-down my videos and to lodge bogus complaints about the content of my shows, which has on numerous occasions resulted in my videos being labeled as not advertiser-friendly.

I have asked for, on each occasion I have tried to send feedback, at least an acknowledgement that you are receiving my messages, as yet to no avail whatsoever.

I am not a crazed lunatic, and I do not want to give you the impression that I am a squeaky wheel...but I would greatly appreciate it if you spent as much time chasing down these kinds of issues with people who flagrantly violate your rules and conditions, and less time trying to find reasons to nullify monetization of my videos. I have been working very hard to build audience and to deliver compelling programs, and when monetization decisions seem to be based on little more than capricious arbitrary coin-flips, it defeats the purpose.

My last four videos have been flagged as not advert. friendly, and that is absolute bogus baloney!!

I do not earn much money from my videos, not nearly enough to meet my monthly expenses, but when you make these kinds of determinations, without any kind of explanation at all, it leaves me seriously contemplating shifting to other platforms and ceasing to be a patron of your services.

There was a time when all viewpoints were welcome, and even the more looney people could at least get a fair shake.

But what you have chosen to do with monetization is absolutely unfair, unAmerican, and malevolent toward people with legitimate points of view.

I know this is happening rampantly across YouTube, to conservative programs. Political correctness has become the tool of the modern-day version of Caesar, King George III and Genghis Khan. The righteous peasants stand no chance in this insane culture.



Just one note for all of you who listen to conservative talk radio on the Internet on any platform: It would be a very good idea for all of you to purchase a good short wave radio soon. Soon, we may have to revert to the days when patriots got their news from a Philco or a Zenith or a Westinghouse tube radio.

Should events unfold that make conventional communication impossible, it will be up to a few of us to keep the truth streaming into the open airwaves.

I pledge to do whatever I can to keep that pipeline open and should that day arrive sooner than we think, then please keep scanning the short wave frequencies. They may be our last line of communication.

God be with you all.
JJ McCartney

JJ McCartney Show MOVES to Noon Eastern TODAY!

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Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

The Oroville Dam, the largest, tallest Dam in America is failing, due to heavy rains, melting snowpack, and a damaged spillway which has led to Oroville Lake(California's second-largest lake) over-topping the emergency spillway creating massive erosion below the spillway, and prompting authorities to evacuate some 13,000 residents in and around Oroville. We'll talk about the situation.

Plus, After last Thursday's outrageous ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit court of appeals in San Francisco, Donald Trump's order banning travel from 7 Islamic terror hotbed nations was halted. Expect an appeal to the Supreme Court. And who will be sitting on that court? We'll discuss the possibility of Trump's nominee being seated before the matter comes before the high court.

Legal Analyst Jennifer Breeden will join us to discuss.

The show starts at Noon Eastern at jjmccartney.com or on RedStateTalkRadio.com, or watch the LIVE streaming video at JJMcCartney.com

Berkley- Fringe left trying to topple Civil Society as World War threats loom. Plus Pastor Carl Gallups


Thug Obama behind riots, demonstrations, attacks on Civil Society.

Join us LIVE today at 3:05pm Eastern time  as we welcome author and Pastor Carl Gallups to the show, to discuss the unrest and violence and attacks on civil society in the United States. The latest round of staged, fake protests was last night at the University of California's Berkley campus, where Milo Yiannopolis of Breitbart.com was scheduled to give a lecture.

  • The attackers(let's call them what they are) lit fires, attacked Trump supporters(leaving at least one man unconscious), and chanted their latest motto: 'This is War!'
  • We will du\iscuss the contrived "protests" and expose the real driving force behind such riots.(George Soros $$ and Obama's community organizing/thug skills)
  • We'll also talk about the drumbeats of war,  Iran openly defies U.N. resolutions and terms of the "nuclear deal", as they launch ballistic missiles and test not only the missiles, but the patience of Israel and the United States.
  • Plus, the prison riot in Delaware, which the inmates claim was their way of protesting Donald Trump. You just can't make this stuff up, folks!

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com, RedStateTalkRadio.com, or watch the LIVE video stream at www.youtube.com/c/jjmccartney


Left goes bat-sh%$ Crazy over Trump orders. Ann Ubelis joins JJ LIVE

Crybaby Leftists lose their minds over Trump Orders halting unknown refugees, Muslims from entering U.S.


Let us recall, for the sake of jogging people's memories, what happened 8 years ago, when Barack Hussein Obama ordered a halt to "don't-ask/don't-tell" policy, clearing the way for openly gay people to serve in military. Obama didn't stop there. He also called for accommodating trans-genders, trans-pre-op/post-op, and he ordered the military topay for sex-change surgeries. 

Obama didn't stop there. He issued edicts during his presidency threatening to withdraw federal funds from any school that didn't change bathroom policies to allow children as young as 4 or 5 to use whichever bathroom agreed with their "gender identity". 

Above and beyond that, Obama ordered through Obamacare that Christian business owners "must" pay for abortions, and for birth control. 

Obama didn't stop there. He went on a world apology tour, declared that America was NOT a "Christian nation". He also declared that America was among the largest Muslim nations in the world. He also declared that the future "must not belong to those who slander the prophet Mohammed."

No, Hussein-Obama didn't stop there. He deliberately told the entire terrorist world that America would be completely out of Iraq by the end of July, 2011. This led to the terrorist takeover of vast swaths of Iraq, and then Syria. Not only did Obama's actions give birth to ISIS, he and Hillary Clinton set up a gun-running operation in Benghazi, Libya, which funneled arms, munitions, ammunition, and cash to Al Qaeda/Isis in Syria. Truly, Obama and Clinton gave birth to Isis and illegally smuggled hundreds of millions in Arms and money to the terrorist organization by the end of Obama's term in office.

Obama also meddled illegally in the free and fair election in Israel last year, funneling cash to a political group campaigning against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Obama also betrayed allies and other nations/regimes which had been friendly to the United States in recent years. The illegal overthrow of Moammar Qadaffi in Libya(recall Hillary's "we came, we saw, he died" quip), the absolute betrayal of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, the installation of Mohammed Morsi(a plant for the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood).

Obama and Clinton were setting their sites on Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, nd likely would have succeeded inoverthrowing the leader of THAT sovereign nation were it not for the joint defense agreement Syria has with Iran and Russia. The allegation was that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. No evidence of that has ever been presented except for the dead bodies.Allegations from both victims and independent sources iundicate that ISIS forces were responsible for the use of chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, Obama spent $500 Million to train 5 people in Syria. Yes, you read that correctly. $500 Million was allocated for training special forces troops in Syria. Just 5 people were trained for that price. 

Obama and the left rammed Obamacare down the throats of the American people after overwhelming outcry from the American people. This is called defying and overriding the "consent of the governed".

And there is so much more that Obama is guilty of during his presidency, and yet we on the right exercised extraordinary restraint. We didn't riot in the streets. We didn't destroy billions in private property. We didn't threaten the physical well-being of the president. We didn't hurl epithets, make fun of the color of his skin, attack his children, nor did we advocate blowing up the place where the president and his family live.

For eight long years, we exercised remarkable restraint.

And yet, those on the left, upon the swearing-in of President Donald Trump, didn't last 8 minutes, let alone ten days. They have literally behaved like anarchists. They have exposed themselves for the arrogant, angry, bitter, foul-mouthed, vile, deviant malcontents they truly are. 

Their philosophy is simple: If we win, we govern like tyrants. If we lose, we declare war and threaten to destroy this ivil society and topple the government in favor of being governed by the globalists at the United Nations.

Make no mistake, that is what they are doing. As long as they were winning, they lauded how "the system works". But when they started losing? They tried to cheat their way to victory in the election, and when that failed, they tried to overturn the election results, first by claiming fraud and demanding recounts, then by claiming that it was the RUSSIANS that rigged the election. When THAT didn't work, they dragged out floozy upon floozy to hurl baseless accusations at the President-elect.

When all of that failed, they spent George Soros's money to put on contrived riots, demonstrations, and to behave like anarchists. 

And then there is one more thing they did: They got violent with Trump supporters, with private business owners, with police, and with the new alternate media.

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, JJ gives you the Monday Rundown, plus conservative blogger and radio Ann Ubelis, who will be one of the panelists on the new weekend news magazine program "Nightside World News Weekly".

It's going to be an action-packed, fast-moving Monday show, so join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com, RedStateTalkRadio.com, and watch the LIVE video stream at www.youtube.com/c/jjmccartney


Shameless Media in the past 18 months: Screw honesty! Plus IQ. is BACK!

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TRUTH lives HERE!!JJ McCartney is about to RANT, and you NEED to HEAR THIS!! 

Fed up with the lying news media? Sick of Media covering up truth on behalf of the leftist Obama administration AND the RINO's in Washington?

 You came to the right place, on the right day!! Today on The JJ McCartney Show, we'll tell the truth, and we'll do so with no fear!  

For far too long, we, the people have been lied to about virtually everything the federal government has done, and what they plan on doing next! 

The JJ McCartney Show is a smart, daily show, where we deliver the unvarnished TRUTH. The way we figure things, you are a grown adult. You don't need us to sugar-coat he facts. And people who are truly informed are EMPOWEZRED to effect real change, instead of pretending everything is "swell".  

Bottom line? We respect you enough that we will not lie to you for the sake of your artificial comfort. 

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, We'll tell why Donald Trump is right about winning the legal popular vote, we'll give you first-hand details about the murder of Miriam Carey more han three years ago, and how the government has been engaged in a massive coverup ever since!

Plus, the Southern Poverty Law Center(also known as the parent corporation of Black Lives Matter, and other ridiculous racist liars and race-baiters) says Donald Trump must apologize for "unleashing hate crimes". I.Q. Al Rassooli will join us, and we will expose the Southern Poverty Law Center for the terrorist organization they are, and we'll make our own demands of THEM. 

You see, we simply will no longer allow these people to lie and go unchallenged by the leftist media. We are going to put the mainstream media out of business, and we are going to obliterate the SPLC with nothing but the TRUTH, spoken out loud!! 

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com, RedStateTalkRadio.com, and the JJ McCartney YouTube Channel!

When will you wake up, American patriots??

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I am sick and tired of the liberal leftist media portraying the invaders from Syria and the rest of the Muslim world being called "refugees". The lion's share of these people are not refugees, they are terrorists on a mission to invade and destroy every First-world nation in the world.

Muslims always use children and women as window dressing when they wish to steal from the rest of the world. They portray poverty and misery which they themselves have imposed on their children and women, so they can destroy the economy of any host country stupid enough to allow them in. Read More

The United Nations has orchestrated this dog-and-pony show to try to make it look like the host countries are heartless if they do something as crazy as not throwing open the gates and just letting everybody in.

The Obama doctrine has played right into this scheme, by design. They are aiming to destroy our own economy too, and eliminate sovereignty as we know it.

And today, another abomination to add to the long list of abominations from Barack Hussein Obama, as he named an openly gay secretary to be the next head of the U.S. Army. The American people are, I believe, sick and tired of this radical, godless agenda of sexual depravity and open defiance of God's laws and the tenets of my Christian faith, the same faith our founders relied upon to construct a civilized nation upon.

It's time for Americans to choose a side, and jump into the fight for our nation. Our government is too big, too empowered, and is far outside it's constitutional authority. The people need to educate themselves about what the Declaration and the Constitution are all about, and especially the Bill of Rights, which has been trampled time and again under the feet of the radical Muslim-loving, gay-loving, Manchurian president.

And then there is Iran, and Cuba. Not to mention Obama's betrayal of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and all our other regional allies who are our allies no more because of Obama's pro-Islamic-terror policies in the Middle East as well as right here in the good old United States.

When, oh when, will people start waking up to this evil in our midst, and start making a stand. There are literally 100 million Americans who share my views, but why do they fail to make a stand together??? Why? Because the media and the government have undermined them, barraged them with disinformation, out-right lies, and propaganda intended to make them all feel outnumbered.

We are not outnumbered, if we stand together! But time is wasting, and people need to pull their heads out of the sand!!!!!

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