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DAY OF DECISION: After 8 years of Obama, America has never been more divided.

President Donald Trump

It's not premature. The people of the United States of America simply do not trust Hillary Clinton. ANd while some have misgivings about Donald Trump, the one thing most were sure of is that Trump loves America, and wants the best for America's people. 

On this election day, the narrative in the main stream press is just going to have to melt away, as it becomes evident that more people were enthusiastic about supporting Trump than for the serial liar, serial criminal Hillary Clinton.

This election is about trust, sanity, and putting America first. After the Brexit vote in Britain, it is clear that people around the world are rejecting globalists and their attempt to clamp down on freedom all around the world.

The people of America are ready to reject the "business as usual" in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump is the only candidate that is truly dedicated to restoring America as that great nation, that example around the world of what happens when people are free to pursue their dreams.

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET for election coverage, which will resume at 8PM Eastern LIVE.

NOTE: JJMcCartney.com will begin LIVE election coverage at 8PM ET and will remain on-air until the results are official.

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The Day Before: The American People vs. Hillary Clinton.

This is it, America.

Tomorrow we go to the polls, and every vote counts.

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, JJ welcomes back Leonora Cravotta, the co-host of The Scott Adams Show on Red State Talk Radio. We'll talk about all the latest developments. We'll tell you why the bizarre James Comey email declaring that the FBI won't change it's recommendation, thus closing the investigation into her illegal emails may be the best thing that could happen two days before the election.

Also, the details of the NYPD SVU unit investigation into the Lolita Express, the nick-name for Jeffrey Epstein's flights to his private island, where both Bill and Hillary Clinton have reportedly used children as young as 5 years old for their own sexual purposes. The evidence is not disputed. The truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton's involvement in Satanic rituals, involving the slaughter of young children, and the pure evil they stand for.

This is going to be an intense show, as we prepare for the election coverage tomorrow, and we get set for the election coverage Tuesday night.

The long-haul coverage will go until we have a clear winner, and that winner will be, MUST be Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, we'll keep you up to date with all the latest news around the world.

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com or RedStateTalkRadio.com or watch LIVE on the YouTube Channel!


JJ's appeal: HILLARY for PRISON! Comey's FBI fatally corrupt. Trump our only best hope.

As we approach the day of decision, the corruption of the Justice Department has never been more clearly on display as it is today.

After announcing that the investigation into Hillary Clinton's illegal email server, and her recklessness with classified and top-secret information has been met with absolutely no legal actions against Hillary Clinton. It is obvious that any "normal" American citizen would likely already be serving a life-sentence for myriad crimes. But the bizarre manner with which FBI Director James Comey has chosen to wash his hands of the matter by failing to recommend ANY charges makes one thing clear: The Loretta Lynch justice department was never going to do anything to hold Hillary accountable for her treasonous acts.

And With so many rumblings stirring at the FBI, the CIA, and other clandestine agents and agencies, it is ludicrous that the government's top law-enforcement agency would ignore the FACTS, and would essentially defy the law, in favor of trying to prop up the most flawed and corrupt candidate in the history of the nation.

The situation is exactly what I said it was last week: Turnout is EVERYTHING if we are going to elect Donald Trump on Tuesday. The very survival of this republic is at stake. There has never been an election where the stakes were this high. As the open enrollment period arrives on your calendar this week, anybody who has healthcare through any Obamacare exchange is facing skyrocketing premiums, deductibles that are doubling, and the cost of the "Affordable Care Act" is far too high for the working-class in America.

After lying for her entire adult life, she lies by nature, not even conscious of the outrageous lies she tells. This is what the psychologists call being a SOCIOPATH.

But what else is at stake? Let's start at the top:

1- Your 1st-Amendment rights of free speech, religion, and your right to peacefully assemble will be tested like never before, as the left is now targeting websites that diverge from the "thought-police" of the left. 

2- Your 2nd-Amendment right to keep and bear arms will be challenged.

3- The next president will appoint at least 3, possibly as many as 4 or 5 Supreme Court Justices. Since th Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, and the court of last resort for appealing decisions made by federal judges largely appointed by Barack Obama the past 8 years.

4- After 8 years of Barack Obama, morality and tradition in America has been under constant assault. The values that mad America great, the economy that kep America strong, the military which kept America safe, and the resolve that kept America respected around the world have been undermined, attacked, mocked and ridiculed by not just Barack Obama, but by Hillary Clinton, who has proven to be a political schizophrenic.

If we fail to elect Donald Trump, America's decline will be made permanent. Hillary Clinton will pour quick-setting concrete around the feet of the working-class Americans, and will hasten the permanent economic failure of the American treasury. 

At the same time, the criminal enterprises of the Clinton family will be unchallenged, and the corrupt Justice Department will effectively try to quash any investigation into the rampant sexually deviant behavior of Hillary & Bill, and also will try to whitewash the Satanic rituals(including murder and much, MUCH worse).

The allegations about Hillary's pure evil are documented, and the emails found on Huma Abedin's laptop prove that Hillary Clinton was directly involved in molesting, murdering and eating children. 

A vote for Trump is a statement that there will no longer be two sets of laws. A vote for Trump means justice will be re-instated in America, and that morality in America will be restored.

In the world of politics, things tend to get ugly. Things also tend to get distorted, and truth is the first casualty. But Donald Trump is not a politician. He has appealed to the sense in America that it will take outside-the-box thinking to right the ship of the American economy, and the spirit of America. 

For the past three years, we have labored as best we can to make the case against Hillary Clinton. She is corrupt to her core. She is evil. She is conniving. She is an ugly person, appalling morally and a shrill voice that reflects the bitter, angry anti-American hatred that flows through her hate-filled spirit.

Hillary Clinton must not be allowed to enter the White House. She is a clear and present danger to this nation's restoration. The Voters of America MUST see the evil she represents. Americans clearly see America is headed in the wrong direction. The failed policies of Obama must not be doubled-down upon. The Obama administration has used a compliant media to lie to the people about everything that matters. 

The only way we change direction is to elect someone who will bring Obama's failed policies to an end.

The only choice we have that will give us a fighting chance to change direction is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is not perfect. 

But Donald Trump is not a felon, is not a rapist, is not a Satanic Cult member, and he hasn't defrauded AIDS victims in Africa, nor has he stolen millions in charitable donations from Haitian Earthquake and Hurricane victims, and unlike Hillary, Trump hasnt misplaced billions of dollars from the Clinton Foundation and then hired the same firm to audit the Clinton Foundation that was complicit in the "misplacement".

Honesty in politics today is seen as something to be ridiculed within the halls of government. 

It's about time that We, the People demanded better. It's time that we send the ultimate message to all politicians about "business as usual". The Status Quo has led to $20,000,000,000,000 in debt. It's time to fire the status quo, and time to work toward one common goal: To make America GREAT Again.

As you head to the polls Tuesday, please take as many people as you can to the polls, and share this appeal with any who are not yet convinced what they should do.

This could very likely be our last chance to change course.

Thank you.



HOME STRETCH- Just Six Days to go! Just in time: The Return of Ibn Q. Al Rassooli

Rassooli returns from sabbatical. THIS SHOW will ROCK!

Hillary Digs In

You Can Pick Your Nose, and You Can Pick Your Friends, but Hillary Picked The Wrong Friends

It's Wednesday, November 2nd. Americans will go to the polls Tuesday the 8th to select not only the president, but also to determine all seats in the House of Representatives, and one thrd of the seats in the Senate. 

Because so many vital items are at stake, it is imperative that we get out the vote on Tuesday. 

Listen as I.Q> Al Rassooli shares with us his thoughts after a 4 week hiatus, and will alos give us an idea what the people in Europe and the rest of the world are thinking as our election approaches.

We'll also look at the similarities between the U.S> election and the Brexit vote in the U.K..

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at our YouTube Channel

Also LIVE at www.jjmccartney.com and www.redstatetalkradio.com

The Countdown: 11 days until Election Day! Hillary's worst nightmare: the TRUTH revealed!

11 days until the DAY OF DECISION

The Biggest Loser.

The release of more emails paints a damning picture of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, while crony Terry McAuliffe(D Gove. of Virginia) turns $100,000 into $8,000,000 in shady deal.

The news could not be worse for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is back in the lead after some questionable and unreliable polling showed Hillary ahead. The LA Times/USC tracking poll shows the Donald ahead.

Meanwhile Wikileaks continues to be the gift that keeps on giving the American People the truth about Crooked Hillary and the rest of the Crooked Clintons, Obamas, Abedin and Podesta. 

Plus Bundy acquitted in the trial over the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff, and much more to come LIVE today on The JJ McCartney Show!

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com or RedStateTalkRadio.com. Also now streaming LIVE on our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/c/jjmccartney


Fake polls try to dispirit Trump, GOP voters. Oversampling Dems by 11%. Michael Cutler & Carl Gallups

The Most Dangerous Crime-lord in America.

With 12 days remaining until election day, the criminal Hillary Clinton and her corporate cronies are pulling out all the stops. They are propagandizing, trying to convince the nation through their corrupt news media that the race is over. In truth, Donald Trump is heading toward a landslide victory on election day, and we can prove it.

If you're below the age of 45, you likely don't remember the campaign of 1980. The GOP establishment had their puppet favorite in mind to be the nominee in 1980, but Ronald Reagan, who came with a hare's breath of winning the nomination at the contested 1976 convention, simply bulldozed the competition in 1980. Then the establishment news media began declaring Reagan was a joke, stood no chance, and the last polls before election day had peanut farmer Jimmy Carter leading Ronald Reagan by 9 points.

Imagine their surprise when those pesky voters up and elected Reagan in a monumental landslide. The media were godsmacked. HOW CAN THIS BE???

The object lesson: The economy. The nation was mired in a malaise, inflation at double-digits. Unemployment was in double digits. and Interest Rates were near 20%. Jobs were lost. Folks couldn't get a loan for their business, home or anything.

And the average salary in the U.S. was dropping like a rock.

Along came Ronald Reagan. He called the government the problem, and he was as right then as Trump is right today. Common Sense. Trump has appealed to the American common sense voters who know that without jobs, and without enforcing our borders, we don't have a country any more. 

Today we tell the truth...and we will continue until the election is won.

In hour 1 today, Michael Cutler will join us with his analysis of the election, the crazed media and the reasons why Trump MUST win.

In hour 2, pastor and author Carl Gallups stops by to talk about his new book, "When the Lion Roars", and we'll talk about the mass deception in the media, and why we must lift up our fellow Americans to go to the polls in droves to vote for the only candidate who knows that the American People are the solution to our problems, and the government is the cause of our problems.

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com or redstatetalkradio.com, or watch the live stream at www.youtube.com/c/jjmccartney


JJ McCartney talks Election, Immigration and much more with Brendi Richards

Sanctuary city illegal sparks $61 million fire in Sequoias...
Immigrant Rights Protesters Shut Down George Washington Bridge...
Drivers Rage... 

The Headlines on Drudge tell the story better today than anything else. 

Look at the many ways illegal immigration is damaging America. The Obama administration had opened the floodgates, and make no mistake, they are trying to steal this election with voter fraud, illegals voting, dead people voting, and with every kind of cheating tactic known to man.

In 13 days, it will be the day of decision in America. Do we surrender with a whimper, or do we fight back in numbers too big to leave any room for doubt?

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET today on The JJ McCartney Show with our special guest, Brendi Richards. 

Listen LIVE at www.jjmccartney.com or redstatetalkradio.com 

Also LIVE at www.youtube.com/c/jjmccartney

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