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Friday: Doomsday now in rear view, Audrey and the Colonel

  • Published in Politics

OK...the doomsday predictions came and went...again.So are you ready to get real, America? 

Today we have Audrey Russo, host of Reel Talk w/ Audrey Russo, and the Mysterious Colonel, our trusted confidante on military issues.

We're not deluded, we don't claim to have special prophetic powers. We just know what the Bible says, and we can see the signs all around us.

America is in deep peril. There's only one way America can survive: Repent! Live morally upright lives, and teach your kids to do the same. And bring God back in the classroom, and kick Allah OUT!

What, too controversial for you? It's time for seriously brave, courageous and morally upright people to make a stand against the disease of political correctness, and the liberalism that has led to the destruction of the traditional family unit, and the nefarious intentions of the activists and politicians who preach 'tolerance' of the intolerable, but who will not tolerate God anywhere in our culture.

America, we fight this fight on a daily basis here at The JJ McCartney Show. 

Come join us at 3:05pm Eastern at www.jjmccartney.com

Safe and Sound: Al Rassooli escapes injury in auto accident

I just heard from I.Q. Al Rassooli via email, and he is alive and well, after being in a vehicle accident. I.Q. was riding as a passenger in a friend's vehicle when it was struck from behind and crushed to half it's original length. Thanks to all of you who prayed for his well-being, as I was certain something had happened when we did not hear from I.Q. at our regular appointed time. I.Q. was not injured, and is safe and well. I.Q> Al Rassooli is our guest each Wednesday on The JJ McCartney Show, and will be back next week! THANK GOD!!!!

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