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JJ's open letter to YouTube

An Open Letter to YouTube from JJ McCartney:

An open letter to YouTube:

To whom it may concern,

In the past three weeks, I have been under persistent attacks from a hostile and obscene Youtube user who has been flagrantly violating YouTube's policies by setting up numerous dummy accounts and launching foul-mouthed tirades in my live chat room during my daily show.

This same individual has been launching repeated attacks by using those dummy accounts to thumbs-down my videos and to lodge bogus complaints about the content of my shows, which has on numerous occasions resulted in my videos being labeled as not advertiser-friendly.

I have asked for, on each occasion I have tried to send feedback, at least an acknowledgement that you are receiving my messages, as yet to no avail whatsoever.

I am not a crazed lunatic, and I do not want to give you the impression that I am a squeaky wheel...but I would greatly appreciate it if you spent as much time chasing down these kinds of issues with people who flagrantly violate your rules and conditions, and less time trying to find reasons to nullify monetization of my videos. I have been working very hard to build audience and to deliver compelling programs, and when monetization decisions seem to be based on little more than capricious arbitrary coin-flips, it defeats the purpose.

My last four videos have been flagged as not advert. friendly, and that is absolute bogus baloney!!

I do not earn much money from my videos, not nearly enough to meet my monthly expenses, but when you make these kinds of determinations, without any kind of explanation at all, it leaves me seriously contemplating shifting to other platforms and ceasing to be a patron of your services.

There was a time when all viewpoints were welcome, and even the more looney people could at least get a fair shake.

But what you have chosen to do with monetization is absolutely unfair, unAmerican, and malevolent toward people with legitimate points of view.

I know this is happening rampantly across YouTube, to conservative programs. Political correctness has become the tool of the modern-day version of Caesar, King George III and Genghis Khan. The righteous peasants stand no chance in this insane culture.



Just one note for all of you who listen to conservative talk radio on the Internet on any platform: It would be a very good idea for all of you to purchase a good short wave radio soon. Soon, we may have to revert to the days when patriots got their news from a Philco or a Zenith or a Westinghouse tube radio.

Should events unfold that make conventional communication impossible, it will be up to a few of us to keep the truth streaming into the open airwaves.

I pledge to do whatever I can to keep that pipeline open and should that day arrive sooner than we think, then please keep scanning the short wave frequencies. They may be our last line of communication.

God be with you all.
JJ McCartney

Political Correctness is a disease. The JJ McCartney Show is the cure.

The JJ McCartney Show:

We Hold These Truths to be self-evident:

  • Political correctness is neither "polite" or "correct". The purveyors of "political correctness" are agents of evil, often unwittingly.
  • Not since the days of Babylon, when God confused the languages, have we seen the kinds of gibberish we see today from the modern progressives in American politics and world politics.
  • We are not politically correct. We are simply correct. Truthful. Honest. Sometimes brutally sincere. As instructed in the bible, our yea means yea, and our nay means nay. We do not mince words.
  • We do refine our speech so that it is neither cruel nor crude. But the essence of what we say is firmly rooted in truth and righteousness.
  • America is infected with the disease of political correctness. If we do not beat back political correctness, it will lead to the utter ruin of our nation and our way of life.
  • So welcome to The JJ McCartney Show. If you are offended, Good! At least we have you thinking now.
  • And once the word of God is proclaimed, good luck trying to shake it out of your consciousness!

Like the Beatles in Sergeant Pepper's, "we hope that you enjoy the show".

Thursday: ICE Special Agent Michael Cutler, Pastor/author Carl Gallups

Action-packed fun-filled Thursday show!

Hour 1: 30-year INS Special Agent(ret.) Michael Cutler

We'll talk immigration, law and order, and we'll grade Trump's first 100 days(so far)

Hour 2: JJ will dive into the latest breaking news, and talk abouty the downfall of Bill O'Reilly, and why Fox News decided at this moment in time that sexual harassment suddenly matters to them, while for 20+ years it seemed to be acceptable.

Hour 3: Pastor and bestselling author Carl Gallups joins JJ to talk about the ever-evolving situation in the Middle East, and we'll discuss the construction of the temple in Jerusalem, and what prophecy has to say about it.

Plus we'll fend off the snowflakes and take YOUR calls!

Join us LIVE at Noon ET at RedStateTalkRadio.com and www.jjmccartney.com




Monday: North Korea's 'show of strength' fizzles. Plus John B. Wells!

The JJ McCartney Show delivers heavy ordinance Monday with the latest on Trump's "Big Stick Diplomacy", and how North Korea's show of strength turnmed into a bad episode of Three Stooges meets Keystone Kops!Plus join us in hour 3 for a conversation with Caravan to Midnight hosty John B. Wells!The fun starts at noon ET at RedStateTalkRadio.com and www.jjmccartney.com where you can watch the live video stream!Share with all your friends on social media!Follow JJ on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jjmccartneyradioFollow on Twitter: @JJMcCartneyLive  

April brings a BOUNTY of great shows. Coming Attractions!

JJ brings a BIG sack of news, notes and great callers and guests!

The JJ McCartney Show is becoming APPOINTMENT RADIO!!

Upcoming highlights:

Wednesday April; 12th: IQ Al Rassooli

Friday April 14th: The Mysterious Colonel

Saturday April 15th: Special Tax-day edition of Nightside World News Weekly!

Monday April 17th: Caravan to Midnight host John B. Wells

Tuesday April 18th: Dr. Mark Davis, plus TBA

Wednesday April 19th: Special Waco/Oklahoma City memorial edition

Thursday April 20th: Michael Cutler

Friday April 21st: Sneak Preview: Nightside World News Weekly + a surprise!

  • Join JJ McCartney LIVE weekdays from Noon to 3PM ET at www.redstatetalkradio.com and www.jjmccartney.com
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Friday March 31 2017 March goes out with a whimper?

The JJ McCartney Show Friday March 31st

Open phones, latest news, and YOUR calls. Some of what we'll cover:

  • Mattis: N. Korea must be stopped
  • Flynn: Willing to testify in exchange for Immunity: Has story to tel
  • Wikileaks: CIA hacking masks as Russia/China
  • Venezuela: From bad to worse? Court dissolves legislature
  • GOP Congressional leaders fail the voters, voter frustration mounts. Ryan out as Speaker?


We'll also talk about all the latest news and world events.

Falling out of touch: Sadly I missed the passing of...

The reality of my physical condition is such that my stream of consciousness has suffered...

 ...That's the only way I can explain how I managed to miss completely the fact that my favorite jazz singer passed away more than a month ago.

Let me explain. I am battling so many maladies, one of my daily realities is very strong prescription pain medications, which can affect my congnitive skills. And since we disconnected cable TV 3 years ago, we no longer have an unending stream of the 24-hour news cycle permeating our home life.

But When the subject is the passing of Al Jarreau, I wish I had gotten that memo. Al Jarreau was my instant favorite when I first played his hit single "We're in this Love Together" in the summer/fall of 1981. I was almost 19 years old. I was immediately bowled over by Jarreau's talent. 

I was renting a room from my aunt and uncle in Anchorage, Alaska. I was a disc jockey, and managed to "borrow" a copy of Al Jarreau's album, "Breakin' Away". I didn't steal the record, but I did dub it to HQ CRO2 cassette, and I proceeded to wear that tape out. 

Al Jarreau was a jazz phenom. His scat-ability was remarkable, and easy to hear on songs like Roof Garden, and "Blue Rondo ala Turk". I was instantly a fan. But Jarreau, in spite of winning 7 Grammy awards, never got the critical acclaim in pop that he should have.

And it was painful to see on YouTube the stupid young TV news anchors, including one of Fox News, tha actually mispronounced his name while announcing his death. I was so pissed when I heard this brainless idiot on Fox News repeat his mispronunciation at least 3 or 4 times. His name was not Al Ja-rooo. It was Al Jarreau...as-in Jah-ROWE, you stupid moron!!!! 

I might have forgiven this mistake had it been any other singer, but Al Jarreau was the best living jazz singer on the planet. If you have never heard his live performance of the old Dave Brubeck hit "Take Five", you have not truly lived. It is pure jazz genius. If you find the 1976 version, where he is wearing a red shirt, you will see the master in his prime.

Al Jarreau was not an overnight success. He was in his early 40's before most people had ever heard his name. He did appear in the 1977 movie "The Wiz" with Michael Jackson and Dianna Ross, but until his breakthrough "Breakin' Away" album in 1981, only afficionados knew who he was.

Jarreau was a native of Milwakee, Wisconsin and worked at a brewery before his musical career became his full-time calling. He had monster hits in the 1980's with songs like "Monin' and "After All". He also sang the theme song for they late 80's dramedy "Moonlighting" with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.

But for me, I will always be that wide-eyed 19-year-old, listening to Jarreau through my hi-fi with the Quadrophonic amplifier and my amazing JBL Decade 36L speakers. The kind that shake the needle off the turntable. It didn't get any better than that.

I was truly pained when I learned of Jarreau's passing early this morning. I wish I had known sooner. But I felt I should at least pay a tribute to the man, whose talent was surpassed by his joy-giving spirit and his deep belief in God, and his willingness to encourage, inspire, and help shape young people in the city to aspire to live up to their God-given talents.

Al Jarreau was as amazing as any jazz singer in my lifetime, and that is saying something since I include Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima and Ella Fitzgerald.

I hope I get to meet him in Heaven. I am pretty sure he will be singing there, too. Rest in peace, Al Jarreau. Thank you for sharing your remarkable gift with us.


A Week of Tumult - London, N. Korea, Healthcare, Gorsuch Hearings

A week of uncertainty: World is a powder-keg, while leftists screech for "tolerance", Muslim terrorists and Illegal Immigrants terrorize and rape, under cover of the corporate, globalist-controlled media.

Why YOU should listen to The JJ McCartney Show:

  • We tell the truth, and are accused of racism, xenophobia, intolerance and hatred. Nonetheless, we shall tell the truth as long as the Lord gives us breath.
  • While people like Gavin Newsome, Janet Napolitano, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU extend illegal protctions to illegal immigrants, unlawful "refugees" and aid and abet purveyors of terrorism, treason, sedition and sexual brutality.
  • Here at www.mccartney.com we will not go quietly, we will not capitulate to the lying mainstream media, and we will uphold the Constitution, in defiance of activist judges, kangaroo courts, and idle threats from George Soros-funded trolls and snowflakes. We will not accept any restriction or usurpation of our constitutional rights, nor will we abdicate our constitutional power over the government.
  • We're here to stay, leftists. Deal with it. Same to you, Rinos. 
  • There are no term limits on We, the People.
  • Join us Friday at Noon Eastern at www.RedStateTalkRadio.com or www.jjmccartney.com with JJ's guest, the Mysterious Colonel!

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