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To Hell with France. Election of Macron proves how cowardly and stupid Europeans have become.


Macron brings France back to to 1943. French people capitulate to Muslim invaders.

Now that it is clear that globalists have seized control of France, it is now time for America to cut it's losses with regard to Europe.

If the people of Europe are unwilling to choose freedom and to close their borders to the invading Muslims, then it no longer is necessary for America to in any way protect or defend Europe as a whole. Let's shut down Nato. Let's shut down the United Nations.

Let's withdraw our troops from Eastern Europe, and let's simply allow this diseased continent called Europe conclude their own affairs as they prepare to disintegrate and implode under the wight of their own haughtiness and arrogance. Let's bring our diplomats home, let's cease any and all foreign aid to Europe, and let them clean up their own messes. Or, allow them to die right where they stand. 

America should no longer suffer the fools and fanatics who rebuff freedom and decline to recognize their mistakes, the same mistakes that led them into the hands of the Nazis in WW2. If the beret-wearing creampuffs of France will not make a stand now, they shall never again be given the opportunity to resist their captors.

America, let us truly concern ourselves with our own well-being, security and let us break ties with any nation that chooses to bow their knee to their Muslim invaders.

These people are simply no longer worthy of our larhgesse and our compassion.Americva, let us give no quarter to any people who when given the choice of fighting for theoir own homeland or surrendering their swords and begging for mercy from the Muslims, have no hesitation in taking the cowardly optiuon.Not one more drop of American blood should be spilt on behalf of defending our so-called friends in Europe. 

To hell with France. To hell with NATO member-states which refuse to contribute anything toward their own defense. When it becomes so clear that the people of Europe are that demonstrably stupid, arrogant, uninformed and/or just plain evil, they no longer deserve our consideration.

If the people of Europe(not counting Britain any more) are so hell-bent on destroying themselves, let us waste not one more penny in trying to keep them from meeting their desired outcome.

It's time for America to trade, cooperate with, and interact only with other nations worthy of such attention. As for France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Greece, and the eastern-european nations(except Hungary and Poland), can there be any doubt what will become of these nations of cowards and leftists?

Let us never again subsidize nations this stupid and foolish. 

JJ McCartney

Welcome, Mr. President! Now, full speed ahead!

A new chapter begins in America: Welcome President Donald J. Trump

President Donald Trump waves at onlookers at his inaugiration Friday, January 20th. (Photo courtesy of WCVB.com)

For all the whining, vulgarity, violence and screaming, the radical leftist lunatics, funded by George Soros, were powerless to stop the wheels of history after President Donald Trump was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts Friday. In fact, the only real result of their ill-conceived demonstrations was this: They have shown themselves for the anti-American, angry, unhinged and dangerous people they truly are.

Sentiment in America for these people has taken a permanent turn for the worse, and hundreds of violent demonstrators have been arrested and charged with felony counts that could land them in jail for 10 years, possibly more.The vulgarity, the public use of the word "vagina", the Pu^%y hats, the hateful words and terms used by dried up has-beens like Ashley Judd and Madonna and Cher and all the rest have served only to raise the hackals of protective parents who are fed up with the godless, obscene and gratuitous use of anatomical terms and sexual jargon which so many thousands of young children were exposed to at these "peaceful" demonstrations. 

At the end of the day, The left has NOTHING left in their slimy bag of tricks.

They are defeated, vanquished, and they are proving how unworthy they truly were and are to lead this nation. They claim they are ready to go to war, but there are several problems with that notion: First, we, the people of America who expect people to abide by the rule of law, are gun owners, and we know how to use them really well. Secondly, sedition is against the law. Treason is against the law. And violent anarchists are, for all intents and purposes, domestic terrorists, and should be treated as such Americans have reached the end of our patience for this kind of behavior. Between Ferguson, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco(with Soros money backing every single instance), and now with the Soros-funded protests this past weekend, we the people are finished with these sleazy people and their sleay community organizers contriving events which are based on nothing but pure fiction.Americans will welcome a hard-line stance against these illegal demonstrations, and once the rule of law is re-established, many in places like Hollywood will discover that their careers are toast. Hollywood itself may become a slum by the time all is said and done.

Immigration law must be fully enforced, and copliance with those laws must be required of all entities, from cities and municipalities to colleges and universities, and any "sanctuary city" which tries to defy federal Immigration laws should immediately lose all federal funding for their entire budget. It is high time the law of the land was respected instead of ignored!

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The last Tuesday of 2015: BLUNT FORCE: JJ McCartney Speaks to the Nation with Brute Sincerity

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