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To Hell with France. Election of Macron proves how cowardly and stupid Europeans have become.


Macron brings France back to to 1943. French people capitulate to Muslim invaders.

Now that it is clear that globalists have seized control of France, it is now time for America to cut it's losses with regard to Europe.

If the people of Europe are unwilling to choose freedom and to close their borders to the invading Muslims, then it no longer is necessary for America to in any way protect or defend Europe as a whole. Let's shut down Nato. Let's shut down the United Nations.

Let's withdraw our troops from Eastern Europe, and let's simply allow this diseased continent called Europe conclude their own affairs as they prepare to disintegrate and implode under the wight of their own haughtiness and arrogance. Let's bring our diplomats home, let's cease any and all foreign aid to Europe, and let them clean up their own messes. Or, allow them to die right where they stand. 

America should no longer suffer the fools and fanatics who rebuff freedom and decline to recognize their mistakes, the same mistakes that led them into the hands of the Nazis in WW2. If the beret-wearing creampuffs of France will not make a stand now, they shall never again be given the opportunity to resist their captors.

America, let us truly concern ourselves with our own well-being, security and let us break ties with any nation that chooses to bow their knee to their Muslim invaders.

These people are simply no longer worthy of our larhgesse and our compassion.Americva, let us give no quarter to any people who when given the choice of fighting for theoir own homeland or surrendering their swords and begging for mercy from the Muslims, have no hesitation in taking the cowardly optiuon.Not one more drop of American blood should be spilt on behalf of defending our so-called friends in Europe. 

To hell with France. To hell with NATO member-states which refuse to contribute anything toward their own defense. When it becomes so clear that the people of Europe are that demonstrably stupid, arrogant, uninformed and/or just plain evil, they no longer deserve our consideration.

If the people of Europe(not counting Britain any more) are so hell-bent on destroying themselves, let us waste not one more penny in trying to keep them from meeting their desired outcome.

It's time for America to trade, cooperate with, and interact only with other nations worthy of such attention. As for France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Greece, and the eastern-european nations(except Hungary and Poland), can there be any doubt what will become of these nations of cowards and leftists?

Let us never again subsidize nations this stupid and foolish. 

JJ McCartney

Not So Fast, Camel Jockey! U.S. to Cede Control of Internet? Plus Michael Cutler and Brendi Richards

  • Published in Politics

Not so fast, Camel Jockey!

Is the United States about to give control of the Internet to a foreign body that will control all domain names, ip addresses, site content and regulation of said content? On the surface, democrats claim this is just a sign of cooperation between the United States and the rest of the world when it comes to utilitarian regulation of Internet policing of registered domains and keeping foreign and domestic users from having duplicate names or allocating domains based on one set of criteria instead of many. Make sense?

Well, not if you view the Internet as a means of free expression and free speech! The democrats are dismissive of people who claim that ceding control of this critical aspect of the free internet will lead to regulation and restriction of people's free speech, or even their ability to express themselves in a rudimentary way on domains that fall under the scrutiny of enemies of free speech rights.

The waters get pretty murky when you consider they types of resolutions and radically anti-American suggestions which emerge from the various panels and commissions of the United Nations. Just two days ago, a U.N. Panel recommended that U.S. Citizens should pay reparations to blacks for terrible oppression of blacks. Never mind the fact that the U.S. Sacrificed 500,000 men to win freedom for blacks, nor the fact that blacks in America are treated better than they are in any other nation on the face of the Earth. Not to mention the "Great Society", a wealth redistribution program that was supposed to "end poverty in our time". 

The bottom line is this: The United States should never cede any of it's sovereignty to any foreign body. Since the United States created the Internet, along with just about every other meaningful communications technology the world uses today, we should be exerting our ownership of the information superhighway instead of kneeling and handing our sword to the likes of an international amalgam of interests which run counter to the Constitution and our inherent free speech rights.

We'll have a frank discussion of this and much more today on The JJ McCartney Show with our guests Michael Cutler and Brendi Richards. Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com

Also heard LIVE on RedStateTalkRadio.com

Monday: Author Alex Markovsky tells all about Marxism in America(aka the Democrat Party)

Monday on The JJ McCartney Show:

Alex Markovsky
Author of the book Liberal Bolshevism: America Did Not Defeat Communism, She Adopted It

Alex joins us Monday at 3:05pm Eastern time to talk about the book, which exposes how instead of defeating communism, America, subtly at first, became infected by communism dressed up in sheep's clothing(the Democrat party).

Amazon describes the book:

Written by a Soviet émigré and scholar of Marxism, the book begins with the author’s recounting of the end of the Cold War. Despite the common perception that democracy defeated communism, the author presents evidence that the Democratic Party has adopted Marxism in a new philosophy he calls Liberal Bolshevism. Mr. Markovsky trucks the origins of Liberal Bolshevism back to the policies of Woodrow Wilson and FDR and chronicles the transformation of the Democratic Party into the Social Democratic Party. 

Through the prism of Marxism the author traces the rhythms and patterns of the toxic amalgamation of liberalism and socialism from Lenin to Obama and binds together the Democratic Party’s policies into a Marxist-socialist cause that American Social Democrats, just like their Soviet predecessors, are committed to achieving at all costs. 

Alex Markovsky is high-energy, and puts liberalism in it's place like few people can. Who better to expose the socialist Democrats than a Russian emigrant who knows all too well the cruelty and sadistic evil of communism?

Join us LIVE at 3:05pm Monday for The JJ McCartney show with our guest, Alex Markovsky at www.jjmccartney.com 


Don't tell ME to CONTROL MY RAGE! Barack Obama: The SEXUAL PREDATOR in CHIEF!!



How much longer is America going to sit back and watch Barack Obama try to literally threaten our kids by insisting that a pro-LGBT bathroom policy be implemented in every public school in the nation or else they lose their federal funds? This LGBT policy is unhealthy, a disaster waiting to happen, an invitation for perverts to exploit the rule to get their jollies and laying in wait to expose very young children to sexual dysfunctions and gender confusion???

This is not about gay rights. It is about imposing the most liberal and obscene moral practices on the entire nation. It is about taking away the innocence of our most precious youngsters, and it is about recruiting more and more very young kids to the "option" of sexual deviance and all that implies and we simply cannot stand for this. I for one will not stand for it, and now is the time for patriots to rise up in overwhelming numbers, and push back HARD against these evil people and their political mouthpieces.

America has tolerated this crap for far too long, and as you see, now that they have Bath-house Barry Soetoro in as a lame duck with nothing left to lose, they are trying to absolutely soil our young people with this obscenity, in the name of "tolerance"?

Hell no. It's time to get fighting mad. Yes, it's too bad that Matthew Shepherd was tied to a fence in Wyoming, but better him than to see all our young school children force-fed the evils of homosex as if it were somehow a moral equivalent to natural sex between an male and a female.

Kids do not need to be taught about sex in grade school. and they certainly do not need to be exposed to it in the G_d-D*mn restroom in the 2nd GRADE!!!!!!!

Join us today at 3:05pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com or RedStateTalkRadio.com as our guests will be Audrey Russo and the Mysterious Colonel.

Join our fight to protect our children from the Sexual Predator in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.!!

Friday: Here comes Audrey Russo and the Colonel, and JJ and Allison!

Folks, it is Friday, and we are bound by the LAW to have FUN today!

We'll still cover the news, ask the tough questions, and speak the truth boldly! But how could we possibly NOT have fun with Audrey Russo, the Colonel, and Allison and JJ?

You can join the party by going to www.jjmccartney.com from 3 to 5pm Eastern time! SHare it with your friends! Let the bells ring out and the banners fly! Shout it from the rooftops! 

It's the best of true conservative patriot talk radio, so don't miss it!


Thursday: Carl Gallups talks demonic influence in modern culture

Today we bring you a double-dose of great radio on The JJ McCartney Show! 

In hour 1, Brendi Richards will be our guest, as we talk about news from South Africa and here in the United States, as Brendi is currently in the states! 

In Hour 2, it's pastor and author Carl Gallups coming to us LIVE from Florida. We'll talk Trump, Cruz, and the convoluted state of disarray that is the Republican party. We'll also touch upon the radically far-left party once known as the Democrats. We'll ask Carl why they have turned so far to the left and who is really behind this shift in political winds among the parties.

Plus we will take YOUR phone calls too!

Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com

Plus we are still in need of your help financially, as we are a few days away from deadlines to pay licensing fees and airtime for the show, You can learn more at the link below: 


Thursday: JJ McCartney delivers your news in 2 hours or its FREE!

Today JJ McCartney stands on the conservative podium and delivers an address to all the people of America, whichever corner of America you call home, you need to hear this stirring address.

What is the government for? Why did our founders form the government, and why did they author the Constitution and it's most important section, the Bill of Rights? Is any of it less applicable today than it was when it was written?

Is America a true representative republic today, or has it been stolen from us by evil people with bad intentions?

People, truth is absolute, whether the enemies of truth accept it or not. Truth is divine, and belongs to God. 

Join us at 3:05pm Eastern at www.jjmccartney.com or RedStateTalkRadio.com(Studio A)


Monday: Dr. Mark Davis, Oil at 31.24/barrel, and Ziggy bites the Stardust

Tune in at 3:05pm Eastern time for The JJ McCartney Show with our guest, Dr. Mark Davis!

We'll touch on many news items, from the death of David Bowie, to the price of crude oil continuing to free-fall, and the strains on the economies of the world.

Also, we'll diagnose a few world-leaders to see who is completely nuts, whose more dangerous, and who is just deluding themselves.

And we'll keep an eye on the latest breaking news too!

Tune in at www.jjmccartney.com or RedStateTalkRadio.com(Studio A)

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