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Political Correctness is a disease. The JJ McCartney Show is the cure.

The JJ McCartney Show:

We Hold These Truths to be self-evident:

  • Political correctness is neither "polite" or "correct". The purveyors of "political correctness" are agents of evil, often unwittingly.
  • Not since the days of Babylon, when God confused the languages, have we seen the kinds of gibberish we see today from the modern progressives in American politics and world politics.
  • We are not politically correct. We are simply correct. Truthful. Honest. Sometimes brutally sincere. As instructed in the bible, our yea means yea, and our nay means nay. We do not mince words.
  • We do refine our speech so that it is neither cruel nor crude. But the essence of what we say is firmly rooted in truth and righteousness.
  • America is infected with the disease of political correctness. If we do not beat back political correctness, it will lead to the utter ruin of our nation and our way of life.
  • So welcome to The JJ McCartney Show. If you are offended, Good! At least we have you thinking now.
  • And once the word of God is proclaimed, good luck trying to shake it out of your consciousness!

Like the Beatles in Sergeant Pepper's, "we hope that you enjoy the show".

WORTHLESS COLLEGES: Rutgers, Georgetown universities have surrendered to Political Correctness JJ McCartney and Michael Cutler discuss

  • Published in Politics

Professing Themselves to be Wise, They Became FOOLS. Universities Demonstrate Foolish Violations of Bill of Rights

Plus: Trump is in the driver's seat, setting agenda, driving liberal journalists to nervous breakdowns.

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, JJ and Michael Cutler will discuss the latest outrageous actions on the part of two major universities which are blatantly violating Constitutionally protected rights in their capitulation to "political correctness".

Plus WalMart is cutting 7,000 jobs, Iran taunting the United States Military, while revelations are showing that the Obama Administration and other nations which signed the "Nuclear Deal" with Iran agreed to "secret exemptions". We'll have the outrageous details.Plus

Bill Clinton and his aides used TAX DOLLARS to subsidize the Clinton Foundation AND the provate email server! 

And professors tell students if they question the "Global Warming Science" they should just drop out.

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