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About JJ McCartney is the web presence of longtime radio broadcaster and engineer JJ McCartney, whose career began in 1978 at the age of 15.

JJ McCartney’s background in radio is a story of someone who, at one time or another has done every job in the industry, from on-air work to sales, sports play-by-play to being a general manager, and from program director to chief engineer.

JJ was born in Alaska, where he spent most of his career in broadcasting, with stints in Northwest Arkansas, the midwest, and the high plains. Never a crass self-promoter, JJ was more concerned with devotion to the craft of broadcasting. He would be just as likely to be rewiring an audio console as he would be doing a live remote broadcast, or calling play-by-play for whatever sport was prevailent at the time, from dog-sled races to minor league baseball, high school football and basketball to summer-softball leagues.

Even impromptu tennis matches.

But JJ’s lifelong passion has always been his Christian faith, and his conservative Christian values and views may explain why JJ never found himself vying for the plum jobs. Certainly the talent was there, but bowing down to the corporate altar was never in the DNA.

And so JJ spend many years working in engineering and providing support for broadcasters on the technical siode of things. For years, he quietly waited until the right time and place to re-emerge on-air.

Then God sent JJ the unmistakable sign that it was his time to get back in front of the microphone. in June 2012, JJ suffered a major series of health problems. A heart attack, subsequent symptoms that nearly killed him, and surgery to save his life that nearly ended up costing him very dearly. Mystified doctors and nurses, witnessing the almost never seen in living patients “widow-maker”. A complete blockage of the main coronary artery, doctors placed a stent in JJ’s left main coronary artery, and seemingly crises were averted.

However, while in the hospotal for the procedure, JJ contracted the first in a very long line of MRSA infections, His legs, and his groin were affected. As more time went on, swelling in JJ’s right leg became prominent, and it was clear the infection had gotten into the major portion of the leg. Above that, a condition initially diagnosed as lymphedema grew progressively worse. after a year of baffled doctors, a lymph node was removed from his groin for biopsy.

The tests came back positive for Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia. If somebody has to be diagnosed with Leukemia, this is the one you are most likely to survive. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma as it is commonly known, is not a terribly aggressive form of cancer, but factor in the heart condition, diabetes, and MRSA infections, and  it becomes more problematic.

Added to the problem were a case of the paracardium filling with fluid leading to congestive heart failure and a life-flight helicopter ride to Aurora, Colorado, followed that same year with multiple blood clots found in both lobes of both lungs, and JJ was fighting for his life.

In the midst of all this, JJ had decided, since his physical limitations would not allow him to work any more, that it was time to get in front of the microphone for one last effort to spread the message of hope that only Jesus can give.

And so on August 19th, 2013, JJ debuted with his new radio show, from his studio in Nebraska.

Now five YEARS later, JJ is still alive, and fighting a daily battle with his health issues,and with the enemies of truth. God has heard the prayers of many of our Christian brothers and sisters, and has allowed us to continue the effort.

The JJ McCartney Show is heard LIVE weekdays from 3-5pm Eastern time at,