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JJMcCartney.com is a work in progress. Like any other website that is run by bloggers, broadcasters or radio-talkers, ideas and information is constantly flowing. It’s a project that is NEVER finished.

So we are in the midst of trying to reconstruct, make it more visually appealing and easier for YOU to access the most important links and features without having to go on a lengthy hunting expedition.

Actual pocket-geek

Why do changes like this take so much time? Mainly because we are at the mercy of the geek-speaking code people who are capable of doing more with my website in ten minutes than I have been able to do in 20 years.

It isn’t a matter of promising them large sums of money or lavishing luxurious merchandise on them. It’s just a matter of the stars and planets aligning in such a manner that they actually can “get to your project”.

The carrot-and-stick method may be tried and true, but carrots are out of season and sticks are becoming much more expensive. Patience, then, is the prime ingredient in the recipe that leads to the promised-land.

Your results may vary

Meanwhile, we really do have big things planned for the new and improved JJMcCartney.com and we hope you will like the changes that will soon be forthcoming.

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Friday May 7th 2021:; The Friday Extravaganza LIVE! 3-5pm ET

JJ McCartney,. The Mysterious Colonel, Trade Martin and YOU. THOSE are the magic ingredients in what we lovingly refer to as the FRIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!

We’ll talk news, from politics to the SCAMDEMIC to the Vaccine HOAX, and the numerous people in all layers of government bureaucracy that decided to participate in the fakery! Heaven knows what these seat-polishing red-tape-applying brown-nosers have been promised for their compliance from their superiors up the government food chain, but it will surely backfire on them some day.

The evil globalist task-masters are trying to eliminate our voices every day on social media, and through their virtue-signaling it is clear that they have chosen a side in the fight for American sovereignty.

We all must choose a side. And those who fail to choose a side will inevitably end up caught in a cross-fire.

HJoin us LIVE fro 3 to 5pm ET at jjmccartney.com, Red State TalkRadio and live streaming video at https://vokalnow.com/show/caravan-to-midnight

Thursday May 6th 2021: The TRUTH about the Vax Nazis, and their “plan” for unsuspecting Americans

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for this urgently important show that tells the raw truth about the vaccine scam, the Nazis behind it(also known as Democrats/Socialists/Communists/globalists/Authoritarians).

JJ will share some remarkable video today, and will talk in terms of how we fight back against these remarkably ev il people who are employing psychological warfare to frighten the masses all while killing people with the “vaccine” that it cannot be proven works in the slightest, yet has killed many thousands of people.

As an American patriot, we simply cannot sit idly by while these 4th-Reich demonic bullies try to fence us in.

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at Red State Talk Radio, JJMcCartney.com and live streaming video at http://vokalnow.com/show/caravan-to-midnight

Cinco de Mayo de JJ McCartney + Gringos and Amigos 3-5pm ET

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET today as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Yes, since the borders are wide open now, and since we have no real leader, it just makes sense that we all drink our weiught in Margaritas and feast on nachos, tostadas and salsa until we POP!

What could be more fun than celebrating our Mexican friend’s heritage and culture? And yes, we will get into the spirit of things because we LOVE Mexicans!!!!

Can you handle the truth? Or are you a snowflake that begins crying like a baby when someone upsets your sensitivity?

Well, get your kleenex ready because we won’t pull any punches today, or ever, when it comes to revealing truth and exposing lies and deception.

Join JJ McCartney live weekdays from 3 to 5pm ET at Red State Talk Radio and www.jjmccartney.com, or watch the live video stream at Caravan to Midnight – Browse All Episodes (vokalnow.com)

Tuesday May 4th 2021 JJ McCartney defends Toxic Masculinity and White Privilege

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at www.jjmccartney.com and Red State Talk Radio, and now live-video-streaming at www.vokalnow.com/Caravan to Midnight – Browse All Episodes (vokalnow.com)

Today JJ will take on the FAKE notion of Toxic Masculinity and White Privilege, and why they are complete non-factors in American culture, except for the hyperactive imaginations of “woke” liberal lapdogs in the mainstream media.

Will you cede your Constitutional rights for no other reason than to make liberals feel like they are in a “safe space”?

We won’t. We never will. IN an age of stolen elections, fake “vaccines”, and social media censorship of conservative Christian thought, the time to fight back and push back is NOW. Nobody has the “right” to take away your rights. And anybody who says they want to with “best intentions” is a modern-day snake-oil salesman/saleswoman/sales-non-binary FASCIST!!!!

Join JJ McCartney LIVE weekdays from 3 to 5pm ET and please LIKE and SHARE with your friends and groups!

Monday, May 3rd 2021: Are you tired of the narrative yet? We sure are!!

Here is the problem, as we study lyrics from a song by Buffalo Springfield called “For What its Worth”.

A thousand people in the street (Ooh ooh ooh)
Singing songs and carrying signs (Ooh ooh ooh)
Mostly say, “Hooray for our side” (Ooh ooh ooh)

It’s time we stop
Hey, what’s that sound?
Everybody look, what’s going down?

Does that ring familiar in this contentious day and age?

And where does such contempt and head-butting really get us?

The question we need to be focusing on is: What’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down!!

In Arizona there is a very real and consequential question being asked and answered by courageous elected senators into the biggest theft, the biggest fraud in world electoral history. The answers coming from Maricopa County, Arizona are exposing the cheat. And if you think it will stop[ in Arizona, you are wrong.

The methods used in Arizona were also used just as aggressively in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. Why did the democrats cheat so brazenly? Because they had assurances from Obama, Soros, CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC and all their corporate media holdings to push the narrative that there was absolutely “nothing to see here” when vot totals changed so grotesquely in the favor of the dems.

Be prepared for an all-out war on truth and facts as the reality is revealed state after state.

The fake poser Biden is a felon. So is Obama, so is Soros, and so are many others that participated in this treason, sedition and the conspiracy to steal an election from the people.

JJ McCartney is now LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at www.vokalNow.com/show/Caravan to Midnight – Browse All Episodes (vokalnow.com)

JJ McCartney is heard LIVE at www.redstatetalkradio.com and www.jjmccartney.com from 3 to 5pm ET

Thursday April 29th 2021: JJ McCartney delivers what AMERICA WANTS: NO BIDEN, NONE OF THE TIME!!!

JJ McCartney is LIVE from 3 to 5pm(ET) today with the news and commentary America wants and needs as we deal with the communist, globalist imposters attempting to inflict harm on the United States and her people.

We didnm’t watch the poser speak last night because he is unworthy of even one minute of my time. What, did anybody expect him to start telling the truth of start listening to the voice of the PEOPLE?

It’s all a rigged game right now. Nothing productive can come from listening to these America-hating “woke” leftists pandering to the voters of color while attempting to rob from honest working-class citizens.

So no, we didn’t watch the speech, and we aren’t going to waste ouir time dissecting it, because it is all foolishness and a shameless sell-out to Obama, Soros, Gates, Fauci and the globalist fascists in control of the mainstream media and social media giants.

So we are now streaming LIVE video at Caravan to Midnight – Browse All Episodes (vokalnow.com)

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Wednesday April 28th 2021 JJ McCartney LIVE 3-5pm ET: HE said WHAT??!!

JJ McCartney LIVE 3-5PM ET

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for the CURE for the COMMON show!

Deer in the headlights Joe Biden

JJ’s biting news and comment is the antidote for the disinformation of the monolithic mainstream media and their globalist taskmasters!

Join us as we dissect the storiues that matter, and we refute the very impeachable words of the phony baloney posers in the White House.

The JJ McCartney Shpow is heard LIVE at Red State Talk Radio and JJMcCartney.com, and streaming live video on Vokalnow.com

Tuesday April 27th 2021 JJ McCartney NEWS and COMMENT LIVE 3-5pm ET

JJ McCartney is LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET for live news and commentary, listener phone calls and more!

Hear The JJ McCartney Show weekdays from 3 to 5pm ET at Red State Talk Radio and jjmccartney.com, or WATCH the LIVE webcast at Caravan to Midnight – Browse All Episodes (vokalnow.com)

Today we focus on the Gestapo tactics of leftist authoritarians in Canada, and how the bogus Biden posers wish to impose the same type of oppression here in the United States.

Plus now the CDC says with vaccine, you don’t need to wear a mask. They cannot seem to make up their minds about much of anything, but they are still pushing the MRNA fake vaccine on the people…all but declaring that you “MUST” take the vaccine or else you will not be free.

Keep it tuned to The JJ McCartney Show as we counter their propaganda with FACTS.

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JJ McCartney Show LIVE Monday Rundown 3-5pm ET And the Oscar goes to…CRAP!!!

Join JJ McCartney LIVE for the Monday Rundown from 3 to 5pm ET as we recap the news and events you might have missed over the weekend.

Isn’t it surrealistic to see how Hollyweird goes so ridiculously “woke” with their Oscars fiasco? Nobody is buying movie tickets, nobody is watching the Oscars, nobody is buying into the BS any more, and if the wizards of smart in the entertainment industry aren’t shaking in their designer shoes yet, they should be.

The consumers are revolting, mainly because the elitist snobbery has once again demonstrated how completely out of touch with real America they truly are.

When a washed-up has-been(or never-really-was) like Rosanna Arquette apologizes for being white, anybody who had the misfortune of watching had their vomit-reflex triggered simulktaneously.

And in the grand scheme of things these people, you would think, would have been happy after their moron Biden got installed(not elected), Derek Chauvin got convicted(which will never survive the appeals process), and the globlist left is now calling for the biggest tax increase in history.,

But no, they are still bent on complaining on how bad America, and specifically WHITE America is.

And so they mustn’t act too shocked to learn that WHITE America is no longer buying their bullshit “product”.

The education system has failed generations of these “woke” idiots. The fact that they cannot do the simple arithmetic drives that point home better than anything else!

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET with live streaming video at Caravan to Midnight – Browse All Episodes (vokalnow.com) or catch the live show at Red State Talk Radio and jjmccartney.com