Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 JJ McCartney and friends LIVE

JJ McCartney rocks the house with another blockbuster episode as we tell truth, and expose the lies of the left with great proclivity!

JJ catches up with Mark in Oregon as we shake our heads at the folly of so many things the posers at 1600 are up to, and their enablers in the media continue to try and prop up tired old sleepy Joe.

We also catch up with Jen from Idaho, and how the politically ridiculous narratives of the left pertaining to education and culture really hold together like cheap toilet paper!

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Tuesday March 2nd 2021: Caravan to Midnight’s John B. Wells

JJ McCartney was John B. Well’s guest Monday night on Caravan to Midnight. The conversation was very stimulating and thought-provoking.

Hear our gab-fest, plus breaking news from Texas!

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JJ McCartney- Under Construction? Always!! Monday March 1st, 2021

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Monday February 22nd 2021: A Patriot’s calling. The season for courageous defiance has arrived!

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, JJ McCartney shares why the time has arrived for absolute defiance of this illegitimate puppet regime in Washington.

JJ will lay out the path to patriotic victory, and why we must never capitulate to the authoritarians and would-be tyrants who have ignored the voices of countless millions of patriots and concerned citizens.

And after last week, we are all Texans. Every citizen who witnessed how a sever4 winter storm was politicized by the so-called White House must understand what they tried to do.

If America is to remain a representative republic, we must assert the Constitution, and if the courts aren’t going to do the same, then clearly it is time for Americans to rise up and demand a purge in D.C., and very soon!

Wednesday February 17th 2021: Remembering Rush- The master of the craft.

The news came like a gut-shot in an old western movie.

Rush Limbaugh, the tireless warrior for the under-represented silent majority has lost his battle with Lung Cancer.

As much as this hurts, it also presents our generation with a new challenge: how to counter-act the corrupt, globalist-controlled mainstream mass-media. Rush was the master of the craft. He could drive these people insane with his common-sense style. He could fillet these people with factys, and they hated him for it!

Now, it is time for the next generation to step up. ANd for those of us who stepped into this fray and have never gotten out of it, we must carry on, and we must become much more cohesive as a group of patriots and champions for the Constitution, freedom, liberty and moral uprightness.

Rush, we miss you already, and you will always be in our hearts as we fight for justice, truth and the founding principles of American freedom.

JJ McCartney LIVE 02-04-2021 Washington, DC: Ridiculousness capitol of the weird world

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 4 to 6pm ET as we examine the ridiculousness that is now anchored in the District of Corruption.

Soon, brethren, we shall see the vile and corrupt left clearly, and their treasonous intentions with no distortions. The Media cannot hide their agenda from the people for much longer.

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The New JJ McCartney Show: Further into the facts and the FAKE BIDEN illusion.

It’s FRIDAY and we are planning on a great show today as we discuss things which range from GUNS and the 2nd Amendment to GAMESTOP(A brewing SCANDAL that reveals the arrogance of the oligarchy) and we also discuss the incredible global shake-up that is, at this point, inevitable.

The whole world is waiting for the PEOPLE of the United States to reject the failed policies of the the Obama/Biden era and to restore populist control of the government and the economy.

It just his first week, Biden has been sued by Canada and other trade partners who are FUMING over the Keystone pipeline, and the estimated 60,000 workers who would lose their jobs if the Biden scheme were adhered to.

PLUS: The Paris Climate deal which is basically a “screw the American People” agreement, and why the left is so committed to destroying our economy, and how they have exploited the plan-demic to exact as much strain on the economy as possible.

Plus, what is going on with the U.S. Senate? Voters need to fire Mitch McConnell, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney. These people are pathetic swamp-creatures and we can no longer afford to tolerate their arrogance and conceit.

Also, more and more MOUNTAINS of evidence that the election was absolutely BOGUS and was in fact stolen by an absolutely corrupt Democrat party which needs to be made accountable for their treason.

Meanwhile, everybody is beginning to miss President Trump. On Wall Street, on Main Street, and every state of the union, America is awakening to an Orwellian/Huxley-style dystopian nightmare, where none of the leaders in D.C. are at all concerned with what is in the best interest of the American people.

And so it begins…Google flags US as UN-SAFE?

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 4 to 6pm ET at Red State Talk Radio and for the Friday Extravaganza. The wrap-up of this insane, tumultuous week, when America’s most sacrosanct institution of Citizen voting rights and integrity were violated, undermined and ultimately betrayed by a house full of Benedict Arnolds and a Senate full of cowards and deceptors.

Perhaps the most evil of these deceptors was Mitt Romney, the poster-child for RINOS. Also Mitch McConnell and many more Rinos who opted for silence in the face of a complete sham of an election.


It begins with an understanding that we must dismantle the mainstream media, all of which is now in the enemy’s hands, used as full-time propaganda outlets. It’s the 21st-century version of TASS, Pravda and Radio Moscow.

Soviet-style censorship, oppression, economic tyranny and using all basic “services” to attempt to destroy our First Amendment right to free speech, Redress of Grievances, assembly and worship.

And now Google flags websites such as ours as “dangerous” or “unsafe”.

Join me today as I mount Rocinante’ and start charging their windmills!

The JJ McCartney Show LIVE from 4 to 6pm ET at Red State Talk Radio and

January 6th, 2021: And to the Republic for which it stood…

Please let this phrase sink in: “And to the Republic for which it STOOD”.

Today, conservatively, at least several HUNDRED THOUSAND people rallied in the nation’s capital to attempt to set right the off-the-rails electoral process which was, factually speaking, stolen by the corrupt and evil taskmasters, Barack Obama and George Soros, with the aid of the entirety of the corrup[t mainstream media.

And today, the one figure in America that COULD have done something about it, instead chose to shrink from the occasion for fear of being tarred and feathered by the same corrupt media machinery.

Constitutionally speaking, when tyrants attempt to fraudulently disenfranchise the legitimate citizen-voters, we, the people are charged with the task of feeding the tree of revolution.

When corruption is so rampant in Washington, then perhaps it is time for the people, the sovereign voters of these United States, to use our rights an dour authority to compel, impel, and initiate whatever events are required to bring about a restoration of a true Constitutionally Representative Republic, which by definition should be immune from the stench of filthy corruption and evil deeds performed without shame in our hallowed hall;s of government.

Will today be recorded as the day this nation c3ased to be a Democratic Representative Republic, and instead became the plaything of the globalists?

Or will today be recorded as the day the revolution began in earnest?

And how does one go about organizing a grass-roots revolution?

And how does one overcome the absolutely corrupt and polluted media apparatus, firmly under the control of those corrupt globalists?

The first step might be a massive re-taking of our media outlets. That means Radio, TV, and the massive disinformation outlets known as Social Media.

And can such an endeavor be pursued without being labeled “seditious” or “treasonous” by those same disinformation merchants?

What kind of nation do you want to see in 6 months, a year or longer?

YOU the CITIZENRY are now on the clock. The clock is about to strike MIDNIGHT in the swamp we call Washington.

America, your days are numbered, just like every other great civilization in human history. The next chapters will be written in blood and in toil for freedom which we have taken for granted nearly every day of our lives.

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 4 to 6pm ET at Red State Talk Radio and