Friday May 29th 2020: Friday Extravaganza SPECIAL: Obama’s divisive race war

As the lawless thugs imported into Minneapolis destroy blocks of businesses, homes and entire communities are descending into chaos and disorder.

I would never try to justify the brutal way that George Floyd died at the hands of a police officer.
But why does that serve as cause for dozens of acts of arson, marauding vandalism and willful destruction of millions of dollars worth of property and businesses owned by law-abiding citizens, taxpayers and people of all colors and creeds?
Lawlessness and terrorism is never allowed in a land of law and order.
Nothing nauseates me more than cuckold white people who deign to speak as apologists on behalf of white people by proxy, and misrepresent us as someone justifying the acts of the lawless marauders.
These are the same kind of people that never dared discipline their own children, instead opting to behave like the embodiment of human milk-toast.
As the old song states: you have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.
To my friends of color, what I hear you saying is how frustrated you are at the tribal behavior that you are seeing from so many people of color in Minneapolis, because that is not a fair representation of people of color.
Neither is it a fair representation of law enforcement as a whole to claim that systemic racism is to blame for the acts of one small group in Minneapolis.
Individual acts should be the responsibility of individuals. That is what our Constitution demands.
Nowhere in the Constitution does it demand that riotous lawlessness be excused if people are upset about one single incident of racism or suspected racism by one bad cop.
In fact, it flies in the face of our Constitution to blame all manner of mass lawlessness on one bad cop.
Individual acts of lawlessness are all calculated acts by individuals.
For the same reason we no longer lynch black men for raping white women, we must never allow or condone angry black people destroying entire blocks of businesses in their own cities and towns as a means of expressing their own indignation at a crime committed by one crazed police officer.
Everybody needs to *calm their shit*.

Left-wing Obama Machine cranks up the race-baiting in Minneapolis, buses in rioters as side-show clowns Sharpton and Jackson move in with the circus!

Recognize the foul stench? It’s the same smell we had in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. The evil of the Obama era race-baiting and exploitation is now being imported to Minnesota by Obama’s political machinery. Eager to stoke racial unrest, Obama and his band of race-demons are even now trying to turn the unfortunate death of George Floyd into a dog-whistle signaling blacks in America’s cities to become lawless bands of marauders and destroyers.

There is such a familiarity to this that it should easily be recognized by now. Trayvon Martin. Baltimore’s Freddy Gray. The globalist media and past-their-prime celebrities are blaming everything on police. But what they are really attacking is the concept of law and order, and the rule of law.

Lawless thugs arrested in Minneapolis rioting, looting and arson cases

And of course, they will blame President Donald Trump. It’s just what the media does. Fairness be damned, they simply change their narrative on cue and instead of accepting President Trump’s legitimacy they seek another avenue to pursue his defeat.

And of course, inner-city blacks that have been sheltering in place for months now are champing at the bit to burn down some stores, to steal anything that isn’t tied down, and to terrorize their own neighborhoods, based on a raw hatred of white people and police, stoked by the most ridiculous array of race-baiters and haters in the world.

This likely will be a tumultuous time for law-abiding residents in the Twin Cities.

Meanwhile, as the media obsesses on divisive racial tensions, the President endeavors to re-spark America;s economy and allow working-class people to return to a normal and familiar routine of working and paying their own way again.

Join JJ McCartney LIVE today as we dissect this day’s news, fake news, and the evil that drives liberalism in America and the world.


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SPACE-X DRAGON – Let’s do LAUNCH! Plus IQ Al Rassooli LIVE

Join JJ McCartney LIVE with IQ Al Rassooli today as we keep an eye on Kennedy Space Center to see iuf the launch of the SPACE-X Dragon mission to the ISS will happen, or will it be scrubbed due to weather?

Plus all the latest news, including Twitter’s ridiculous fact-checking B.S. aimed at President Trump.

Meanwhile the hateful lame-stream media continues their non-stop assaults on the President as Americans grow very impatient with lock-downs and quarantines imposed by blue-state governors and their non-doctor expertise to restrict freedom.

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FREEDOM Special Tuesday 05-26-2020 Bureaucratic Doublespeak 101

Welcome to Freedom Tuesday at The JJ McCartney Show!

Today JJ explains why socialized medicine will and can NEVER work! And while the bureaucrats try to cover their own behinds, customers fall through the cracks, run out of medicines, are denied reasonable service and, in some cases die waiting for care that never comes.

This rusty hinge process is designed as a cost of doing business by the bureaucrats. It is vital you understand that in addition to negligence, these bureaucrats calculate an acceptable number of deaths due to negligence, incompetence, and red tape.

Is that going to provide solace when it is your loved one lying dead on a slab?

The cold and emotionless bureaucrats, actuaries and politicians are perpetually unmoved by anecdotal evidence of negligence. They just want to move your concern along to the next level of bureaucrats.

Plus, why do you suppose the media is so corrupt? Are they just buttholes, or is it a more coordinated attempt to deceive and mislead the masses?

And oh by the way, hope you all had a great Memorial Day!

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Thursday May 21st 2020: SHIRTS and GRINS – JJ McCartney with a heartfelt plea

Today on a special edition of The JJ McCartney Show, JJ lays out the future of the JJ McCartney Show, and how everybody can help us succeed in our push to VICTORY in November, and for eternity too!

When it comes to building a mansion, everybody has to start with a sound foundation. At times building a foundation involves a lot of hard work that may not look like much fun. if the property has tree stumps, you have to get rid of them. or, it might be that your mansion site sits on a steep hill. You might have to put in pilings to serve as a major portion of the home’s support structure.

Or, you might be building on a flood plane, which requires even more thoughtfulness and yes, hard work.

For seven years, we have been building a foundation here, investing ouir effort and hard work in a body of work. thousands of shows, a record for us to point to as an accurate representation of who we are, and what we truly and sincerely believe in and know about America, the world, and God.


And now it is time to frame up the walls, get the rafters and joists in place for the roof, in short, it is time to construct the  next phase of and reach out to the masses in a big way.

We’ll need your help to see this through. By sharing our show, our website, our YouTube channel with your friends and groups, you are helping us do great things. If we grow our audience we can fund our show and grow much more quickly. Our next goal is 10,000 YouTube subscribers. At present we are just below 4,000.

In terms of our merchandising, and funding options, growing our subscriber base is imperative.

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Join JJ LIVE today as we share proof that the Obama administration illegally spied on Trump, Michael Flynn and that Obama certainly knew that the lies they were making up about Russian collusion were tantamount to an illegal coup attempt.

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May 20th 2020: SHIRTS and IQ Al Rassooli LIVE 3-5pm ET

Join JJ McCartney LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET with IQ Al Rassooli as we focus for a minute on wardrobe issues!!

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Now…today on The JJ McCartney Show, we examine how NONE of the “Stay Home” orders have effectively flattened the curve, and where people are getting outside and participating in life, infection rates are LOWER.

How much of the coverage of the Covid19 pandemic has just been a creation of media hype, scare tactics and ridiculous wild predictions from paid “Chicken-littles” all designed to heighten fear and shut down the economy?

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Tuesday Double-header: H1: Pastor Carl Gallups, H2: Kelly Sadler of America First Action. Obama-gate: Worse than Watergate!!

Join JJ McCartney :LIVE for an action-packed show today. In hour 1, Pastor and bestselling author Carl Gallups joins us from Florida as we talk about the faith-aspects of the lock-downs, the political ramifications of those authoritarian zealot governors and mayors trampling the Constitution each day, and how we as Christians can defend our rights without hinting at violence!

In Hour two, we welcome to the show for the first time Kelly Sadler, the director of communications for America First Policies and America First Action, a pro-Trump PAC. We’ll discuss the magnitude of the Obama-gate scandal, and how severe the fallout of this outrageous treason which appears to have come directly from Obama’s oval office.

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Monday May 18th 2020: The Monday Rundown LIVE: Mowing down the leftist media

Join JJ McCartney LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET as we hop on our John Deere and start MOWING DOWN the leftist media and their warped coverage of this seminal; year in our nation’s history!

When it comes to media coverage in this unprecedented Covid Crisis and election year, there is no more warped bunch of media scum and villainy than CNN and MSNBC.

Thankfully we do not partake of their poison. Instead today JJ shares a remarkable commentary from the American Spectator, and brings you his relevant and informed commentary on much of the day’s news, be it FAKE or real, and biting wit where appropriate.


CHANGES are coming to The JJ McCartney Show very soon! Technical changes. Visual changes. and a revitalization borne from meteoric growth in the past 30 days alone!

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Friday May 15th 2020: Obama-G-A-T-E ANGER BUILDS over Soetoro’s TREASON

The Friday Extravaganza with the Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin LIVE from 3-5pm ET

Public enemy number 1: China. Public enemy number 2: Obama(he’s #2! He’s #2!)

An uprising of ANGER is manifesting itself among America’s voters and citizens as the unvarnished truth is exposed about Barack Obama’s treason in his final hours as president. The unsealed records of congressional testimony from every principal in the fake Russian Collusion hoax reveal that Obama himself concocted the whole scheme, and believed it would be successful with the aid of the compliant media.


Never before in the history of the republic have we seen a more conceited, obnoxious misuse of the power of the presidency as we saw in Obama’s two terms. And after his policies were rejected by the voters in the form of President-elect Donald Trump, Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Strzok, Jarrett, and a host of elected officials from Schiff to Pelosi to Schumer and eventually even Mitt Romney played a role in trying to overthrow a duly elected President Donald Trump.

The people were already in a bad mood because of the tyrannical and unconstitutional lockdowns and oppressive restrictions placed on businesses all across the nation. As the lockdowns and quarantines begin their 9th week(remember when it was supposed to be just 14 days?) people are eager to get back to work and get the economy restarted. Summer is almost here and people are pissed off that they have seen their Constitutional rights repeatedly being infringed upon by “philosopher-kings” like Anthony Fauci and Elizabeth Birx.

Today we will discuss the authoritarian bent of Democrat governors across the nation who seek to corrupt the November election by whatever methods they can, as they know that Biden has no shot of beating President Trump in a fair, free election.

The Mysteriouis Colonel and Trade Martin join JJ McCartney from 3 to 5pm ET for the Friday Extravaganza at and Red State Talk Radio