1000 x worse than WATERGATE: Congress releases GOP Memo, exposes Obama/Clinton collusion with FBI to Spy on Trump

FISA-GATE: Obama, Hillary, Comey, McCabe implicated in GRAND CONSPIRACY to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign.

We’ll share the entire text of the memo LIVE on The JJ McCartney Show, with guest the Mysterious Colonel.


Just call me Humpty:

This morning, as I was trying to make my way to answer the front door where the UPS guy was delivering a package, I took a misstep, in bare feet. I slipped on a runner-carpet in our hallway, as my right foot slid oddly, I found myself attempting to break my fall.

As it turned out, my right leg ended up pinned undernea


.0.++++++++++++++th my thigh as I fell to my right. I heard gnarly sound of ligaments and tendons popping, and I landed hard on my right hip.

Then I began screaming for help. The UPS guy(due to insurance reasons, I am sure)he called 911. I managed to get to the upstairs window in my studio, and tell him I was OK and didn’t need an ambulance,

Thankfully, I was able to get position on my knees, and crawled into my studio, where I was able tp brace on some solid furniture and get to my feet.

However…things are really boogered up. My right foot doesn’t feel right, and it hurts any time I put weight on the big toe area of my right foot. And my knee feels like it is attached by rubber bands. And the right side of my calf. And my right ankle(always a problem since age 14) is hurting and swelling.’

good knee
bad knee

I am asking for your prayers for healing and that the prognosis is not as bad as it feels right now.,

For a guy my size to take this kind of fall and still be able to make it off the floor is pretty impressive…especially at my age.

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