Monday April 30th: Happy Birthday Susan, + Surviving the Globalist soft-kill

Monday’s edition of The JJ McCartney Show we’ll talk about the soft-kill tactics of the globalists as they are springing their trap on the civilized Judeo/Christian world, hoping nobody will notice the nature of their trap until it is too late to reverse it’s affect. We all suspected foul play when Andrew Breitbart dropped dead […]

Friday April 27th 2018- Trump policies deliver real progress

Trump “real leadership” on display. Results matter, and the progress made in National security and international diplomacy cannot be disputed. Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as we are joined by the Mysterious Colonel, and we talk about the latest from the Middle East, as well as progress in the lead-up to the […]

Wednesday: McCartney/Rassooli, breaking news and BROKEN nooz

Wednesday with IQ Al Rassooli, breaking news, and BROKEN NOOZ             Plus… Megyn Kelly ratings tank- What did she and NBC THINK would happen? Snopes uses trickery to deceive about anti-Christian plan in California Why the NYSE suspended trading for Google and Amazon British/EU “human rights” council blocks parents from […]

Facelift in progress: JJ McCartney upgrades on the way!

Ahhh. The rumors are making the rounds, so let me just clear the air: the reason we didn’t have any blog updates or posts the past couple days is a problem with our internet service provider and their fiber modem being finicky. for reasons not known, my fiber modem isn’t passing any traffic to or […]

A couple days off as JJ is ill. To return next week.

OK, friends, even JJ gets a day off now and then. Facing oral surgery Thursday, JJ has been feeling very tired, listless and the throat/vocal cords are tired and gravely. So, we’ll present best-of shos the next few days as we concentrate on healing and recuperating. Back with all-new shows next week. Until then, thank […]

Tuesday April 17th 2018: Dr. Mark Davis and WHAT the GORSUCH was THAT?!

Trump’s hard lesson: Supremes are fickle bunch, as Gorsuch sides with the libs on the high court on key Immigration issue. Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as JJ is joined by Dr. Mark Davis! We’ll tyalk about the controversial deportation proviso which the Supreme court, on a 5-4 ruling, declared was too […]