Thursday May 31st 2018- Dinesh pardoned, Sears closings plus Michael Cutler LIVE

Ahhh, Thursday. Sear’s is closing 72 more retail stores, and this is yet another indicator of the devastating impact internet retailers are having on brick-and-mortar retailers. and have been so ahead-of-the-curve in offering a full-service easy delivery system for ordering products online that retail stores are being driven out of profitability simply by […]

Tuesday May 29th 2018: Dr. Mark Davis + News and a Kilauea update

Back to work, everybody! Yes, the long Holiday Weekend finds people talking by the water cooler about all the fun they had over the long weekend. Some recreated outdoors as much as the weather allowed. Others were forced indoors by weather, and so many books got read, many videos got watched, and many tweets were […]

JJ takes a well-deserved break for the Memorial Day Holiday

OKAY, friends and neighbors, after a busy winter and spring, everybody deserves a break. A chance yo clear their heads, detoxify from the news of the world, and to relax body and mind. So we are taking a few days off to do just that. We will return Tuesday the 29th. Please enjoy the Memorial […]

Tuesday May 22nd 2018 JJ and Dr. Mark Davis cover the mentally diseased Lunatic Left

Tuesday’s edition of The JJ McCartney Show will feature our guest, Dr. Mark Davis, as we talk about all the latest news, the crazies on the left promising to impeach President Trump if they(the loser democrats) win majorities in both houses in November. They fail to recognize this president’s numerous accomplishments, from the economy to […]

Friday May 18th 2018: Texas School Shooting- JJ and the Colonel discuss

Texas School Shooting: The things the media WON’T say. Another school shooting. Another 9 or 10 bodies of young people with their whole lives ahead of them, killed by a Texas “good old boy” named “Dimitrios Pagourtzis” JJ and the Colonel will sift through the facts, and once again we’ll assess why these things keep happening, […]

Wednesday LIVE on The JJ McCartney Show: IQ, News and Comment

Wednesday LIVE with IQ Al Rassooli and plenty of news and views! Join is for The JJ McCartney Show live from 3 to 5pm ET at and Red State Talk Radio as we dissect the news, and ferret out the TRUTH from the lies and half-truths, and we welcome YOUR input. We’ll have the […]

May 15th 2018: BREAKING: N. Korea threatens to pull out of summit

Tuesday May 15th 2018: Dr. Mark Davis + dismantling the Obama “legacy”. FLASH: North Korea has threatened to pull out of historic Trump/Kim summit ovcer S. Korea/US Military exercises. LISTEN LIVE FOR DETAILS Join us LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET as we cover the latest news and especially the latest from Jerusalem, and […]