Thursday June 28th 2018 House votes: Rosenstein must produce documents or face impeachment

Join JJ McCartney LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET as we listen to and discuss the outrageous interaction between the House Intelligence Committee and interim FBI director Christopher Wray and Deputy to the Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein’s refusal to answer pertinent questions regarding FISA warrants he signed but declined to answer whether he […]

BREAKING: Justice Kennedy announces retirement!! Wednesday June 27th 2018 Supremes knock down Unions raiding non-union workers paychecks, plus guest IQ Al Rassooli

Frustrated, feckless democrats just can’t beat Donald Trump. News breaking today that Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy is announcing his retirement from the high court after months pof speculation that Kennedy would be the next to go. Donald Trump has always been a winner in life. And while November 8th 2016 was a climactic moment […]

Wednesday June 20th 2018 IQ Al Rassooli LIVE: “Lifting the Veil”

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET with guest IQ Al Rassooli, author of “Lifting the Veil”, the ultimate expose’ on Islam., Exposing the true faces of Mohammed and Islam. The latest news of the day will feature heavily in our duiscussion, but for the sake of new listeners and viewers, we will […]

Tuesday: The lefty’s latest cooked-up “issue”: Those poor illegals being separated from their kids… Bleeding heart media in concert with one another, and the kooky former first-ladies in lock-step obedience to Oprah.

JJ McCartney comes to you LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET with The JJ McCartney Show. Today, the ridiculous, contrived, and fake news story painting President Trump as a heartless meanie who is out to separate illegal alien parents from their illegal alien kids. So, the illegals are here illegally, so that makes them criminals […]

Monday June 18th 2018 The Monday Rundown with JJ McCartney

Join JJ Mccartney LIVE from, 3 to 5pm for the Monday Rundown. We’ll pour over all the relevant mews from the weekend, plus the latestr headlines, and we reflect on the Father’s Day weekend, and what REALLY matters! Plus JJ shares a few deep thoughts about the insanity that is network news, and what force […]