Monday July 9th 2018 Monday: CRAZY things and CRAZIER People!!

Welcome to Monday,p[eople…and I hope everybody had a FANTASTIC break! Well, back top the real world and ladies and gentlemen, the crazies have been hard at it while we were away! So we’ll catch up with the latest from the bat-crap insanity of the radical leftists at the DNC, and we’ll take a glance at […]

A personal message from JJ McCartney

It isn’t often that I talk to you all from a strictly personal context. Usually I am focusing on my passion for the things I hold dearest. God, Country, family, and the heart and soul of this nation and her young people. But today I must share the latest news from the medical front, where […]

Why are the Dems so pissed off? Because America is becoming GREAT AGAIN on Trump’s watch!!

As America’s economic engine has been re-tuned, and jobs and prosperity are on a historic rise, whining angry and incensed Democrats are in full toddler-tantrum mode across the fruited plane. When ridiculous and embarrassing rants from reprobates like Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer open their mouths expressing concern for illegal alien’s children separated from their […]