Tuesday, August 14th 2018- Trump approval tops 50%- Out-of-touch Left still doesn’t get it. Plus Breaking news: Taliban launches surprise offensive against US and Afhghani forces, seizes ground lost in the 17-year war.

It’s a busy day as we digest the latest news, incuding the Taliban suprise offensive which caught US and Afghani forces off-guard. All the latest details coming up at 3:05pm ET. Plus President Trump’s approval rating now stands a shade over 50% in the latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll. With approval numbers higher than Barack […]

Monday August 13th 2018: Strzok FIRED by FBI, plus America’s enemies roam freely WHY?

Peter Strzok fired for his texts and what else? Will charges be filed? Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was a leading official in the Clinton email investigation and the “Russia collusion” probe, has been fired from the FBI, according to his lawyer. Strzok gained notoriety after text message exchanges with lover FBI lawyer Lisa […]

Friday August 10th 2018- The Friday Extravaganza with the Mysterious Colonel

The JJ McCartney Show is celebrating 5 years on the air on August 19th! Yes, it was August 19th 2013 that we embarked on this mission to proclaim the TRUTH, and to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. As satisfying as Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary was, it didn’t mean our mission was complete. As anybody […]

August 7th 2018: Fascist Democrats attempting to shred First Amendment

Five Years of The JJ McCartney Show: We told you so! The “tolerant” left. How do they go about showing their remarkable tolerance? By refusing to tolerate anybody who disagrees with them. Whether it’s President Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Rush hLimbaugh por Some guy named Alexander Emerick Jones. The old adage “Sticks and Stones may […]

August 6th 2018: JJ McCartney returns to a real mess in the alternate media

After a week of being unplugged from the media streams, after a week of detoxifying from the agenda-driven globalists media masquerades, JJ finds a real mess on the proverbial floor. Apple, YouTube, Facebook and Spotify did WHAT to Alex Jnes? Were they justified? Hear JJ’s surprising take on this topic, and much more! The last […]