Thursday February 28th 2019 Open Mike Night at Club JJ 3-5pm ET

We tried. We tried and then we tried again. But we weren’t able to get in touch with Mike Cutler today. We tried Dr. Jim Garrow. Again, no luck. So what do you do at the Improv when none of the headliners are in touch? Naturally, we declare it is Open Mike Night., Any Caller, […]

Monday February 25th 2019 The Monday Rundown LIVE 3-5pm ET

Do you HATE Mondays? It doesn’t have to be that way! Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET, and we will bring you the brighgtest show you will hear on Monday! It’s called the Monday Rundown, and we cover all the relevant news and thoughts for today. Now, if you want funny, we might […]

Friday February 22nd 2019 The Friday Extravaganza

The Friday Extravaganza with the mysterious Colonel will be a real hullabaloo today! 1- The latest details on Jussie Smollett’s future in the penitentiary. 2- New England Patriots owner Bob Craft charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution. 3- More quakes! a 6.5 earthquake in Peru, and more aftershocks in Anchorage, Alaska which brings the […]

Wednesday February 20th 2019 IQ Al Rassooli LIVE

Short and sweet: Join us LIVE for the JJ McCartney Show with our guest, IQ Al Rassooli from 3 to 5pm ET Hear it at Red State Talk Radio and with live stream9ng video on or

Tuesday February 19th 2019 Dr. Mark Davis(H1) and a Colossal Bible study(H2)

Mainstream media guilty of knowing propagating the LIES of Jussie Smollett! Holding their feet to the fire produces cacophony of excuses, but no mea culpas??? Lara Logan rubs media’s nose in their biases and falseness. Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as our guest in hour 1 is Dr. Mark Davis. We’ll talk […]

Friday February 15th: Friday Extravaganza, IDES of March edition w/the Colonel

Join us for a GREAT Friday shpow, as we bring you the Mysterious Colonel, the Ides of March edition! Plus Jussie Smollet attack was STAGED? JJ reserves the right to shower the audience with I TOLD you so’s. And Trump prepares to declare national emergency regarding the southern border. Plus YOUR phone calls too! Join […]