Friday April 26th 2019: The Mysterious Colonel with the Friday Extravaganza

Join the Mysterious Colonel and JJ for the Friday Extravaganza LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET! News. Commentary. Humor. And at least one bogus phone call from a Canadian troll! And a whole heap of truth, delivered expertly to rile up the snowflakes and entertain the patriots in trhe audience! Join us for the whole […]

Wednesday April 24th 2019: JJ’s Guest today: IQ Al Rassooli LIVE 3-5pm ET

Today on the JJ McCartney Show: We get IQ Al Rassooli’s takle on the attacks in Sri Lanka, and the corrupt and fake news media trying to steer the narrative away from the perpetrators(Islamic terror) and also away from the victims, referring to them as “Easter worshipers”,  and steering clear of calling the intended targets […]

Tuesday: Why the Church is losing America, and how to stop this alarming trend.

Okay, folks…Today we will talk about the losing battle that the true Christian church is mired in in America. It seems like it happened overnight, and yet it began decades ago, as our halls of education have ceased to teach real knowledge and wisdom, and instead have been indoctrinating our children, steering them away from […]

Wednesday April 17th 2019: IQ Al Rassooli, World gone mad, Notre Dame

URGENT UPDATE FOLLOWS!!! Today on The JJ McCartney Show: Ibn Q Rassooli will be our guest LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET   We’ll talk about the world gone mad, as snowflakes are defending Islam and stating un-categorically that the Notre Dame blaze was an “accident”.   And of Course 9/11 was all just a […]

The Friday Extravaganza with the Mysterious Colonel LIVE 3-5pm ET

Breaking News: OHIO MAKES IT CRIME TO STOP A FETAL HEARTBEAT Joins growing coalition imposing restrictive abortion measure   It now is a crime in Ohio to perform an abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, usually about six weeks into pregnancy. The bill signed by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine poses the threat of […]

Thursday April 11th 2019 Assange arrested- Developing

ASSANGE ARRESTED- Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for The JJ McCartney Show. We have inside information regarding the arrest, who was behind it, and how Assange’s own carelessness made the arrest too easy for authorities. According to many sources, the Barr spying investigation could shake the democrats to their foundation. At particular […]

Monday April 8th 2019 Nielson out as DHS Secretary: Border ineffectiveness to blame?

It’s the Monday Rundown LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET DHS Secretary resigns, interim replacement named. Trump fires chief of Secret Service Christian persecution worldwide President Trump on Monday slapped the “terror” label on a key part of Iran’s muscle – the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – putting a spotlight on the mullah-led regime’s global agenda. Read […]

It’s JJ and the Mysterious Colonel on the Friday Extravaganza!

The Friday Extravaganza is ready and raring to go today, covering the news, from the outrageous to the ridiculous to the mildly amusing to the laugh-out-loud stuff. Join JJ McCartney and the Mysterious Colonel as we rally together our audience for the restoration of AMERICAN values, AMERICAN tradition, and American Sovereignty. At The JJ McCartney […]