Friday September 27th 2019 FRIDAY Extravaganza w/the Colonel and Trade Martin

Bitter and angry sore losers, Democrats grasp at ridiculous tales from Brennan’s partisan hack “whistle-blower” to again attempt to overturn 2016 election. JJ McCartney is LIVE from 3 to 5pm today for the FRIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA with the Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin. Join us as we heap scorn and ridicule on the party which invented […]

Thursday September 26th 2019: Deep State Impeachment Farse resonating in the globalist media echo chambers only

Americans against Impeachment/removal of President Trump: A new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday shows a majority of Americans do not think President Donald Trump should beĀ impeachedĀ and removed from office. In a clear partisan divide, 4% of Republicans and 73% of Democrats surveyed support impeachment. Those who responded against impeachment include 95% of Republicans surveyed and […]

Impeachment FARSE: Desperate dems clutching at straws, plus IQ Al Rassooli

The Democrat playbook is now on display for all to see. One of it’s central cores is the “art” of projection. That is, to accuse their opponents of the precise type of corruption and graft that they themselves are guilty of in SPADES. Hearken back to THIS video clip: Ladies and gentlemen, that is PROOF […]

Ye Olde Friday Extravaganza! JJ, The Colonel and Trade Martin wrap up the week

The Friday Extravaganza with the Mysterious Colonel, Trade Martin and your host, JJ McCartney bring you the best conversation on the planet every Friday! Join us today as we openly mock the demo-craps like Andrew Yang and his vision to eliminate the right to own cars by 2050. Or the idea that the government should […]

Thursday September 19th 2019: The GREAT BIG CLIMATE LIES exposed!!!

The great big Climate LIES EXPOSED!!! All the Chicken-Little predictions have come and gone, and they are all wrong! Apparently the left is incapable of reading. Or Thinking logically. Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as he exposes the great BIG CLIMATE LIES at and Red State Talk Radio

Tuesday September 17th 2019 Cokie Roberts dies, Snowden misses home

As Israel heads back to the polls, the Middle East inches closer to the ultimate showdown. Oil prices have stabilized as President Trump has exercised restraint in the wake of Iranian aggression in the Strait of Hormuz Political pressure on Trump to condemn Iran and retaliate has been countered by those in the Alternate conservative […]