Wednesday: IQ Al Rassooli talks 2020, Trump, and ridiculous, stupid Liberals

Desperate frightened Dems pin hopes on swine Hillary for 2020. It’s not enough that she lost to President Trump in 2016 fair and square. It’s not enough that she abused her position as Secretary of State and sent classified information on a private email server, and then deleted/destroyed 30,000 emails subpoenaed by the House. It’s […]

Monday 10-07-2019 Two lying CIA leftist weasels is better than ONE???

TWO lying weasels better than one? HARDLY! Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for the Monday Rundown…filling you inb on what you may have missed over the weekend and more! From the unveiling of a SECOND whistle-blower to the ridiculous case of transgenders re-interpreting the meaning of the word “sex” in the […]

Friday October 4th 2019 Friday Extravaganza w/the Colonel and Trade Martin

It’s Friday! And that’s our most fun and casual day for The JJ McCartney Show. Sadly the Mysterious Colonel couldn’t be with us tofday, but never fear! Fun will be had, and we will take our best pot-shots at the hapless left-wing. Join us for the latest headlines, news items of interest to people like […]

Thursday October 3rd 2019 Deep State, MSM and Dems coup conspiracy unmasked

  Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as we go over the entire coup attempt underway, as the vast LEFT-wing conspiracy unfolds between the Democrats, the Deep State and their lap-dog main-stream media. The machinery of the left has been working in lock-step with their globalist task-masters to undermine America’s republican form […]

Wednesday October 2nd 2019 IQ Al Rassooli LIVE – BERNIE SANDERS HEART SCARE?

Media hypes Impeachment while Democrats ignore LACK of evidence of ANY KIND! As the Democrats foolishly steam forward with plans for articles of impeachment, what they lack is anything that rises to the level of any crime or misdemeanor upon which to base any impeachment. This is a grotesque abuse of the mechanisms constructed by […]