2019 concludes: CHAOS in Baghdad as Iranian-backed terrorists attack U.S. Embassy

Iranian-backed terrorists attack U.S. Embassy in Baghdad as tensionbs rise between U.S. and Iran. Could this escalate to military attacks on Iran? Can war be avoided? SHOULD war be avoided? President Trump deals with the business of being President as Democrat pretenders live in alternate reality where nothing is real. Embassy diplomats reportedly locked up […]

Deep State Politicians: Liars, Thieve, Murderers and Traitors- The new Mafia!!

As Trump continues to stand as a populist, the un-drained swamp threatens to overthrow the Constitution and seize control! Our President is doing his best to govern and manage the economy in a very beneficial way. But the D.C. swamp-rats have organized an attempted coup as they seek to disregard the voice of the PEOPLE. […]

Monday December 23rd 2019: JJ lays out Christmas with plenty of TRUTH

2019 Christmas week: Everything everybody needs to know about Christmas. And perhaps a few other things too! JJ McCartney is a man on a mission. Today, JJ flings aside all caution, and declares the truth about npt only Christmas, but about life itself. What it means. Why we are all here. And where we are […]

In voting for impeachment of Trump, Democrats in House commit high treason

One Patriot’s perspective: The atmosphere in American Politics has been polluted perhaps irreparably by the raw hatred of partisan Democrats and their Deep State cronies. As I put this yesterday: The most revolutionary act we, the People can take is what we did three years ago in electing President Donald Trump.   Clearly the Deep-Staters […]

Friday the 13th: The Friday Extravaganza w/the Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin

The Democrats have declared war on free and fair elections! This week’s travesty was put to an official vote in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives this week, as two articles of impeachment were passed and sent to the Senate for deliberation. Meanwhile Americans are sick, tired and PISSED about how the Democrats fabricated “evidence”, denied […]

Thursday December 12th 2019: Democrat deceivers demonically driven to impeach

The grand deceivers on the Left: Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler playing dangerous shell game with the Constitution. Angry Americans grow sicker by the minute of the false narrative of the Democrats and their hate-filled rhetoric. Impeachment debacle could hasten historic landslide victory for Trump and GOP in 2020. PLUS: House IT Scandal investigation could blow up […]

Wednesday December 11th 2019: Terror in Jersey City: Guest IQ Al Rassooli

The news media tries to bury the facts in the Jersey City shootout: It was a coordinated terror attack! Facts are such pesky things! The shooters in Jersey City were radical Jew-hating terrorists. They believed they would enjoy the benefit of a soft target in the Kosher food store, but instead they met with some […]