Thursday April 23rd 2020: JJ wonders aloud: Where did all the PATRIOTS go?

Considering all the freedoms and rights trampled on by governors, mayors and police, do we even HAVE a Constitutional Republic any more, or was it all an illusion?? The Covid-19 Pandemic has tested America to it’s foundation, quite literally. The foundation of our civil society is the Constitution. And the Bill of Rights is the […]

Wednesday April 22nd 2020: IQ Al Rassooli and BUSTING the NARRATIVE

BUSTING the FAKE NARRATIVE once and for all!! IQ Al Rassooli joins JJ McCartney as we continue to demolish the fake narrative about Covid-19, falsified death records, and the massive shakedown for cash that is the Pandemic. Plus now that President Trump has been made aware of the way that Anthony Fauci circumvented the law […]

Tuesday April 21st 2020: Big stimulus relief to “Small Businesses”? According to WHOM?

FAT CATS taking “stimulus money” intended for “small businesses”. Shameful. Typical political chicanery rules the day after stimulus bill designed for the “little people: gets sucked dry by publicly traded corporations. Here are the largest public companies taking payroll loans meant for small businesses Thomas Franck@TOMWFRANCK   KEY POINTS Hundreds of millions of dollars of […]

Monday April 20th 2020: Monday Rundown LIVE with JJ McCartney and Friends

25 years since Oklahoma City. 27 years since Waco. How far have we really come, and who is generating these outrageous usurpations, and why? Defining a FALSE FLAG: The historic use of misinformation and disinformation through media and government to create fear, compliance and the sacrifice of rights for a false sense of security. Join […]

Friday April 17th 2020: The Friday Extravaganza, just for the DEPLORABLES

While most reasonable people agree it is time to start re-opening America’s economy and ending the draconian rules imposed by some power-crazed leftists, there is one Democrat, Joe Biden, who decided the only thing that needs to be open is his MOUTH. Biden channeled Hillary by trashing Trump supporters, claiming that we think all Mexicans […]

Monday April 13th 2020 The Monday Rundown Fauci is a CREEPY little globalist SCUM

After sitting down for an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Anthony Fauci has provided more fodder for the leftist media to blame Covid-19 deaths on President Trump’s delay in declaring an emergency and the subsequent lock=downs that ensued. To make such a statement is quite ridiculous, really. The only thing more dangerous than inaction is […]