Monday December 28th 2020: Anticipating the promise of the new year? Prepare for more of the same old swamp.

Posted Posted in News and notes OK, so how was everybody’s Christmas? For us it was quiet, understated, and peaceful. We watched White Christmas, feasted on delicious turkey and stuffing, and enjoyed a nice time together. What we did not do is spend money we didn’t have on gifts for the sake of gifting. We are not alone, I am […]

Tuesday December 15th 2020: Look, Mom, no legitimacy!! The Fake News thinks they got away with it!

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Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 4-6pm ET on Red State Talk Radio and for commentary that destroys the narrative of the globalist-owned controlled media. If you believe that everything about this electoral college vote is legit, then why doesn’t the media report about all the skullduggery surrounding the closing off of republican observers from […]

Monday December 14th 2020: ‘Tis the Season to be FAITHFUL and HOPEFUL

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Monday December 14th 2020: Better strap on your armor, friends. The battle looms ahead, and we are not going to cower to these crooks! And introducing JJ’s new co-anchor, Buck Fiden!! Plus, all the latest information for the prepping Patriots of America!! Plus a word about faith in the 21st Century. Join us LVE […]