A brief word of Christian encouragement

The scripture is clear. Nobody knows the day or the hour of Jesus’ return. People need to stop trying to predict the day of His coming.

We must live each day as if it could be the day. Let Him find us busy doing His work.

Witness to the people about the glorious resurrection, which Jesus completed for us! We are allowed to partake in the resurrection, by His grace!

Is time short? YES it IS!

But do not sound fatalistic regarding dates. Dates do not matter now. Only our testimony, our witness, and winning souls!

When Jesus returns, He’ll find us. Better that he finds us in the fields, doing His work, than to find us hiding in a bunker.

As for tribulation, are not the Chaldeans and the Coptic Christians already in tribulation? Have not hundreds of thousands of them already been martyred in Iraq and Syria and around the world?

To paraphrase Barbosa from Pirates of the Caribbean: “You best start believing in Tribulation…you’re IN one!”

The whole world is in motion to fulfill the prophecies. And those most evil globalists don’t even realize that they are Satan’s string puppets.

I am reminded of the most powerful words, words that reassure me as the tumult and chaos spreads like wildfire: “for man lives not by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded from the mouth of God”!

What is there to fear if you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?

I pray for you all, that God will give us all the boldness to stand and testify to His great Love, Mercy and Grace, and let us show people, by our testimony, our words and deeds that Jesus is Lord, that Everybody needs Him, and that He is coming.

Our message should always conclude with this:

Do not hesitate. For He stands at the door and knocks. Will you answer that call, and partake in the resurrection with Him, or will you squander this life, living to feed your own passions, and defile and destroy your own flesh, ignoring the matter of how and where you will spend eternity?

Jesus: You can meet Him now, or you can meet Him later. But…you WILL meet Him.