A personal message from JJ McCartney

It isn’t often that I talk to you all from a strictly personal context.

Usually I am focusing on my passion for the things I hold dearest. God, Country, family, and the heart and soul of this nation and her young people.

But today I must share the latest news from the medical front, where my health is concerned.

about a week ago, I sat down with my cardiologist fo4r our regularly schedule follow-up. In the past few weeks, I have been very fatigued and running out of breath with exertion.  I also have been experiencing some pains in my back, neck, and ribs,m along with mild chest pain.

I mentioned these symptoms, and the doc ordered two tests. First, a nuclreal stress test, where they take before-and-after pictures of the heart with a stress test in between the two sets of -pictures. The stress-test is chemically induced. Anybody who has had such a test knows that it is about 30-40 seconds of rapid heartbeat, sudden heavy breathng and then what feels like a constriction of every bodily function below the waist.

After the second set of pictures, I was told I should hear some results coming back Thursday(today).

But I was surprised to get a phone call Tuesday late in the afternoon. As it turns out, the test revealed what they called a distended left ventricle. This essentially means that while under stress, my ventricle tended to inflate like a balloon under pressure.

One can deduce that this means my heart is not pumping as efficiently as it should be under strain. I have another test Friday, an echo-cardiogram. This should help the doctor get a better picture of how the blood is pumping through my heart into my lungs and the Aorta.

People, I am asking for your prayers, Pray please for the doctors, for my heart, and for our situation here.

Stress doesn’t help. And right now, my family is under a lot of stress. Money is very very tight, as I know it is for everybody. Given the fact that we are in the midst of the hottest part of summer, our electric bills are quite high. We’ve also had unexpected car trouble that has tapped us out. and we have just entered into the month of July with numerous bills coming due.

Fundraising is never my favorite thing to do. But we need your help if we are going to get through the next couple weeks financially.

Please search your soul and if you can help, please know that we are committed to continuing the show as long as I am physically able. Any help is welcome. There is a Paypal donate button on my homepage at jjmccartney.com.

I will continue to share updates when I have more news to share regarding my heart.

Thank you very much, and as always, may God bless you all.