A Tuesday to remember: JJ McCartney’s American appeal: REMEMBER

On this Tuesday, September 5th, we are going to change our focus a bit, as we look to our past to instruct our present and our future.

Less than one week before we commemorate the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that forced America to engage openly in the war on terrorism, we’re going to refresh some clearly flawed memories on the part of congress, the political left, and all too many on the right side of the aisle as well.

Commemorating 9/11 can get sentimental, and often leads to flowery speeches and mournful longing for the days before terrorism forever stained our psyches.

But it seems that most of the American body politic, and the world as well, have forgotten the basic facts about 9/11 and about the enemies who wish to destroy America.

With all due respect to the pacifists and the do-gooders who wish to give the Muslims the benefit of the doubt, let us ask some very fundamental questions that everybody needs to ask themselves about this insane world we face today:

1- If some group of terrorists attacked your home, and killed your wife, your brother, your mother or your daughter, would you find it at all appropriate or in good taste if your mayor, your governor, or your president decided to move the gang responsible for your loved-one’s death into the house next-door to yours?

2- If the gang that murdered your loved-one were arrested and charged with the crime, and then were let off on a technicality,  then made threatening statements toward you and your family, would you be at all concerned when the so-called leaders in your community began to defend them, and act as if your loved-ones had never existed?

3- If the gang that murdered your loved-one was then given $155 Billion and allowed to purchase or build weapons that would make them capable of mass-murder on a global scale, would you be forgiving of your leaders?

4- If, on the eve of the anniversary of your loved-one’s horrific death, would you have any misgivings if the leaders of your homeland insisted that other members of that same gang were allowed into your homeland by the hundreds of thousands, with no requirements that they be frisked, searched, interrogated and kept under lock and key?

OK, you get the point. The rhetorical questions I just posed are quite relevant in this dangerous time we find ourselves in. How can people’s memories be so short, and their knowledge level about Islam be so shallow, that they fail to recognize the oldest move in the Muslim playbook?

The Muslims are the fox. America is the Henhouse.  And regardless of the globalists and their ridiculous and malicious brand of political correctness, America does not owe it to the rest of the world to lay itself low by welcoming our enemies inside out borders. No judge, no jury, no group of politicians has the right to erase American sovereignty. In fact, any political leader, judge or jurist that insists that only by letting the foxes in can we build trust with them deserves a one-way ticket to the looney-bin.

16 years ago, Islamists declared war on America, and on the Western World. almost 3,000 people died on 9/11, and many more have died since, as a result of the terror attacks of that dreadful day.

No amount of posturing, ,grandiose gestures, or artificial magnanimity on the part of slimy politicians can change what Islam did on 9/11/2001. Some will say “but JJ, not ALL of Islam attacked on 9/11”, I will reply by saying this: How many Muslims did you see on 9/11 openly condemning the attacks?  If you can name even one, I would love to see the proof.

But lest we forget, Muslims dancing in the streets of Beirut, Tehran, Baghdad, Istanbul, Karachi, and any of the 57 majority-Muslim nations were a much more accurate record of the sentiments of Islam. And Islam has consistently been anything but recalcitrant since then.  There has been zero remorse expressed by Islam regarding 9/11. Never one hint of regret. To them, Jihad is always fine by them, so long as it injures the infidels.

Islam is not a peaceful religion. It isn’t a religion of redemption, but a cult of hatred, violence and cowardice.

As we approach 9/11 next Monday, let us remember who attacked us that day, and let’s not forget the terrible price America paid for being complacent, comfortable and dismissive of the ever-present threat of Islam.

And let us remember the families of the victims of 9/11. Will you stand with us in stating for the record that welcoming the same people into our homeland who financed, planned, executed the attacks of 9/11 and their fellow Muslims(who never expressed any condolences, never extended a hand in aid or comfort, but remain to this day defiant, and hostile toward any non-believers) is the most insensitive and one the most senseless acts in American history?

If a band of Hell’s Angels murdered my wife, I sure as hell would stop anybody who tried to force me to welcome the local chapter of Hell’s Angels to move in next door to me!

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