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What began in 1978 for JJ McCartney would become a career in and around Radio broadcasting in America.

JJ McCartney, age 18, at KBYR-AM, Anchorage Alaska

From humble beginnings in rural Arkansas, it grew into a long and winding road through formats, genres, and re-inventions of self as the years went by.

Speeding through my youth, I graduated from college at 18. I immediately moved back to my native land(Alaska) where I took the radio world by storm! Working for $4 an hour, filling as many shifts as I could, doing production, and learning everything I could, working around professionals of varying levels of expertise, I started building a knowledge of the industry which rivals anything I have ever seen from people of similar vintage.

JJ McCartney, 1985 as Program Director/Morning Show host, KCSY-AM, Soldotna, Alaska

Building on experience, I added other skills that made me a more well-rounded asset to the radio stations and companies i worked for. I became a certified broadcast engineer, I designed and built studios, digital STL signal paths, Digital broadcast processing, and myriad analog systems as well, I soon got into digital automation systems.

Working for the world’s most prolific broadcast automation company for many years, I saw the industry beginning to rely heavily on technology to maximize profits while striving not to degrade quality.

Understanding the fine line broadcasters have to walk to survive financially in this modern age, I am poised at the ready to help furnish solutions while offering viable products that will remain marketable.

JJ McCartney, Sales Engineer, RCS/Prophet Systems circa 2007

Whatever your programming or production needs, give me a call, and find out what we can do to help you reach a higher market share, and to help you avoid the cringe-worthy moments when a lack of talent reveals the weaker links in radio that can affect your bottom line.

JJ McCartney(licensed HAM Radio operator)

In 2012, JJ suffered major health setbacks that rendered him physically disabled. While these problems have limited his ability to work in an 8-hour grind. The setback has forced him to again re-invent himself.

Since then, JJ has run a 24/7 internet-radio stream, and hosts a two-hour daily talk radio show. He likes to think of it as his “therapy sessions”, where he tries to remain sane and calm in an insane world.

Engineering excellence: equipped with old school tools that work very well in the 21st-Century digital world.

JJ’s main studio is a mix of great digital tools and old school tools still highly sought after in the radio world. The Pacific Recorders BMX-III console is vintage 1985, but performs like very few products manufactured today for the live broadcast world.

Find out how JJ McCartney can help YOUR station improve it’s bottom-line! email JJ directly at jj@jjmccartney.com