An Appeal to American Christian Patriots: Make Ready NOW

People, I have seen a vision.


Forget the sci-fi world so many envision about the future of our planet.




The vision I had was not some futuristic scene, It was today’s world. A world with very little conscience.

A world where most people, even those who profess to be Christians, are willfully stupid. They have chosen to slumber and to live in a shared delusion about the world we live in, about good and evil. About the subtle, incremental forfeiture of their rights and freedoms believing a false assurance that if only they will comply with the edicts of the pseudo-altrustic government, that somehow magically, everything will be okay.

They have believed the voice of the evil one, assuring them that status-quo and unending, ever-expanding “tolerance” of behaviors, policies, and a floating, moving group of moral rules and values is the formula for heaven on earth.

Even before the bodies of the Manchester massacre, the Pulse Nightclub, and the Paris truck massacre were cool in the ground, the collective “do-gooders” of the world were accusing those of us who have chosen to live with our eyes open were being accused of “hate” only because we had the audacity to look for the common denominator in weach terrorist attack: Islam.

But Islam is not the root of all evil. It goes much deeper than just Islam.

This evil, called by it’s real name is AntiChrist, and it has quietly become the controlling power in the halls of American government, and every westernized government in the world. The Deep State, by it’s real function is AntiChrist.

And the persecution of Christians, Jews and sympathizers to their cause are now in the crosshairs of the Deep State. and the Deep State is not only an American entity. It is globalism. It is The European Union. It is NATO. It is The United Nations. And they are speeding us toward a global conflagration.

Soon, a new leader will emerge from the shadows, and this leader will be viewed by the masses as a savior, a messiah, a deity, and a virtuous man. He will be so charming and appealing that he will fool most people who call themselves Christians.

But someone like that can only emerge after a series of manufactured crises, wars, disasters and floods, famines and pestilence take root.

It will be a time where compassion becomes an afterthought. Empathy will be replaced at first by apathy, and then by an appetite for cruel punishment, the suffering of the saints, and a much more forceful public rejection of those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

And this will be just the beginning of a lengthy open war on Jesus and His true followers.

Friends, we already see the mass-media embracing and protecting Muslims, while mocking and attacking those who live their faith in Jesus.

This isn’t a left-right political struggle. Those who call themselves Republicans and yet vote like leftists are every bit as died-in-the-wool AntiChrist as any other group on earth.

Some will laugh. Some will mock. But mark my words, a day is forthcoming when the Deep State and it’s leader proclaim themselves to be the new ruling authority of the nation, and the world will beat a path to this person’s door, begging him to rule them, and pleading for him to destroy His enemies to the uttermost.

I cannot name names. But I tell you that very soon, the blinders will come off. Then the world will know pain, suffering, and death in measures never before imagined.

Get your families ready. And pray as much as you possibly can.

We’ll be back with live shows on Monday.

Until then,  Trust in God. And hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Keep the faith, brothers and sisters.