Anatomy of a false flag… Another tragic shooting in Florida: Psychotropic drugs, Social misfit, why does this sound so familiar?

Why does it all sound so familiar?

A troubled misfit, on psychotropic drugs, an outcast, an AR15, and a school?

Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old who was expelled from the school for behavioral reasons, somehow manages to get into the school, set off the fire alarm so he would have a steady stream of students and teachers following fire drill procedures, making their way into the halls where the shooter would have an easy time mowing them down.

Governor Rick Scott called it “pure evil”, and he is right.

But how many times have we seen this unfold? Columbine wasn’t the first, but as we approach the 19th anniversary of Columbine in April, one cannot help but note the similarities. The shooter also set off canisters of teargas, wore a gas-mask, and had clearly planned out this attackj for maximum carnage.

A registered democrat. A self-avowed communist. He was apparently a fan of ISIS. Pictures on his social media showed an obsession with guns, Che Guevara, and violent tendencies.

Students at the school say this attack was predicted, expected, and when the shots started, many were sure it was Cruz.

17 dead. 15 wounded. A nation mourns. And then, of course, cries for gun control from the bleeding-hearts. Blming the weapons instead of the perps. How might the event have been different if teachers, principals and other faculty and staff has guns and proper training?

Armed security would have been a good thing to have. In truth, if armed security were in place, most of these school shootings likely never would have taken place. But in making schools “gun-free zones”, we have made them sitting ducks, just waiting for some crazed psycho to make it his personal shooting gallery.

JJ McCartney will share the latest news, opinion and commentary on this day, another national day of mourning, second-guessing, and bewilderment that so many of our schools have done very little to buttress the school, making it a fortress against just such violence. How can any school district in the nation still not understand that they must be ready for these kinds of threats.

Instead, more addle-brained snowflakes call for stricter gun laws. News-flash: the gun laws are already in place. It’s bastards like Cruz who disregard the laws that are the problem.


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