And so it begins…Google flags US as UN-SAFE?

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 4 to 6pm ET at Red State Talk Radio and for the Friday Extravaganza. The wrap-up of this insane, tumultuous week, when America’s most sacrosanct institution of Citizen voting rights and integrity were violated, undermined and ultimately betrayed by a house full of Benedict Arnolds and a Senate full of cowards and deceptors.

Perhaps the most evil of these deceptors was Mitt Romney, the poster-child for RINOS. Also Mitch McConnell and many more Rinos who opted for silence in the face of a complete sham of an election.


It begins with an understanding that we must dismantle the mainstream media, all of which is now in the enemy’s hands, used as full-time propaganda outlets. It’s the 21st-century version of TASS, Pravda and Radio Moscow.

Soviet-style censorship, oppression, economic tyranny and using all basic “services” to attempt to destroy our First Amendment right to free speech, Redress of Grievances, assembly and worship.

And now Google flags websites such as ours as “dangerous” or “unsafe”.

Join me today as I mount Rocinante’ and start charging their windmills!

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