April 19th: A dark day in American history Guest John B. Wells and JJ McCartney look back on history

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Caravan to Midnight’s John B. Wells

JJ McCartney is joined LIVE Monday by Caravan to Midnight host John B. Wells, as we compare notes on the tragic history of April 19th in America’s fairly recent history, and how we decipher and unpack all the events, carnage, and we ask the obvious questions that history demands be asked.

How could it happen?(Waco)

How could it have been stopped?(Oklahoma City)

Did Intelligence failures exploited in Oklahoma City lead to even larger intel failures and a systemic failure that ultimately opened the door for 9/11?

David Koresh claimed to be a prophet, but he was evidently armed for all-out war with the authorities. His own paranoia likely fueled the Armageddon-like standoff and it’s fiery end.
Tim McVeigh- Mastermind, or political pawn? Could one man have really pulled off such a potent attack?

Who was Nichols? In the grand scheme of things, was his silence the means by which McVeigh’s attack killed 168?

Recalling the events of April 19th 1993, when the government aggressively attacked the Branch Davidian compound and 80 people died in the fiery end of the “standoff”.

Women, children and yes, men too. The events of April 19th 1993 were cited as the inspiration that drove Tim McVeigh to plot and carry out the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19th, 1995. that killed 168 people. While that event remains cloaked in theories and opinions regarding how it was executed, and whether there was more to it than a couple of crazy guys renting a truck, there are many factors which remain unsettled and unexplained by the authorities and by the criminal Clinton administration.

Did they(Clinton and Reno) escape scot-free? Or is their legacy tainted with the tragic consequences and the bungling nature of their crisis management lack of style?

In this Feb. 12, 1993 file photo, U.S. President Bill Clinton names Janet Reno the nation’s first female attorney general. Weeks later, Waco would become the first real “crisis” of this new partnership and would create questions and spark controversies that have dogged Clinton to this very day.

Was Waco a harbinger of more terrorism on the horizon in the United States? Was Oklahoma City a home-grown terror attack, or was it another in a series of false-flags that would ultimately lead to the kinds of intelligence failures that allowed 9/11 to occur?

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