Ark Midnight host John B. Wells and the unprecedented stupidity of Gov. Jerry Brown

On the Monday edition of The JJ McCartney Show we’ll chat with Ark Midnight host John B. Wells, and get his take on the lunatic governor of California blaming SUV’s and people with fireplaces and hair spray for the tragic fires which have burned swaths of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, after years of governmental mismanagement of the department of Forestry the insane Jerry Brown claims it is man-made Climate Change that is the real problem, while never lifting a finger to manage overgrowth in the hills of California.

In fast, Brown acts as though the Santa Anna winds are some shocking recent development.

And while that  happens, the U.S. economy has been soaring to new heights, on the promise of tax cuts and the easing of regulation on industry in America. President Trump is almost singlehandedly to be thanked for the booming economy, while the parakeets in the Soros-Obama-Clinton media continue to chase fake trails to nonexistent ties between Russia and President Trump, while Hillary continues to profit from the Uranium One deal she illegally brokered while Secretary of State. The quid-pro-quo was hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian tycoons who profited greatly from the Uranium One deal.

And we’ll take a close look at the events in California, and tell the stories of people who have literally lost everything except the clothes on their backs.

It’s going to be another GREAT show so do not miss it! We’ll be LIVE at 3:05pm ET at and Red State Talk Radio. Streaming live video at too…you will see a total mess in the Studio as we are refurbishing the studio. It’s a work in-progress. So pardon our mess, and join us from 3-5pm ET!