As Texas copes, Soros’ leftists mock, foment hatred toward Harvey victims,

As our nation deals with the most expensive and crippling natural disaster in U.S. History, leftist Brown-shirts stage phony protests, foment hatred toward Harvey victims.


  • Plus sleazy opportunists posing as FEMA and DHS officials to loot homes.
  • Huge Asteroid to “whiz by” Earth tomorrow, closer than any asteroid in modern history, and the hysteria that accompanies it.
  • Michael Cutler joins JJ in hour 3.
  • We’ll discuss the decision to suspend ICE/INS enforcements in midst of storm and aftermath.
  • Plus U.S. bombing drills come closer to North Korea’s doorstep.
  • And we’ll talk about the war on whites, Christians and American heritage patriots who resist the thought-police’s demands to destroy the history of the south.
  • And JJ re-introduces the question: “Who is John Galt?” The answer in 2017 may surprise you! Possibly even SHOCK you!

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