Tuesday April 7th 2020: Trump the LIAR? The media’s constant MISINFORMATION

If you took their word for it in the mainstream media, then Donald Trump is a LIAR who is responsible for every bad thing that happens to anybody anywhere at any time since he declared his intention to run for President in 2015. So let’s examine this whole Coronavirus issue from start to present day, […]

Friday April 3rd 2020: Friday Extravaganza w/the Colonel and Trade Martin

Shocking information today on The JJ McCartney Show proves how ridiculously over-stated the Coronavirus outbreak is in the mainstream media, and why YOU should turn them all off! For example, JJ shares a number that might surprise the lame-stream media in it’s simple factual baseline which nobody in the fourth estate bothers to observe. Prepare […]

Wednesday, April 1 2020: IQ Al Rassooli- NO FOOLIN’!

Join JJ McCartney and IQ Al Rassooli LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for today’s NO-FOOLIN’ edition of The JJ McCartney Show! As the media and the crazed media continues to mislead millions, we stand apart with truth, conviction and faith! America will survive this crisis. The world will emerge from this fog of confusion […]

Monday March 30th 2020: MSM carrying China’s water, LYING for China as millions die!

As many thousand die each day, China lies about the plight of her people due to Coronavirus. One of our most trusted resources shares this alarming message regarding China’s lies: My considerable contacts all across China report how awful things have gotten in particular regions. Whatever you are hearing about the Coronovirus in China is […]

Friday March 27th 2020: Friday Extravaganza w/the Colonel and Trade Martin

Friday March 27th 2020: Friday Extravaganza with HIGH-TECH Social Distancing Well folks, it is another Friday Extravaganza here at The JJ McCartney Show, with the Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin joining JJ as we size up the $2Trillion dollar Covid Stimulus and the way the globalist-controlled media is convulsing as President Trump gets so deep […]

Thursday March 26th 2020: JJ McCartney’s news and comment LIVE and LIFELIKE!!

JJ McCartney’s News and Comment is LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET as JJ dissects all the latest news and shares an extraordinary message of hope, optimism and FAITH in GOD as the dooms-day-ers and nay-say-ers continue to try to scare the faithless and hopeless into rigid compliance with authoritarian local governments in the […]