Biden Incompetence- Is it just an act? March 24th 2021 JJ McCartney is LIVE 3-5pm ET

JJ McCartney returns LIVE today after a Tuesday on assignment.

So here is the two-part question of the day:

1- Is the whole “Biden the stumbling, bumbling fool” thing just an act? Think about it. Can anybody in good conscience attack the character of poor old grampa-Joe? The Media and the thought police might deem it politically incorrect to attack someone who is so clearly mentally and physically impaired, as they did in the days of FDR. Of course when FDR was in the White House, there was no Facebook, Twitter or Google. But there were plenty of media oligarchs to serve the same purpose.

So the second part of this question seems completely un-related but it is quite relevant.

2- Throughout the history of liberal Democrats, when they decide it is time to spend trillions of dollars, how do they always pay for it??

“Now THAT is a trick question!” I hear you saying, and you are CORRECT!

But it has a very real true answer.

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