BREAKING: Justice Kennedy announces retirement!! Wednesday June 27th 2018 Supremes knock down Unions raiding non-union workers paychecks, plus guest IQ Al Rassooli

Frustrated, feckless democrats just can’t beat Donald Trump.

News breaking today that Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy is announcing his retirement from the high court after months pof speculation that Kennedy would be the next to go.

Winner-winner Chicken Dinner, just not at the Red Hen!

Donald Trump has always been a winner in life. And while November 8th 2016 was a climactic moment for the Donald, it was far from the end of his winning-streak.

The past couple weeks have been monumental victories for conservtive mericans, and for President Trump. The landmark decision barring state political commissions from capriciously targeting Christian business owners who adhere to their personal beliefs by reserving the right to decline to perform services as part of a same-sex ‘wedding’.

The Supremes also have ruled that California cannot heavyhandedly force pro-life counselors to recite a script instructing young pregnant women where they can get a state-funded abortion.

And today word of a ruling which disallows public sector labor unions from forcing NON-union workers to pay union fees which funnel their way into the coffers of the Democrat party.

And the hits just keep coming. And the left is going apoplectic. They just cannot cope with the political and economic and diplomatic successes that President Trump has achieved in such an overwhelming fashion. Trump the President has been remarkably successful in keeping his promises and igniting an economic boom that has brought millions of jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars back to the USA.

And the democrats are now showing their contempt for the voters, and for the American system of government as they unmask and reveal themselves as the hateful, rude, angry, violent, and pathological lunatics they truly are.

As Americans are once again prospering, the democrats are trying to convince people that none of what has transpired in the past 16 months isn’t real. They have shown remarkable disdain for people from every sector in America enjoying the fruits of the President’s economic policies.

And after the hateful noxious emanations from Maxine Waters and the lunatic restaurant  owner kicking out and stalking White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her family, Americans are now opening their eyes to the true nature of the political left.

We’ll visit with IQ Al Rassooli and talk about the self-destructing Democrats and how President Trump is demolishing the Obama “legacy”.

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