Breaking News: Apocalypse now? Floods, Mudslides, Earthquakes, and Oprah. IQ Al Rassooli delivers LIVE

IQ Al Rassooli arrives just in time to allay the fears and calm the nerves as he reminds us all why we are here.

America, your President is doing a magnificent job. ANd proof of that came today as Communist China threatened to stop investing in United States Treasury bonds.

There is only one reason they would make such a threat: America’s economy is roaring back to life, and that is spearheaded by American jobs and a spike in GDP. China is now trying to dance between the land mines they pl;aced in their own way when they began to westernize their economy.

Free market capitalism is a foreign concept to them, and yet they are now addicted to it.

Trump’s mastery in sparking the U.S. economy has left China feeling quite exposed and vulnerable. It only stands to reason they would try to shake things up, as a means of trying to assert muscle. Butt they are doing so while they are standing on a narrow ledge.

We’ll talk about the fantasyland of Hollywood and the corporate-owned left-wing media trying to push the Oprah narrative. It only stands to reason. The left pretends that Trum isn’t making a huge difference for the positive. So they begin coaxing the harlot of Babylon Oprah Winfrey to run for President.

And cruel irony as the once-smoldering communities in Hollywood’s hills is now suffering from heavy rains, floods, and mudslides which have so far killed 15 people and displaced thousands more.

As we have stated many times, California is cursed. People with brains need to get the heck out of California before it is reduced to rubble,

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