BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan is QUITTING, plus Michael Cutler LIVE

An Early Christmas gift for America: Speaker Paul Ryan to give up the gavel, leave DC.

Just a few years ago, as frustrations with Speaker John Boehner reaching a crescendo, Paul Ryan was drafted as the only man who was willing to take the job of Speaker of the House.

But Paul Ryan’s personal ambitions turned out to be as frustrating as any GOP speaker in recent memory. That Ryan is stepping down just as the house and senate hammer out the details on a major tax reform which will surely be signed into law by President Trump is just one more sign that the pouty GOP ledership in Congress would rather quit than to compromise, and listen to the voices of we, the people.

What Paul Ryan will be remembered for is leading the most ineffective do-nothing congress in American history. As voters expressed themselves in November of 2016, (and with the policies of President Trump have led to record growth in the markets, and as unemployment falls, and as industries are coming back to the USA to open factories) the do-nothings in D.C. needed to be run out of town on a rail. And thankfully, it seems the torches and pitchforks may not be necessary.

Paul Ryan’s disconnect with the American people was maddening. But with thankful hearts, we can now revel in the fact that President Trump was able to out-last the obstructionist leader of the GOP in Congress. Now the question is: Will Mitch McConnell opt for a similar exit? Santa, are you listening?

What needs to happen in D.C. now is that the GOP must find the best man or woman for the job, and then get on board with President Trump’s plans. Trump has accomplished more in one year than just about any President since Ronald Reagan. That he did it with virtually no help from the GOP establishment, it might be a perfect opportunity to effect a sea-change in the party of Lincoln.

Paul Ryan, thanks for playing. Now enjoy these parting gifts, and please just go disappear back into the grand state of Wisconsin.

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