Bye-Bye-BIDEN!! Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar demolish Joe’s Delusion

Biden ship sinking as New Hampshire abandons Crazy Old Joe

If there were a reward for finishing 5th in the New Hampshire primary last night, Joe Biden would be the undisputed winner of that award. But since finishing a distant “also-ran” in both Iowa and New Hampshire,  the Granite state has essentially written the crude epitaph to Biden’s delusional presidential run: He never even stood a chance.

The news gets worse for any establishment-Democrats. In spite of a 1-2 finish for Sanders and Buttugieg, as President Donald Trump demolished the numbers for prior incumbents running for reelection in New Hampshire.

After the sham impeachment blew up in the Democrat’s(and Mitt Romney’s) face, it seems clear that the Trump record on the economy alone will assure he wins in November with plenty of room for coat-tails after years of do-nothing Democrats ignoring crucial business and focusing only on their personal hatred of the President.

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