Changing focus, standing on principle, Trusting God. JJ McCartney takes a breath and takes a break.

There is no doubt in my mind as I write this that I am doing exactly what God wants me to do at this moment in time.

The folly of politics is such that no man or woman should ever invest any faith in that process, absent a padded room and thicker skin than most people could develop over a lifetime of swinging a sledge hammer.

Politics is a creation of vain men. It is an exercise in self-importance and the delusion that man, be it individuals or any collective, is equipped to lead and guide humanity in any righteous direction without the guidance of God.

The process has become so polluted that today, by design, people are counting on disgust to keep voters away from the polls on election day. ANd so the decisions will be made by those most ravenously involved in the political process.

I am not saying none of us should vote…far from it. But what I am saying is that none of us should trust politicians or show-men with the future of our lives, our families, our possessions or our souls.

Today, evil forces are aligned against Americans of faith. They are aiming to demoralize, and then to rob us of our rights, our property, our weapons and our livelihoods. And they have ill intentions toward our children.

This is the cosmic battle between good and evil which is playing out every day around the world.

It is for these reasons, and because I am not getting any younger, that I am shifting paths a bit. I no longer want to make political commentary for the sake of killing time. I no longer wish to spend two hours a day griping about how evil people are. I would rather spend that time meditating on how holy and righteous and praise-worthy God is, and how with whatever I have, and whatever I can do, I want to serve the cause of bringing people into the Kingdom of God, where they can be spared the flames of the furnace of judgment which every sinner deserves.

Only one path leads to redemption and salvation, and His name is Jesus.’

For anybody hoping for a political pep-talk, I have seven year’s worth of shows posted on my YouTube channel.

I especially recommend you go back to the months of September through October and November of 2016. Everything I said in advance of the 2016 election applies just as fully now in 2020. To repeat that effort would be redundant and I doubt many minds would be changed given the toxic environment of today.

So I leave the politics to those obsessed with it.

I can no longer play that game. I simply do not wish to spend the next two months trying to reason with people who quite literally seemed possessed by all manner of evil spirits.

SO I will preach Jesus and HIS gospel. And I will not get roped into the meaningless waste of time known as political debate.

This is about good versus evil. And I know that Jesus, my redeemer, will carry me to the only victory that matters any more.