Chaos, Confusion, Deceit remain the left’s only tools to try to steal what they cannot win

As we all are witness to the massive media deception regarding the presidential election, it is clear to this lifelong observer that the seeds of the plan to try to steal this election were hatched four years ago by a conbsortium of diseased brains. Beginning with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the scheme was hatched.

To begin with, they cheated in 2016, but it was not enough to nullify the Trump effect.

So they began designing the leftist’s CHEAT 2.0. They calculated how to blatantly set it all up. They then hatched fake scandal upon fake scandal. Fake impeachment followed. They tried to intimidate their way through attacking the one man they could not control.

When all their machinations failed, they rolled out event 201. The scheme to unleash a pandemic on the world. The entire script had been written. They drafted Bill Gates, the CDC, the WHO, and then they actually executed their plan.

They have conned the people long enough. Everybody needs to understand the reality of their treason, their subversion, and their willingness to use race, violence, and anarchy as weapons against the law-abiding working-class.

Shutting down the economy, lying about the President’s actions in the earliest days of the “plannedemic”, and they lied at every turn about how the situation was handled by the President.

The media was and remains the biggest co-conspirator in this attempted coup. From George Stephanopolos to Norah O’Donnell to Lester Holt to Chris Wallace, they were all given the scripts and the marching orders, all to remove Trump by whatever means they could conjure up.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube/Google, all were used as weapons against not on President Trump, but against anybody who supported him.

Countless users were de-platformed by these tech-giants, all at the direction of the globalist cabal that controls the media.

And then there was us. It was one thing when we competed with fellow users on these platforms for audience. But then they deployed their evil algorithms, designed to inhibit our offerings from appearing in people’s news feeds, search results and main pages.

Their sinister plot has discourage people from even trying to tell the truth.

Yet, we persist.

Our faith is not in the digital realm of 1’s and 0’s. It is in God almighty. And we trust in GOD to keep our cause sound, strong and righteous.

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